Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Mobile Satellite Internet Solutions for The Roaming Businessman by: Kimberly Green

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Satellite internet services can get you set up with high speed internet access via satellite to both land locations and sea locations. Satellite network access is a must-have for those who are in locations where terrestrial internet access is not feasible (such as at sea) or simply not possible. For those who move frequently, satellite communications may be a good solution. Internet satellite and mobile satellite internet services are available all around the world, so no matter where you're situated, a solution for connecting to the world wide web will be available to you.

Commercial satellite internet has a complex system built up to make it work, but each aspect of its configuration ensures that communication is constant, and that the satellite signals are strong. Satellite internet access is a reliable method of accessing the internet on demand. Unlike dial-up and cable internet, satellite network access works by using a satellite dish for two-way (upload and download) data transfer. Download speeds are around 500kbps, and upload speeds are around 10kbps. Don't let the numbers fool you; the average satellite communication satellite is at least ten times faster than your average modem.

In order to have satellite internet access, you'll need a two foot by three foot satellite dish, two modems for uplinking and downlinking, and coaxial cables to connect the modems to the dish. In addition, you'll need a clear view to the south, since that is where the signals are transferred to and from (satellite dishes orbit around the equator). Also, take into account mother nature, as heavy rains, white out blizzards and tall trees can interfere with your signal strength and reception.

As mentioned earlier in this article, there are a great many companies that can meet many of your data needs. One of these companies is IP Access International. Their experienced customer service representatives are available to help you learn more about and set up services for satellite internet access, mobile satellite., worldwide network communications and more. They are one of the leading satellite internet providers, with service available all over the world. If you or your company are involved with mining and other land-related activities, travel, energy, oil and gas, on large farms or even in the forests of the world, then internet access via satellite internet services may be a good choice for you. 

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