Wednesday, January 3, 2007


In this case I will be discussing how newsletters can be successfully circulated amongst free and paid opt-in subscribers across the World Wide Web. To illustrate my view point I will be discussing how Eric Aafedt of had successfully applied this method. He has been able to reach a world wide audience of over 130,000 loyal subscribers and its still growing in leaps and bounds. With this method he has been able to capture the name and email addresses of all the free and paid opt-in subscribers to his various newsletters. This has made it easier for him to reach out to each of these highly lucrative customer bases on a one to one basis, whenever he has a product or a service he wishes to apprise them of. This method where he laid much emphasis on opt-in rather on driving traffic by other means he has been able to build up his internet business that grossed $80,000 in 1998 to an astronomical $2 million by 2000. The buck does not stop there its continuing to surge ahead. According to Eric his main focus has always been on getting opt-in e-mail addresses and then converting them to paying customers over time. His modus operandi being to offer investment newsletters to both free and paid opt-in subscribers. Once a visitor accepts Eric’s offer that allows him to post newsletters at his email address periodically, he also makes an offer that allows them access to a one of Eric’s premium newsletters (paid subscription) on a trail basis that lasts for 30 days. Along with this he offers information about “Investors Business Daily” on a free trial that gives Eric an affiliate commission. Each of these newsletters is rich in content and is focused to keep the subscriber abreast of the latest developments in the world of investment. The newsletters also carry soft sell ads. He also makes special offers for a price on certain premium reports which he announces from time to time in his newsletters. That’s how Eric slowly convinces his subscribers who began by opting his free subscription to accept his premium newsletters for which they have to pay. No wonder Eric has perfected this art of converting free opt in subscribers to paid subscribers. According to Eric it’s great to sell a product for $29.95, but its all the more powerful to be able to sell it 12 times to the same person. In the beginning Eric had three employees on his payroll to assist him to keep his business running. However over the years he has been able to reduce his payroll by 60%. This has allowed him more time at his disposal to develop his business further.

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