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Is it possible for a newbie to earn millions by promoting affiliate products and services on the internet, without having sufficient knowledge in computer programming and other internet related technical knowledge?

    Those who explore the internet to find opportunities to make money online by staying at home using the computer along with an internet connection often wonder, the stories that makes the round on the net as well as in the press, of teenagers and grand moms earning dollars in astronomical figures from the internet, if they are really true or simply gimmick to lure the needy and the greedy minds to hook up on the net and spend their hard earned savings to start their own website with its unique domain name, to start a shop selling anything from pins to elephants. They also find it hard to believe that one need not have any technical knowledge about internet and computers to maintain a website as well as sell products and services belonging to a merchant as an affiliate to their programs in lieu of a commission for every lead they send from their unique affiliate link to the merchant website that culminate in a sale. 

Let me introduce you to  Rosalind Gardner, who left her job as an air traffic controller in Canada, after she was taken seriously ill, started her own website where she began to promote dating / matchmaking websites of repute from her own website as an affiliate where all she did was give her expert comments on the different dating websites which helped her to establish trust and long lasting personal relationships with thousands of lonely hearts round the world who sought solace and comfort from her advice in seeking their life companion or soul mates. Soon she began to promote all kinds of products and services as an affiliate on the internet which resulted in establishing herself as a super affiliate in no time with 90 percent of the kind of programs she chose to promote as an affiliate. She was nominated by Refer-It.com as the Affiliate of the month with a gross revenue of $51,000 in a month.

What is most surprising is that she runs the show all by herself without having anyone to assist her. Initially when she began her internet venture way back in 1997 she worked on an average of fifty to sixty hours a week. At present the working hours range between zero to sixty. She has automated her websites and without having to bother with the nitty-gritty of running hernumerous websites, she has put them on auto pilot that does not demand much of her attention as everything is handled automatically. This leaves her with plenty of leisure time to globe trot,socialize with friends, playing with her cats and of course to read her favorite books and magazines as she lazes besides the river. She is a disciplinarian who is strict with herself and punishes herself  to keep her body fit and in shape. She has a personal trainer with whom she works three times in a week and goes out on cross-country skiing, hiking, walking and snowshoeing.

Rosalind Gardner is the queen of affiliate marketing and has been an inspiration to many affiliates round the world who has read her superb best seller  "Super Affiliate Handbook: How I Made $436,797 in One Year Selling Other People's StuffOnline". This book is a must if anyone who wishes to establish oneself as a super affiliate where Rosalind Gardner has given detailed lessons borrowed from her own experiences how one can follow in her footsteps to become rich and famous on the internet as a super affiliate.

Ever since the launch of the Super Affiliate Handbook sometime in 2003, it has been revised several times with updates that discusses in great details the latest tactics, tools and strategies which successful super affiliates like Rosalind herself applies to multiply their incomes. No wonder today its become a sort of an important bible for thousands of affiliates who have brought a copy of Super Affiliate Handbook: How I Made $436,797 in One Year Selling Other People's Stuff Online" , which has been useful to both the beginners as well as the seasoned ones, to consult it over and over to help them to understand the nitty gritty of the world of affiliate and internet marketing, to unravel the tips and tricks that are not available for free to the common netizens, that helps them to penetrate deep into the mesh of information and opportunities that are available over the net at the click of the mouse. This helps them to percolate deep to reach out to the many hungry for information, products and services that would enhance their life as well as their earnings.

In one of her numerous free articles that she writes and compiles them in an archive for others to read free of charge, which you too will find it useful,NetProfitsToday, she has said that as a consultant she is surprised with the the skeptism of some people regarding ones success as an affiliate.

According to her she knows more than hundred people personally who has made internet marketing as their full time occupation and doing very well for themselves selling affiliate products and services.

Rosalind Gardner said, I quote

"Thousands of merchants have put resources into developing
affiliate programs so that others can promote their products
in exchange for a commission, which is usually a percentage
of the product's price. If there wasn't money to be made,
Sony, Dell and those thousands of other merchants wouldn't
waste their time and money building affiliate programs."

To read more of her success then read herSuper Affiliate Handbook

She has repeatedly asked people who wants to find success to dream and dream of being successful with a volition that one day they too would stand on the same pedestal as Rosalind herself. All one needs to have is a positive approach to money and instead of considering anything evil about it think of the joy that money gives when it flows down in ones coffer in cascades.

Its people with grit and determination who ultimately reaches the summit of success, in whatever one pursues including internet marketing, even if one has only scant knowledge of the internet. After all there is no rocket science involved to learn how one can launch oneself on the internet and become a millionaire one day. Who knows one one of you might be after reading my review on Rosalind Gardner.  I tell you she is simply marvelous.

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