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Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to make forays in the internet system to build revenue. It’s especially beneficial to those who want to start with meager means without having to produce excellent products, in fact none at all, if you wish to start your career in the internet marketing without spending a dime. All that one needs is to join as an affiliate for free and promote the products and services of that merchant website that offers such affiliate programs on commission basis for every sale or lead that it generates from such promotions, as per requirements of the merchant site.   

Affiliate marketing is a mutually beneficial arrangement where two web site owners A and B enter into an agreement, subject to certain terms and conditions in compliance with the state laws, whereby they concur to share the proceeds from the sales of products and services that belong to one of the merchant websites say A, and which are promoted by website B the affiliate merchant, which has subscribed to the affiliate program offered by Merchant A, to promote one or more of either the products or services or both on behalf of Merchant website A.


The responsibility under such an arrangement are shared. The affiliate merchant B does not have to bother with the hassles of accepting online payment, tracking of sales and delivery or shipment of the products and services for which the customer pays for online or offline. All that affiliate B is expected to perform is drive traffic of potential customers from its website using the special coded link offered by the merchant website to the merchant website A. Affiliate B because of its highly informative website that’s rich in content specifically meant to satisfy the urge or desire amongst targeted customers is able to send a large portion of the traffic visiting the website of B, to that of merchant website A.

 On the other hand it’s the responsibility of website A to
create enthusiasm amongst the potential customers directed from the website B that ultimately converts in a sale of one or more of these products and services, that’s expected to satisfy the requirements and needs of the customers making them (hopefully) into loyal customers for a lifetime, and every time that customer makes a sale within a time frame as agreed under the terms and condition, both the website owners , the affiliate merchant B and the advertiser A enjoys their share of the income so generated depending on the type of compensation paid by the merchant to its affiliates in the form of a commission based on the amount of the sale, a referral fee or a pay-for-click fee.


It’s advisable to join such affiliate programs that are offered by a Merchant website of repute with years of experience in internet marketing and has an excellent track record in converting traffic into as much sales, minimizing waste in sending potential traffic by its affiliates that does not convert to sales by the earliest i.e it must have high sales conversion ratio. Affiliates do not have to develop any products nor maintain an inventory of the products that it promotes, thus avoiding spending on products. It neither has to bother with the transaction process nor does it have to handle or ship the products, all these are the responsibility of the merchant website to whom the products and services belong to and offers affiliate programs to promote them. So make sure that the merchant website whose affiliate program you wish to subscribe does not fall in any of its services as far as customer handling and after sales service is concerned.
Your reputation as a reliable affiliate merchant much depends on the sales and service provided by the merchant websites whom you promote. Its always good to try the products and see how much of its quality will prove beneficial to the customers who regularly visits your site hunting for new products that will solve many of its problems, then based on your observation make an honest review that will give the customers a choice whether or not to purchase.

As far as protecting your interest, as an affiliate, is concerned you must always check with your merchant website to see if they are using an excellent tracking software that not only tracks what you send online but also those customers who places their order by phone, fax or postal mail. This is important, for you must see that you do not miss out any of the commissions that you are suppose to receive for the efforts that you carry out to mobilize traffic that’s sent to the merchant website or office. See if the link that’s especially coded and offered by the merchant website which you use as a gateway to send traffic, has a special java script called cookies that automatically embeds inside the computers of the potential customers who make the visit for the very first time. In case the customer decides not to purchase in its very first visit but does so in one of its subsequent visits, that customer should be recognized as yours no matter from where does the customer makes its visit at the time it makes its purchase. In this way you are ensured of a commission that’s honored and protected by your merchant.

You must have every access to the sales statistics that are offered in real time by your merchant website. Also make sure the merchant provides you with all the sales promotion materials in the form of text links and banners if need be customize to your specification. In my opinion text links have better response than banners; nevertheless the experience may vary from person to person. See that the affiliate merchant offers as much information on the products which you might wish to promote, as well as guide you how these may be promoted. In other words they must be educative, so that you and your customers benefit from this information.

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