Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Ken Evoy’s-strategy-to-succeed-on-the-Internet-as-an-Affiliate-Master

Internet is the place from where most millionaires have been made than from any other industry. The good thing about it is that most began without having a dollar in their pocket and yet they slowly built their vast internet empire. I will give you a list of these successful netpreneurs later on, but for now I will mention the name of Ken Evoy of SiteSell.com. Ken Evoy has an MD degree and was a professional physician before he hung up his stethoscope to help laymen and businessmen start a merchant website or an affiliate website to promote anything and everything including themselves and their sites, products and services.

He has written a wonderful Ebook ‘The Affiliate Masters Course’, which you can download from here for free. It is a highly resourceful book which you may treat it as your Affiliate bible. It carries all the details of the do’s and don’ts of Affiliate Marketing.

According to Ken Evoy, even though the amount of investment in setting up an affiliate website is minimal in comparison to the amount one can earn from them, nevertheless he has emphasized on the amount of time that one should devote for the promotion of their website. He repeatedly points out that Time should be counted in terms of dollar spent, so even if you have not spent much of your hard cash , yet used up much of your time before the monitor for hours, it should be quantified as amount of money spent per hour. No wonder Time is so precious.

Accordingly this makes it easier for us to calculate the Profit earned from our affiliate programs.

Profit = Income minus Expenses.

Ken Evoy mentions two ways by way of which an affiliate can earn substantial income and watch the income graph slowly climb high.

These are as follows:
The affiliates must refer as many visitors as they can to the website of those merchants with who they have a revenue sharing arrangement.

Increase the Conversion Rate (i.e. the percent of visitors referred to your merchant who makes the desired response that gives you a credit and for which the merchant pays to you whether that’s a sale or a lead.)

For example: If I refer 100 visitors per day to a merchant and 1% buy, I am paid for that one purchase. But if I send 1000 visitors per day and 3% buy, I get paid for 30 purchases.

As already mentioned,

Time = Dollar.

For every time or hour that you spend on the net to promote your business, assign a dollar to yourself, irrespective of whether or not the affiliate business has cost you or not in real cash.

That is why it is important to build as much traffic for every dollar spent and improve your strategy to convert most of that, difficult to obtain, traffic, into real sales that generates revenue.

Now you might wonder what is the strategy, which Ken Evoy uses to build up traffic in the first place. According to him content of a website is what attracts customers like a gall of honey. After all people search the internet to gather information that holds the key to solve each of their particular problem. The website that contains rich information that pertains to the customer’s range of interest will be visited the most. This will eventually give the website a higher ranking in the search engine.

That’s why Ken Evoy prescribes that a website must be dedicated to a particular theme that focuses on those particular information and solution that most of the customers are searching for in relation to that theme. For this one must practice brainstorming on various topics that are both profitable as well as related to that theme. Eventually subscribe to those affiliate programs that are popular and has a high conversion to sales rate for each unit volume of traffic that drives into the merchant website. Just by having an assortment of affiliate websites or links in your theme based website will not convert traffic to sales. The website must have content that are customer-focused.

Without proper content it’s difficult to pre-sale to the customers by gaining their trust and confidence in your website. Once it’s established as a trustworthy website, it becomes easy to recommend various product and services,that you are confident will help to satisfy each of the potential customers, meeting their demands and fulfilling their desires. Next, according to Ken Evoy, we must build search engine optimized pages that rank highly on a search results page.
This is to gain higher ranking in the search engine pages that in due course would drive traffic to your website.

The ideal kind of website that generates revenue from affiliate related products are those which look for multiple streams of income. This should be in a manner that gives value to each of the visitors that click their way into your website, thereby generating revenue, without losing on any of the visitors. An ideal diversification can be feasible only when there is monetization by blending Google Adsense Program with a few top notch affiliate programs, which blends a finder’s fee with lead generation.

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