Monday, November 20, 2006

Making Money on the Internet. Enjoy the Free Stuffs

Internet is simply fascinating. It is revolutionary and the greatest invention of mankind after the discovery/invention of cooking on fire, the invention of the wheel, Edisons range of products, the aeroplane and finally the internet, which has connected people on a one to one basis globally, where we can share our thoughts,our hopes, our fear and help each other at times of crisis.

Internet has also brought opportunities where people can buy, sale and barter anything and anywhere as long as one has access to the computer with an internet connection. Not long ago, people thought it best to shop online instead of driving to the mall in the bitter cold to make their X'mas and New Years purchases. Such is the efficiency of the internet and the delivery system, that the very next morning whatever was purchased online the previous evening was delivered the next morning. Since then internet has become a popular mode for selling and buying from pins to elephants literally. This has opened the gates to a multitude of opportunities to make money from the comforts of ones home or perhaps while cruising mid sea on a vacation trip. Infact more millionaires have been created and that too in a short time using the computer and the internet, than perhaps offline prior to the internet and world wide web revolution. It has become quite common to hear of school guys and grandmoms making it big on the net. Nobody is surprised by such stories making their rounds. But then there are no dearth of skeptics who doubt their achievements but that's only a reflection of their own shortcomings, who has been conditioned and groomed to bear in mind that nothing is ahieved without hard work. True, who is disputing that age old theory. But hard work does not mean labouring day and night, slogging to make ends meet. Hard work means to work intelligently, delligently and not procrastinating, till one has reached the days goal, that finally leads to the summit of success.

In my subsequent blogs I will be discussing the various opportunities that are available on the internet. In the meantime let me offer you some free stuffs to keep you happy for today. Hope you will find them useful.

1. Do you love books? I am sure you love the printed matter for information, inspiration and ofcourse entertainment. The best place from where you can download books that no longer infringe the copyrights, for they are now classics that enhanced the human knowledge and culture down the ages, that has enriched mankind than perhaps the coffers of the publishers. It is a great meeting ground of great minds. I am sure you too will enjoy. You will find selected works of the Bard, Mark Twain, the creator of Sherlock Holmes who used finger prints as clues to solve crimes - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and ofcourse the original Kamasutra written by the great sage who has scientifically documented the ancient art of love making to preserve marriage and the society, without anything indecent except as a form of art.
Even if you are not a book worm you will do well to take a look at the site that averages two million downloads of various books on different subjects in a month.

2. Do you enjoy music. If you do then congratulations for here is a website that is the most popular music and video sharing website. It has won a long and bitter legal battle with the music industry and at the end of the day all misgivings were settled and they won. Here you will find millions of songs to fill your head with songs and music from your favorite artists. Its possible to make your choice using multiple search by artist, title, genre or anything else concerned with music that you wish to find. They have their own media player too, even though I cannot say its on the whole satisfying, neverthless you will find the site as a great treasure ground for music lovers. Its a great music sharing platform.

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