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How To Drive Free Traffic to Your Website Through Regular Articles



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I mentioned how important is content for a website is to remain popular both with the search engines as well as amongst the net savvy surfers that frequent the internet to gather information from all corners of the globe.

The information could be on any kind of subject that the surfers are interested in or attempt to make an overt research on a particular problem that might be intriguing them for sometime before arriving at a decision for the next course of action.

The information could be those which offers solace or solution that would perhaps provide insight to the kind of problem being faced by them and has been discussed in your website

The assortment of problems could be varied, whether it be personal, marriage, children, medical, employment, career, business, education, travel, finance, health, diet, fitness, housing, tangible and intangible, so on and so forth, the spectrum of problems being far too many is beyond the scope for this blog to list them all here.

It’s for you to choose the kind of problem that you wish to solve by providing adequate solutions and information that could be either generic in nature or specific as you might think it fit to discuss at length.

The more specific is the kind of subject you choose and more information that you might pack in will give your website the niche and will succeed in attracting the kind of segment who are genuinely interested.

This will give you the edge over others in driving up the revenue whether from ad sense or from information products / services that you want to promote relating to the subject that you have dedicated your website.

Now you might be wondering how best it will suit you to multiply the popularity of your website.

I have for you a combat like strategy that will help your website an edge over your adversaries in cornering a sizeable portion of the net money pie.

Once you have decided the kind of theme you wish to choose will provide your website the niche that will make it easy for you to comb a fine section of the net savvy surfers like a laser.

Then like a powerful vacuum you will be able to suck them like swarm of bees to your particular website.

Once you have succeed in channeling the genuinely interested net surfers to your website, you can then bombard them with your highly motivating and satisfying information that’s not to be found elsewhere on the net and you alone have the expertise, the tools, the information, the solutions that will make your visitors to fall in love with your website and subsequently become loyal customers for life, as they keep visiting your website to update themselves with the latest information and tools that you have on offer, time to time, in the form of articles, newsletters, RSS etc.

This is how you will succeed in winning the confidence of your customers and clients who visit your website as well as create a sort of win-win relationship with them. It’s also an excellent way to keep in touch with your customers such as by opt-in emails etc. through your articles, that you also compile them in an archive or blog.

However you might wonder how are you to boost its popularity as well as get it noticed by the top search engines such as Google and Yahoo, so that it has a top ranking in the very first page of its list of search results.

This is possible if you contribute to the various article directories by writing highly informative articles that will immediately attract attention amongst the eager and genuinely interested customers.

Each of these articles will have a link back to your website. In this way you can boost the popularity of your website by 100% if not more as traffic increasingly keep flowing to your website from these popular articles that you regularly contribute to the various article directories all over the World Wide Web.

This also establishes your presence and credibility over the net as well as boost search engine rankings that will power it to pump more traffic to your website.

That’s how you will be able to drive traffic to your website.

The article that you will be writing should be rich in keywords that are most sought after by the net surfers through search engines.

The popularity of the keywords that are most used as input in the search engine when looking for your kind of information that you have for your website theme can be found out through keyword analyzer.

After you have found out the popularity of a keyword based on the number of searches that are made in a month, and the number of websites that’s made available through the search engines to cater to the demand, you can decide which keywords are the best suited for your article.

Based on the choice of keywords ranked accordingly by their popularity you can now write articles of not more than 400 words at the most based on each of these keywords.

In the very first 90 characters make sure you have your keywords mentioned that’s relevant to the information that you are providing in the article and which you wish to draw attention so that its noticed by the spyders and crawlers of the search engines.

It would certainly not spoil the broth if you dash few of the keywords in the last paragraph too.

It would be a good idea if you can briefly give the credentials of the author, which in this case will be yourself, this will help to build bridges and confidence amongst your readers whom you wish to turn them into your most loyal customers.

Make a profile of the customers visiting your website by getting their bio data when signing them for your newsletters. Offer them gifts for free to encourage them to sign in for a weekly or monthly doze of highly informative articles and plenty of resources to help them in their interest.

For each segment of the customers based on their age, interest, the kind of products they preferred to purchase, the kind of place they belong to, occupation, hobby and many more ways you can breakdown the visitors in various segments.

Focus on each of these segments based on your mode for classification and focus each of these segments with information that’s relevant to their interest and offer products that they will willingly purchase.

When writing your articles make sure it appears professional, i.e. it should not appear sloppy, with innumerable spelling and grammatical mistakes including syntax when constructing sentence.

Above all write your articles in a manner you would converse with friends when communicating with them. Do not make it hard for them to understand and which they cannot decipher unless they have a tutor to guide them.

Submit to those article directories that rank well with the popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Alexa, Askme etc,

Hope this strategy will help you to boost your website even if you sell affiliate products or offer free affiliate programs.


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