Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Internet Marketing Course from the World's #1 Website Conversion Expert

Dear Friend

I found something recently that I found amazing...

As a valued client who visits my blog regularly I wanted to let you know about

In case you didn't know, I've purchased other Internet
marketing books and resources before, and they all seem
to focus on just ONE thing.

For example, they'll tell you how to build a
great-looking site, but won't tell you how to get anyone
to visit it!

Or they'll tell you that you need to start collecting
e-mail addresses from your visitors -- and then they
don't tell you HOW to do it!

But recently I learned about an amazing new resource:

* Internet Marketing Crash Course *

Internet Marketing Crash Course

What's so great about Internet Marketing Crash Course is
it provides you with a complete guide to marketing your
website - it covers both the basics and the more complex

It's an extremely comprehensive package so it would take
me forever to list everything here. This package comes in
the form of 12 CDs with another 322 pages of info.

Frankly, I doubt if there is a package available anywhere
that is as comprehensive as this. It's probably the first
thing that I recommend to anyone who is NEW to internet

It will definitely help you to understand everything that
you could and should do for your site to make it

Click on the link below ===>
Internet Marketing Crash Course

Here are some examples of the information:

* The "sure-fire" method of approaching potential JV

* The 7-step formula for setting up profitable JV deals!
This will take you right from the "root-to-the-fruit"
without any "road bumps"!

* How to become an expert in your niche market in 6
months or less

* How to get to the top of Google AdWords without bidding
on the most expensive keywords!

* Who exactly in the media to send your press release to
for the maximum chance of getting media coverage

* Why having a smaller list can (in many cases) be much
more profitable than a huge list!

* The #1 thing you have to be very wary of when setting
up a membership web site - if you don't get this figured
from the get-go… your membership site might just become
the bane of your life!

* A neat little way to get others to eagerly create great
content for your membership site… and gladly do it FREE
of charge!

* How to immediately multiply the revenue of any offline
marketing campaign… at no additional postage cost!

* The absolute FASTEST and surest way to make it in the
seminar business!

* The very best days of the week to hold a teleseminar!

* How to use blogs to "bypass" the aggressive spam

* How to use emotional marketing to get people to justify
almost any purchase - no matter how costly!
How to create an info product that knocks the socks off
any other competing product in your market!

The Internet Marketing Crash Course is almost like an
encyclopedia of Internet marketing, since it explains in
tremendous detail absolutely everything you need to know
about how to start, run, and grow a profitable online

Check it out now >>
Internet Marketing Crash Course

I give this product my absolute highest recommendation.

To your success


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