Friday, March 9, 2007

Contents are the Flesh of a Website

Hey dearest friend!

What good is a piece of meat that’s all bare bones and lacks flesh that neither satisfy the pangs of hunger nor pleases the palate.

What good is a thick book that’s all a bundle of papers with illegible characters printed on it, which neither makes sense nor stimulates the mind and that which fails to stir the soul. Its all as good as a brick that occupies unnecessary space in the room and is heavy to be lugged along.

The same could be said of a website that’s decked up like a Christmas tree but which neither informs, nor solves the problems of all those who visit with great hopes and expectation.

It’s as good as a weed that clogs the internet and wastes time and money of not only the person who created it but all those who spend precious time, money and space to download it.

Fortune is that webmaster who understands the value of content that gives flesh to the websites, which not only satisfy the passion for more information but also guides and inspires the persons who spends time to go through each of the words that has wisdom enclosed in them.

Knowledge and information is what powers the mind and drives the intellect.
It inspires the man to aspire for greater and better things in life.

It makes him aware of the pitfalls that hasten the decay of the human civilization and with the knowledge so gained from his reading the experiences of others, he quickly learns to avoid.

It’s this knowledge that empowers man that widens his horizon and the understanding of himself in relation to the world in which he elks out a living.

It gives orientation in the life of a person and challenges him to set more goals for himself that he has to succeed in achieving them that outshines others in the race for name, fame, fortune and family.

The experience of which once again adds to his knowledge and the information so gathered during the course of his persuasion helps him to perfect his choice for living and teaches him how he must enjoy the crux of life that puts him at ease and makes him forget the trouble that bothers him.

He is, with the knowledge so gained, is well equipped to control his mind and every aspect of his life that harmonizes his material, economical, emotional and spiritual well being, giving him more reins in his hands to set the course of his or her destiny.

Content of a website is like the broth that fills the bowl. Its importance is indispensable. The more content a website has the more enriched it is and hence is of greater utility to all those who seeks it out through search engines for information and more information.

This explains well why Contents decides the fate and fortune of a Website.

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