Monday, January 15, 2007

Affiliate-Program-that-Works-Automatically - Promoting-Product-after-Product-and- Week-after-Week

Although affiliate marketing is a lucrative way to start an online business without the hassles involved in selling ones own products and services, yet its quite tough if one does not follow the pattern followed by the established super affiliates. What is most difficult and tiring is one has to constantly search for high quality products and services, even if its from reputed merchant sites, testing them so that they exactly match the requirements of their niche customers and clients who often folk to your website looking out for more and better products in which they are interested in. Then there is the overwhelming task of preparing the proper sales materials that carries the correct information about the products and services, which will in turn help the potential customers to choose what is right for them. Once the products and services have been launched successfully, one needs to be on ones toes to keep promoting perpetually till the benefits of the products and services has percolated to a large audience and has been well received, so much so that the sales will continue to mount just by word of mouth.
Given the choice what would you say about an affiliate program that worked like this:
Helps subscribers or site visitors with a weekly series of high quality informational articles that will put them on course in their online business.
When they sign up for this valuable informational program once, they are branded with your affiliate code forever
Week after week, they receive top-notch marketing information that contains a tasteful promotion to check out a product related to the content
When they check out the product, they are offered an incentive - such as two free chapters - to sign up for a powerful follow-up email series
The battle-tested email series converts the tire kickers into purchasers
You get an affiliate commission!
The next week, they receive another email with more high-quality content and another subtle promotion -- embedded with your affiliate link
The process repeats, week after profitable week
PLUS - these subscribers receive offers for other products that can turn into affiliate commissions as high as $100 -- just from you getting them to sign up once
Sound too good to be true?
Not anymore. Here are some actual numbers affiliates are earning...
(note: your actual results will vary, this is not a guarantee you will receive the same results as these affiliates are receiving.)
Affiliate #1 = $2.10 per free subscriber they referred to us.
Affiliate #2 = $.96 per free subscriber they referred to us.
Affiliate #3 = $4.91 per free subscriber they referred to us.
And Affiliate #4 has earned, get this, $11.08
per free subscriber they referred to us.

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