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Affiliate-Marketing-Methods-that-Self-Made-Super-Affiliate-Rosalind Gardner-Uses-to-earn-$30000-to-$50000-from-each-Affiliate-Programs

CASE 2 - How did Rosalind Gardner make a super success.

In my last entry I discussed how Eric Week made his website successful.
Today in this particular case I am going to discuss the unique internet marketing methods used to promote created by Rosalind Gardner of whom I had already mentioned in one of my previous entries in this blog. As you are aware that Rosalind Gardner is a self made super affiliate who earns nothing less than $50000 from each of her websites by promoting products and services none of which she owns. All her earnings come in the form of commissions that she is paid for in the range of 50% and above, by the merchant websites whose affiliate programs that she has joined, for every product that is sold out to any of her potential customers / clients that she had encouraged them to buy or subscribe from the website owners whose products and services she promotes, using her link that has her special affiliate code given to her by the merchant website for identification. She does this by providing ample information that are well researched and are of useful quality to the willing clients and customers who wants her advice and suggestions to solve their problems that's bothering them. If you are interested to learn more of her and her marketing techniques which she has nicely compiled and keeps updating it from time to time that she actually uses for her various affiliate websites, I highly recommend that you too have access to this vital information which will give an insight into the ways and means of this super affiliate queen, so click here to get the details for free now.

For now let me concentrate in one of her very first affiliate websites that made her so wealthy. Rosalind Gardner who started of as an Air Traffic Controller and after the success of Sage-Hearts left her government job in Canada where she resides and concentrated to develop her home based internet business selling only affiliate products and services. When she started Sage -Hearts a full fledged Online Dating services that gave details in the form of personal reviews made by Rosalind Gardner on the top dating services, internet marketing was still in its infancy compared to today. She made herself an expert on online dating and made her research on the kind of services that each of the dating services provided which helped her clients to make their choice to look for their 'soul mates'
Rosalind too understood the importance of traffic without which, her website, however well presented and highly informative it might be, would have remained unnoticed and ignored, and would have not got the attention of her esteemed clients who visit her website for soul, solace and comfort. Naturally without the high traffic and the excellent affiliate products and services, all well researched that has enhanced her reputation as a reliable person and an expert on dating services , it would have been quite a difficult task to convert her traffic to sales, the conversion rates being 3 to 5 times higher than most. No wonder her focus has allowed her to earn $30,000 to $50,000 per month, with a whopping 40% to 50% profit margin.
That's her key- before getting involved, Rosalind always makes her overt research on the kind of affiliate programs that are offered by the various merchant websites. She gets into the nitty-gritty of their service, their track record, reputation on the net, the kind of products and services that they offer for sale through affiliate programs, how well it will suit with the theme of her website and most important of all, does she feel comfortable in using as well as recommending the program and the products to her esteemed visitors who look up to her for more and better products and services to satisfy a need, their desires and demands, which is the essence of any marketing program. This is her simple yet an incredible technique that helps in driving traffic to her website for her highly useful contents, information and products & services and multiplies the conversion rates several times compared to others offering something similar.
Here are some of the things Rosalind recommends you look for before joining any program:
A great product: She recommends only products and services she would be willing to pay for herself. “I frequently purchase and test products before listing them for sale on my sites,” she says.

High commissions: Some programs will pay as little as 5% commission (which means it will take a huge volume of sales to earn any real money); some will pay as high as 50%.

A high-quality affiliate interface: You should be able to quickly and easily access your sales and visitor statistics at any time.

Excellent -- and available -- management: Great management is usually a sign of a great program. “The best companies take care of their affiliates by ensuring that their program managers are accessible and responsive,” Rosalind says.

Real-time statistics reporting: Real-time reporting allows you to track the success of any advertising or promotion.

Low minimum payout: “One of the companies I promote has a $1,000 minimum payout, which means I don't get paid until I've generated $1,000 in earnings,” Rosalind says. “That's fine if I can do that every month, but suppose it takes a year?”

Frequent payout schedule: Payout schedules can vary from weekly, to bi-weekly, to monthly, to quarterly. Frequent payouts mean your income is more regular.

She also recommends making sure that you understand your affiliate agreement by reading it from top to bottom before signing up and monitoring your statistics to keep close track of payments. Once you're comfortable with the program, make sure you give your customers a reason to click on your affiliate links -- and that the affiliate products and services you're offering appeal to your site's audience.

Rosalind has been able to taste success with her brain child Sage-Hearts. com because she takes personal interest in all the top dating sites that's available on the internet each of which she reviews of her own before she recommends. She is constantly monitoring each of her recommended services, accepting feedbacks and accordingly to suit the requirements and demands of the customers updates each of her reviews and keeps adding fresh ones, which compels the visitors hungry for information to keep returning to her websites time and again.

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