Wednesday, March 14, 2007

SEO - Search Engine Optimization - It's Importance

Explain what is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is one of the many online search engine marketing methods that are used to intensify the popularity of a website amongst search engines, by making optimal use of the different keywords or combination of keywords that net surfers apply as input during query when seeking particular information or products related to those keywords.

The purpose of SEO or Search Engine Optimization is to enhance the presence of a website in the search engine ranking pages or SERP’s particularly amongst the first twenty of the search results.

The rankings of the web pages of a website can be improved only if it’s optimized for proper indexing by the search engines after the website
• Has been structured appropriately by use of noteworthy keywords that are habitually used by surfers when looking for different information.
• Its content enriched with information that has keywords used for search and
• By having it linked back through top ranking websites.

Every Search Engines have their own set of algorithm or a step by step finite computational procedure that’s programmed to read through the contents of a website and make note of the keywords and the links used within the content.

The Search Engines then stores this relevant information in their huge data base.

Accordingly a search engine is able to evaluate the websites based on the parameters applied for page ranking as per the category of algorithm used during search results.

The algorithm and the parameter used by the search engines are different from one another for page ranking.

Other than those search engines that use WebCrawler to automatically index the websites, there are those where the websites are evaluated manually upon submission and there are those which are hybrid where both robot and manual procedure used for grading of the WebPages.

The ranking method is usually a closely guarded secret and is frequently changed such that none of the WebPages enjoy permanent slot particularly amongst the top ten results during search. This keeps the webmaster and the SEO experts to keep guessing about the changes in parameter for page ranking.

Since 90% of the searches that’s made by the surfers the world over is through search engines that’s why to increase the popularity of a website Search Engine Optimization is essential.

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