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Create Informative eBooks and Make More Money with Three Powerful Tools available Free

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Small Reports Fortune

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How to Make More Money With Information Products Than Ever 
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By Jimmy D. Brown  


It’s all under your control.

If you sell information products and want to make more 
money with them, there’s good news:

It’s all under your control.

That’s right, you can make more money with your 
information products simply by doing something that you 
have the power to do.

It’s not dependent upon anyone else. It’s up to you.

Let me explain …

While there are a lot of different aspects of selling 
information products, there are really only two ways to make 
more money with them …

 Sell More
 Refund Less

Really, it’s pretty much that simple.

In order to make more money with information products you
need to either SELL MORE or REFUND LESS.

Or, better still, do BOTH. 

Now, in the many years I’ve been selling information 
products, I’ve found there are three powerful tools that will 
help you do just that.

You can use these three tools to SELL MORE by using them 
on your classified ads, solo mailings, sales letters, 
autoresponder messages and virtually any sales tool.

You can also use these three tools to REFUND LESS by 
applying them to the information products you create.  

Care to find out what they are?

Read on …

                     Three Powerful Tools

What makes these tools so powerful is a combination of 
important benefits

  • They don’t cost a penny to use.
  • They work over and over again.
  • They are under your control.

    In fact, you already have them.  

    These three powerful tools are WAYS TO USE WORDS.

    Tool #1. Education.

    When it comes to information products, 
    nothing comes close to the power and profitability of 
    educating your readers.

    I’m talking the distance between the planet Pluto and the 
    computer screen you’re now staring at.

    Not even remotely close.

    Content is king. Nobody else gets to wear the crown or sit 
    on the throne. Content rules the land of information 

    So, first things first, you gotta give your readers information 
    that educates them. You gotta teach them something.  

    Do this in your promotion tools (ezine articles, reports, sales 
    letters, etc.) and you’ll have readers thinking “This person 
    knows something … I better take a closer look.”

    You’ll SELL MORE.

    Educate customers in your information products and show 
    them how to produce results in their own lives and you’ll 
    make them happy, satisfied customers.

    You’ll REFUND LESS.

    Tool #2. Entertainment.

    To be completely honest, it’s not 
    enough to solely provide content. Even if it’s good content, 
    that won’t always get the job done.

    Think of it this way: your high school civics teacher 
    provided you with (too much) content in a single 55-minute 
    class, but would you really buy anything from him?

    Maybe a hall pass or a set of earplugs, but that’s about it. :o)

    Nobody likes to read BORING content. We turn off boring 
    television programs, we fall asleep reading boring books and 
    we keep our credit cards tucked firmly inside our pockets 
    when we read boring sales letters, ezine articles, solo 
    mailings or special reports.

    Make it fun. Make it entertaining. And you can do that by 
    using …

     * Illustrations
     * Funny stories
     * Analogies
     * Outrageous statements

    I once wrote an article entitled “I’ll Swallow A Live 
    Grasshopper If This Doesn’t Boost Your Website Traffic”.

    Do you think anyone read it?

    Ask yourself this: would YOU like to read it? 

    We love to have a good time, and there’s no reason why you 
    shouldn’t apply that reasoning to your writing.

    Keep readers interested as they consume your promotion 
    materials by entertaining them.

    You’ll SELL MORE.

    Help customers enjoy reading page after page of your 
    product by entertaining them.

    You’ll REFUND LESS.

    When you add entertainment to education, you’ll make more 
    money with information products …

    … faster than you can say “ “LIVE GRASSHOPPER.” :o)

    Tool #3. Emotion.

    Whether it’s outrage over an injustice, 
    excitement over a success or piqued interest over a 
    possibility, our emotions drive us.

    Few decisions are based on intelligent analysis, but rather on 
    emotional response. Few actions are based on accurate data, 
    but rather on impulsive feelings.

    We are emotional people. And there is no stronger proof of 
    that than to watch what we do and to listen to what we say.

    Your job is to get us emotional. Fill us with hope.  
    Empower us. Give us courage. Motivate us. Issue a 
    challenge. Inspire. Get us to do something.

    That’s what we really want. More than education, more than 
    entertainment – we want someone to compel us to do 
    something to make our lives better.

    And the power and profits go to the ones who can do that.

    Fill readers with hope and expectation with your marketing 

    You’ll SELL MORE.

    Give your customers confidence and enthusiasm as they read 
    chapter after chapter of your information product.

    You’ll REFUND LESS.

    *** Conclusion ***

    If you want to make more money with information products, 
    then you CAN do it. You’re in charge. It’s under your 


    Three powerful tools that lead to incredible profits.

    But, only if you use them.

    Some will read this article and discard it like they have done 
    with countless others.

    And some will get busy.

    I think you’ll be one of the few who will make more money.

    Prove me right.

    Jimmy D. Brown is the author of "Small Reports Fortune" - if
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    Look for his EXCLUSIVE formula:

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Traffic Revenue Booster - New Free Affiliate Software Tool Helps Boosting Website Conversions

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New free exit traffic software boosts website conversions by up to 371% has just been released on 27th June 2008.

The software is premium quality, free, no spam, and boosts website conversions by offering a powerful second offer when people intend to leave your page. Traffic Revenue Booster will increase your opt in rate and is a proven way to combine the two goals of creating a sale, and harvesting the opt in.

The pro version of the software also contains exclusive power features such as countback timer and a redirect feature. A free version of Traffic Revenue can be downloaded from here: 

Click Here to Download Free 

This free exit traffic software was created by Sanjib Ahmad and Pieter van der Gulik who combined have over 15 years of internet marketing, consulting and programming experience.

Of course this type of software is regularly hawked for over-inflated prices by other software vendors, however this is the first time internet marketers have been able to take advantage of this advanced sale conversion software for free.

Traffic Revenue Booster is a hosted application, so you can ensure that you are always using the most recent version of the software on your web page. Output from the program is obfuscated code that you can easily insert on your webpage. Not only is the software free, but you are able to use it on as many websites as you want.

Initially beta testing has yielded sales conversion increases of up to 371%. So for those considering installing the script on their web sales page, the choice seems obvious. Peter Yoon, a beta tester for the software said "Just tried it, and it looks like one hell of a tool!

Personally, I find this exit-traffic method least annoying, but it can be just as profitable as having ’save a sale’ script on a site without having to pay outrageous fees" Another tester, Jim Burney said "The Traffic Revenue Booster is a very professional product.

The help videos are clear and concise and got me up and running very quickly. I have installed my first attempt on my main domain, and am very happy with the result. Using creativity would I imagine produce exceedingly great results" 

So if you're looking to boost your website conversions without outlaying any of your own money, then you should take a look at this exit traffic software. You can quickly and easily install the script on your sales page, and start enjoying sales increases of up to 371%. To grab your free copy now, 
Click Here to Download Free

Article by Pieter van der Gulik

3 Tips for High Website Conversions

The use of the internet to generate leads and sales is the most direct form of direct response marketing around. Every element of your offer, your presentation and your traffic source can be tested and optimized with lightning speed compared to traditional DM (direct marketing).

As long as DM exists, and as long as the internet exists there is a lot of fuzz about how to increase conversions. Why is that? Part of it is because the so called “gurus” want create some smoke curtains to make things actually sound more complex than they are. Selling their courses is the reason for their existence so it’s in their best interest.

On the other hand, if it were easy to achieve record breaking conversion with every campaigns you create, there would be absolutely no need to read advice, tips, tricks, case studies and instructions provided by well know direct marketers. Therefore, there is a science and an art to achieving high website conversion ratios.

This is no rocket science. And the art will develop with learning, experimenting, and evaluating your results. The science part is by far the most important part. It will be the basis for your results. If you don’t have the science in place, you will never master the art.

But as has been said, the science of getting high website conversion ratios is no rocket science, so let’s grab the bull by the horns and see what three of the most important elements are to achieving high ratio website conversions.

Tip 1: One page, one goal

When your website is e-commerce related it has been proven over and over that pages that have only one goal outperform all others. In other words, it’s hard to combine the goal of making a sale with the goal of getting people interested to leave their name and email address on one page.

Having two goals on one page requires communicating two messages at the same time. What do you think will happen? The messages will be distorted and both will have their effectiveness diluted.

Does this mean that it’s not wise to have an opt-in box on a sales page? Generally, NO! Of course there are some advanced techniques that can make an exception to this rule, but this would be subject to heavy testing and fall far outside of the scope of this article.

Tip 2: Use of technology

OK, but you still want to sell and to generate a list of prospective clients. Well you’re a marketer, right? In the category of ‘basics’ this is an important one. Across the years multiple solutions have been found to solve this problem. The use of technology is very important to win the conversion game! Here are some popular solutions.

Have you ever heard of a “squeeze page”? This is a web page that is positioned before your sales presentation where your visitors are “teased” in to filling out their name and email address to qualify for the sales presentation page. This technique has been extremely effective, currently it seems like results are declining.

Another technique that’s currently winning popularity is presenting a second offer box upon people leaving the sales presentation page. This is basically a software tool that ‘senses’ your page visitor is leaving. At that point it opens and shows the visitor a relevant second offer.

This could be a light version, a discounted version, re-emphasizing as strong benefit or product feature etc. This type of software comes in various forms and price categories. Do you want to know a secret? One of the highest performing scripts out there is free. You can grab it right now for free .

Click Here Now

Tip 3: Test

You must have heard it over and over. Test, test, and re-rest. Actually it is surprising how few people still do not do this. If there is one thing that you want to do after reading this article, it’s testing, testing and testing. Contrary to popular belief it’s not the test of your headline that’s most important, the test of your offer is. What do you offer, how do you present it, at what price, how do you prove the quality, how do you deliver, and what system and business model do you use? Test, test, and test and you WILL succeed!

Yes it takes time, but it’s not rocket science. Ramp up the pace of testing and you will succeed on-line, big time!

About the author:
Pieter van der Gulik is a professional ‘undercover’ on-line marketer operating in various businesses such as consulting, affiliate marketing, outsourcing and software production. He is co-founder of the mega effective free exit traffic converting tool ‘Traffic Revenue BoosterTM’ that can be downloaded below:

Download Your Return on Traffic Revenue Booster for Free 

Real Estate Industry Social Network - Making it Easier for Buyers to Find Sellers for Home from the Internet

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Free Social Networking Website Allows Seller to List One Home for Free for Sale

News Image

Find out how Peter Fabbri III and Cory Ruel co-founders of Buyer Beacon developed the initial plan for the website after driving around weekend after weekend looking for the perfect home with no success. Fabbri comments on the new site, "The concept of our website has not yet been seen in the Internet real estate industry. We offer a free, no obligation way to market and find buyers for your home that is very interactive and user friendly." He goes on to say, "In an online real estate marketplace where it can cost hundreds of dollars to sell your home online, it's time to make the home buying process smoother, quicker, easier and more affordable, and that is why we have developed!" Fabbri and Ruell plan on marketing Buyer Beacon, "The Official Real Estate Matchmaker," nationally, within the next year.

Read More Social Networking Brings Real Estate Industry to the Next Level

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Work at Home Management - Reducing The Risks and Making it the Perfect Place to Work

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How To  Balance Work and  Family at Home by Work-at-Home-Moms and Net Entrepreneurs

More and more people who are computer savvy both in the US and the world over are giving up the idea of driving long distance, pushing through traffic to work from office. Instead many employers are allowing their employees to work from the comforts and leisure of their home environment. Even many internet entrepreneur are discovering the virtues of working on their laptop or PC from home with just a single broadband internet connection. 

However although it might look tempting to work from home, since you are not required to get up on time every morning and dash for the office, instead you can have both your breakfast and surf the net from the kitchen in your pajamas or undies.

But a home needs to have  the right kind of atmosphere that allows you to work in peace and with fewer responsibility as a home maker. Its not everytime easy to balance both work and household chores the same time. You need to get into a routine as per a time table you need to follow.

Moreover family problems with nagging spouses and screaming demanding children can upset your plans for the whole day. You may begin to get behind schedule and may not be able to finish with your project or work in time. That spells disaster.

You need to have space for yourself such as your garage or basement that you convert it to your home office. 

Its nothing new to work from home. Women have been doing these for years if not centuries, be it cooking food for home delivery or tailoring or maybe writing books and articles for publication. 

However like any places of work it carries some element of environmental risk as well as a toll on your health, since physical activity in outdoors becomes few and far between. This stops you from getting enough of sun shine and fresh air required to keep your body fit and supple. Enough sunshine is required since the skin helps to prepare vitamin D with sunshine. Vitamin D is required for absorption of calcium in the body. 

If both husband and wife choose to work together, they may have differences between them as colleagues regarding work and this might as well disrupt family life too.

If wife works on something different from that of her husband at home, it might equally be different to assign responsibility, since the wife might complain she has to work both at the kitchen as well as work on her important project.Obviously this becomes near impossible at times especially when there is tight deadlines to be met. This may cause stress and the very idea to work at home might jeopardize soon. 

Working at home is wonderful idea and many are very successful in running them in the love and secured environment that home provides.Even then one cannot avoid the risks involved in it.

So instead of ignoring them its best to manage and minimize the distractions and the many little problems that are likely to crop up.So instead of kicking the basket in anger its best to plug those "leaks" as soon as they are noticed or foreseen that might cause problem.

I have found few articles that are interesting and informative. Perhaps you too may visit the links below for further study on the subject. 

  1. Walking the Line When You Work from Home
    by Natalie Jost   Click Here
  2. Freelancers: Inspire yourself, Vary your Working Environment
    Click Here
  3. Defining your work-at-home environment - Brief Article by Wendy Beech
    Click Here
  4. Managing danger in the home environment, 1900-1940  by Joel A. Tarr, Mark Tebeau
    Click Here

Friday, July 25, 2008

Obama's Online Marketing Strategy for His Presidential Campaign

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How Did Barack Obama Raise Donation for His Campaign from His Website using Online Marketing Strategy?

It is surely very commendable for Barack Obama to have ignored the big Corporate Houses and the Lobbyists for donation and instead approached the common people of the United States of America directly to make their own little contribution to join his movement. 

What is most amazing is that he actually received more than $200 Million in donation that people volunteered to contribute at his website 

No wonder his is one of the most profitable Presidential campaigns to be ever made in the history of USA. All this was possible because of a wonderful online marketing strategy that he adopted for people to flock at his website in hordes and make their own little contributions. 

Barack Obama is savvy and he has left no stone unturned to adopt every available online marketing strategy that he found feasible for his ongoing online campaign. 

He and his internet marketing team are collecting mailing addresses of those who wish to make a donation or simply visiting his website. Thereby he is able to build a mailing list of all interested and prospective voters.

He is then keeping them updated about himself and his ideas, his campaigns, the venue where he is going to next address his well wishers and voters. Thereby he is able to stay in touch with most of his voters in the country, keeping them well informed and clarifying his stand on any issues that may appear controversial.  This is what we may call email marketing actually is meant for. To keep the people informed timely and remind them to vote for him. 

He is also making good use of the Search Engine Optimisation marketing. This is to help people who use certain keywords by and large as per trend, to search for his ideas or about him, using the search engines such as the Google or Yahoo would able to do so satisfactorily and conveniently. 

He is also using the pay-per-click advertisements that appear on Google pages or on websites having relevant contents and which are part of the Google Adsense network campaign. 

He has his own blog too where he pens his thoughts carefully that has a psychological impact on people just not in the USA alone but as far as India and Africa where the common people know very little about the US elections or are keen about. Yet he appears in newspapers and magazines that helps him to build his stature internationally. This has also not deterred him to say things that are sentimental to these local people in foreign lands and which is making him all the more popular with the people around the world. No wonder Obama has been able to improve his image and bearing both in the US as well as the world outside. 

He has even gone as far as mobile marketing too, so that he is always with the people close at hearts using modern technology to his full advantage. 

Further more, he is making optimal use of Social Marketing such as Facebook, MySpace so that anybody wanting to know about him intimately may do so without hassles. 

Even look at his website, the way it has been designed is something that many would desire. Obviously his website which is more interactive with the visitors is able to have a high conversion rate. 

Other than the six strategies that I have mentioned, he is using many more strategies which is beyond the scope of my blog to discuss. 

The purpose of this blog is to create awareness amongst online and internet marketers how one should go about to frame a successful internet marketing strategy. 

Although its not possible to have that kind of colossal budget that it requires to implement such a website design as well as the various marketing strategies, what I wish to highlight how one could like Obama use the internet to reach out to as many people. How one should be able to get into the hearts and minds of the people, such that there is a positive response from them be it in the form of donations or votes or both. 

If you visit his website what you will notice that every page in his website carries a red button at the corner asking for a donation. In fact this donation part is the one which has been able to successfully fetch him all that collossal amount in revenue for his Presidential Campaign. Every page in his website are eye catching with wonderful banners each of which leads the visitor to a different landing page, as per the choice made.

So that's how a good online marketing campaign should be planned by excellent Media Planners, as the one they did for Obama. They are the ones responsible for the success.


India Today Has One of the Fastest Growing Internet Users & Surfers

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The Internet Market in India is Growing Rapidly.

Dig into The Lucrative Indian Pie and Make Your Online Presence Now

This is certainly going to be great news for all net junkies, internet marketers around the world including those in India. Three percent of India's population have now access to the internet.

According to the findings made available by the MarketingCharts, surfers in India mostly belong to the age group of fifteen years and above.

This May, as many as 28 million Indians in India, surfed the net,either from their office or home.This is 27% more than what it was the previous year.  

This report made public now declares India as one of the fastest growing internet market in the world.

Computer literacy continues to grow and spread upwards from grass root levels. More Indians especially youngsters, who are technically savvy are eager to have access to the internet.

Already villagers in India have access to data such as about crop production, irrigation, soil reports,fertiliser and also commodity trading.

eGovernance has been introduced in states such as Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Rajasthan. This is helping people to make enquiries and complain about lack of service at their villages.

No longer they have to travel long distances through jungles and inhospitable terrain such as the hot deserts on camels, to reach the nearest government office for official purposes such as loans from the banks. 

The prices of computers and that of the broadband internet connections are tumbling down in India. As more people in India finds computers affordable and useful, very soon these will become common in ordinary Indian households as the televisions are today. 

No wonder India has become one of the fastest-growing internet populations, according to comScore's first study of internet usage in India, reports MarketingCharts.

Even ten to fifteen years ago most Indians and politicians were sceptical about the computer and eyed it suspiciously. They wondered if it might take away their jobs in the offices and factories.

However it was because of the  initiative taken by the Late Rajiv Gandhi, when he was the Prime Minister of India. He was then young and savvy with dreams for India's future.He understood and realized how important it was for India to learn more about computers and be self reliant. He initiated the computer literacy programs then and introduced computer as a subject at schools, colleges and the university.

India today is reaping the  benefits of that foresight. Next to the USA, India is today the largest developer of software programs in the world. Its because of this that they have stole a march over some most developed nations of the world such as Japan, Germany, France etc. Even China will have to do lot of catching up with India as far as computer software development is concerned.

Another advantage that India enjoys is that it also has the second largest english speaking and writing population in the world after USA. It has also a large number of middle class families that is same as the total population of the whole of Europe.

This has made India one of the largest growing economy in the world only next to China. The internet market economy in India would soon catch up with the rapid growth in economy.  

"While global internet brands like Google and Yahoo currently reign as the most visited web properties in India, several local players also have strong positions in the market," said Jack Flanagan, comScore EVP.

Here is a summary of those findings from the study made by comScore:

  1. On average, Indian internet users visited the internet 25 times during the month and were online for 28 minutes per visit.

  2. Those age 15-24 were the heaviest internet users among all age segments, spending nearly 12 hours online per month on average.

  3. The fastest-growing website categories in the past year included Maps (up 64 percent), Sports (up 60 percent), Entertainment - Movies (up 55 percent), and Finance - News/Research (up 52 percent).

India Website Rankings:

  1. Google Sites ranked as the top property in India with nearly 20 million visitors in May, a 35 percent increase versus a year ago.

    Google grew on the strength of several Google-owned entities, including Google Search (up 38 percent to 17.1 million visitors), social-networking site Orkut (up 39 percent to 9.3 million visitors), blog platform (up 102 percent to 7.3 million visitors), and video site YouTube (up 131 percent to 6.3 million visitors).

  2. Yahoo Sites ranked second with 18.7 million visitors (up 28 percent), followed by Microsoft Sites with 12 million (up 11 percent).

  3. Indian portal ranked as the top local property with 9.2 million visitors (up 19 percent), followed by government site with nearly 6 million visitors (up 5 percent).

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Google Introduces - Google Ad Planner, a Research and Media Planning Tool for Media Planners Only

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The Google Ad Planner - The Latest Tool from Google 

The Google Ad Planner is yet another milestone for online advertising campaign. It is once more as usual is a brilliant mastermind by Google meant for planning out advertising campaigns. This tool has been exclusively developed for Media Planners keeping them in focus to address their requirements. This is certainly bring about better efficiency and online advertisement management. 

This tool will certainly be of great help to all those Media Planners who find it extremely daunting in exactly determining the extent to which each of their campaign have the potential to reach out.

At the same time optimizing the Ad campaign that's relevant and focuses on potential customers and clients for whom the products or services that are being offered is certainly not as easy as it might look on paper. 

Moreover its not quite practical for the Media Planner to keep track of all those millions of sites available on the internet. There is no way to know the exact potential of each of these sites and which amongst them would be best suited for a particular campaign that one has in mind.

Also what would be the benefits that's likely to be reaped within a preset time frame after the amount  of time, money and labor that is spent in executing it as per the strategy adopted. 

Its to help the media planners to achieve the most from the Google Ad Campaign that Google looked into the problem in depth.

Fortunately they have succeeded to finally come up with this tool for the benefit of the media planner. 

The Google Ad Planner is one tool that would help the media planner to find the right match and connect the Advertiser with the Publisher. 

All that the media planner needs to do while using the tool is enter the demographics that constitutes its potential target market, and all those sites that's relevant to the kind of niche products or services being offered in the advertisements. 

Once the information or data are fed into the tool, as mentioned above, the Google Ad Planner would come up with those sites that are most likely to be visited by surfers from the target population, which the media planner has already identified or selected as their niche target market. 

If you as a media planner want to get into the bottom to learn more of the surfing habits of your target demography, the Google Ad Planner would help you with the relevant statistics or data. It will also give details of the popularity of each of the sites and what kind of surfers & how many are reaching out to them using the search engines such as the Google.

The results take into account all the sites that partner with Google as part of the Google Content Network, as well as those that are outside the network. This will help you to plan your campaign properly and to reach out to the most amongst the target audience. 

Whereas the Google Trends for Website  is meant for all kinds of users regardless of their intention, but Google Ad Planner is meant only for professional Media Planner alone. 

To learn more you may contact their Help Centre. Click Here.

This beta release of Google Ad Planner is currently available only to a limited number of agencies and advertisers. So if you are interested you may Click Here

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Adwords - Free White Paper on Successful Google Ad Campaign

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"10 Critical Elements for a Successful Google AdWords Campaign and improve  improve your Cost Per Click results" Click Here

Here is a white paper that's being made available to you for free. It's about the ten most important factors that has been found to have tremendous influence over the success of any Google Ads Campaign. 

Many of us are running our own Ad campaign on the Google.

However tell me how many amongst the marketers can claim that they are reaping the maximum benefits from such cost-per-click campaigns?

How many are there who have actually mastered this platform at all?

In fact not many amongst the advertisers are actually getting the maximum Returns on Investment or ROI from their Google Ads. 

Most often we have to depend on a self professed Ad consultant to run our expensive Google Ad campaign.

Unfortunately by and large these Ad Guys have scant idea as to how they should proceed for successful campaign. They usually do not have substantial answers to many pertinent queries, such as

What are those factors that needs to be looked into for planning out a proper strategy?

What are those key elements that has to be fine tuned and balanced?

What is the best approach to get the optimal outcome, which can generate more sales or revenue earned for each dollar the client spends?

These self professed Ad Guys often make tall promises without themselves knowing how to go about it. More often than not they end up beating about the bush without the slight inkling as to what needs to be done.

Naturally the results that come pouring in are most often dissapointing and lacklusture than what was promised or the client expected.

This makes the clients feel that the Google Ads campaign is no better than a hyperbole, when its rather the contrary. 

All this is because the Advertisers and marketers did not have any thing to depend upon that would serve as a guide or a road map, to chart out their course of the Google Ad campaign. So more money and time is wasted without the right results.

There was no proper authenticated report or findings that threw any light to the actual outcome of such advertising mode that depends upon the Search Engine Marketing that determines the outcome of such Ad campaign.

Google have made major contributions that has totally revolutionsied the way Advertising works, which is mostly interactive. It's because of them that Cost-per-click or pay-per-click ad campaign have become so popular. 

Obviously an authenticated report was what the Advertisers wanted.

They are looking forward to reports that would help them to understand what kind of impact such Google ads campaign are having and how much of sales being generated for the various aproaches that are being adopted for optimal results.

Its to address such a genuine problem that a white paper has been made available for free to all those who are eager to learn and rectfy their mistakes. 

No wonder who does not want to get their hands on those exceptional Ten Important Elements to reap the maximum ROI out of each Google campaign.

Each campaign are unique and has to be tailor made accordingly depending on several factors and circumstances so that its laser targeted to get maximum results.

This White paper on Google Ad Campaign has certainly 

proved handy to many advertisers, as everything has been openly discussed and analysed here.

They are able to find  answers to many of their questions thats helping them to relook into their campaign and make changes to achieve more.

This white paper would certainly be of great help to the advertisers so that they may get fairly some bare facts and understanding of the same.

This would put the adbertisers on a much better footing than those who choose to remain ignorant.

Now they will be able to hudge better and fairly get a good idea under what circumstancs their campaign would fare better for each Cost-per-click Google Ads.

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Monday, July 21, 2008


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Here is an excellent offer for all Internet Entrepreneurs and Business Houses who want to keep abreast of the current developments in running an online business from various websites. 

So long it was very difficult for interested people who were  willing to enter the lucrative internet marketing world, but had no inkling how useful and fruitful it would be in the long run. They had to depend so long on expertise and consultants to advise them and appraise them of the latest trends.

Now, here is a magazine that is being made available which will help you with most questions that you may perhaps have in your overt search for building a successful online business, be it from home or office. The magazine addresses most of your questions since these topics are discussed at length in their various issues.

The magazine has many useful content not found otherwise. Majority of the contributions are from well established internet experts and successful internet marketer. You will find many of their tips, their observations, experiences and opinions regarding to the latest trend which you might like to adopt for your own online business.

Online business is a must even if you have a roaring brick and mortar business. More and more people are preferring to shop online and place their orders using the internet rather than take the trouble to visit stores for niche products.

With spiralling  fuel prices and paucity of time, it's sometimes impossible to scout for a particular product by driving through traffic and visiting various stores to make your purchases. 

The internet has solved much of their problem since they can now look for whatever they want by visiting the various websites dealing with the particular kind of products.

From the website itself you can make your choice and place your orders online. This has made websites and the online business popular. Its a must for anyone wanting to stay in business, so that they can reach out to a large number of people. People can now now go global with the click of the mouse.

That' the beauty of the websites and the internet.

Orders and transactions are all possible through the internet very securely. More and more people are finding online shopping and doing B2B business easy, efficient and convenient. 

Don't be surprised if you find the parcel that you ordered last evening at your door steps the next morning, even if it had been snowing or raining profusely the previous night. That's what it means to remain in business and make yourself available with your customers 24x7x365 automatically. 

No wonder this is one magazine that you need to have access to, if you wish to keep yourself upto date about websites and the eCommerce world. 

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Jupiter Research Report Predicts The Online Affiliate Marketing Spending To Hit $3 Billion

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Here is some good news that I fortunately came across.  This article will certainly give tremendous boost to all those who carry out their online business from home as an affiliate to various merchant websites.

The merchant websites too will find it enthusiastic to spread their marketing net all the more to rope in as many affiliates who would join them and work not hard but smart to fetch  more revenue from the growing Internet market by offering better and cheaper priced products or services. No wonder this is one market that has not shown any signs of slowing down. 

As I understand from the report, the Jupiter Research, a well known Internet market research company  has predicted that in 2008 the online marketers will shell out as much as $2.1 billion in commission fees that's to be paid to their associates or agents as affiliate marketing fees for their concerted sales effort. 

Elsewhere in my blog I had mentioned earlier that affiliate marketing is the best way to enter the online business without having to make big investments nor does one need to have ones own products or services to offer to the potential buyers on the Internet.

For every lead that the affiliate sends top the merchant website and if it successfully converts to a sale, the affiliate earns a commission that may be s much as 75%. This is how the Internet market is surviving and is able to provide better services to the multitude of customers across the net throughout the globe. 

According to the "US Online Affiliate Marketing Forecast, 2007-2012" Report made available by Jupiter Research, by 2012 as much as $3.3 billion is likely to be spend by the affiliate marketing. 

The report also further emphasizes that one of the most important factor that makes affiliate marketing so popular is because its performance driven. There is not much risk as there is hardly much of an investment that's worth mentioning. 

The Marketers mostly merchant webmasters find it convenient to work with an army of volunteer affiliates who join their various affiliate programs for free provided they do not indulge in any sort of spam or scam. They have to strictly abide by the terms and conditions when selling or promoting their products on the Internet. 

These are the affiliates who are responsible to spread the word across the Internet of the various products and services that are being offered by their merchant webmasters to whom they are affiliated to. Its by their effort that there is an increase in the flow of traffic to these merchant websites. 

"Strong affiliates that have quality content and responsible marketing practices succeed within the changing search environment and reap the benefits of a growing ad arena," said Patti Freeman Evans, Online Retail Analyst and lead author of the report for Jupiter Research.

The  affiliate marketing  has to of course depend on search engine optimization or SEO, of which I have  made several posts in this blog earlier. That's why the  affiliate marketing  has to work closely with the Search Engine Marketing industry. And Google  has played an important role in helping to create and widen the market, by setting up the rules of the game. That's why  its prudent that the affiliates are aware of Google's Quality Score because of Google's tremendous influence and hold over the SEM or Search Engine Marketing. 

"To date, an alternate way to generate traffic from search has not materialized. However, the development of niche outlets such as blogs and social networking sites does provide balance to the consolidation of top affiliates," said David Schatsky, President of Jupiter Research.

Source: WebProNews Tuesday, July 01, 2008

How to do a Reverse Email Search

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By: Sophia Munoz

1. Finding an email address is now possible online through the use of very simple tools anyone can access. If you want to trace an email address, you just need to know where to start you search.

2. Public data can be researched through different websites, where previously almost 90% of email address owners used to register to be easily found. However, the trend is quite different nowadays and most of these services suffer from the emergence of private tools new users tend to favor. As a result, email directories such as Worldemaildirectory or Bigfoot, which were among the very first ones in the market, are not as comprehensive as they used to be.

3. Internet users now do not want to be found and are desperate for privacy. They do not automatically register to an email directory as they do not want to be publicly accessible.

4. The roles have been changed. There is no other field that changes as much as the internet does. Users now want to hide their e-mail identity in a cyber-society where areas of privacy are scarce. Therefore it has become more and more difficult to trace an email address or to find a person's name. To get around this - the solution exists through the use the IP address.

5. What is the IP address? It is the serial number of the computer or its identity card. Each computer has one. However the linkage between the user's name and computer is difficult to find since it is not accessible to public data.

6. Usual techniques to "cheat" the IP address inlcude disguising the IP address through a myriad of tricks. Only a professional tool can help uncover these techniques and obtain a certain degree of accuracy.

7. In a nutshell if you want to achieve great results you need to take your reverse email search seriously. Organize your reverse email search into different categories or sub-categories to use everything you now about the person you are searching: Try email directories by country, jobs, languages, etc.

8. Keep you expectations realistic: If you really want to find someone or an email address, then you should equip yourself with the most high-tech gadgets available.

Sophia Munoz is a journal writer who is fascinated by high-tech gadgets. She has written hundreds of articles for specialized magazines and article directories. If you want to find out more about how to find an email address easily, visit us for the latest tips!

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Free Sudoku Puzzle Script

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Sudoku from

Free Blog Content Car Calendar

Free Blog Content

Failure to Implement a Corporate Email Policy Is Tantamount to Commercial Negligence!

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It doesn’t matter whether your organization employ's a single part-time worker or thousands of full-time staff, granting access to your corporate email system, which in turn places your organization’s reputation and very existence at risk.

Misuse of the email system can result in direct financial
penalties and/or negative publicity, both of which are
likely to have long term impacts on your firm’s bottom

According to the 2008 Computer Securities Institute/FBI
Computer Crime and Security Survey, 78% of employers
reported staff abusing email and the Internet whilst at

SO WHAT CONSTITUES MISUSE? Unfortunately, there are
numerous ways your company’s email system may be used
inappropriately. These threats are greater due to the
informal and viral nature of email communication.

for a disgruntled employee to disseminate confidential
information which could impact competitive advantage. Such
a breach could lead to the loss of an existing client or
expose your business strategy, providing opportunities for
a competitor to exploit this at your organization’s

LEGAL LIABILITY In most cases, employers rather than
employees are held legally responsible for the content of
messages transmitted via their corporate email systems. 
Similarly, legal action brought about as a consequence of
misuse may lead to severe financial penalties imposed by a

8% of firms have had sexual discrimination claims from
current or former employees because of inappropriate use of
email or the Internet by employees. In one case, $2.2
million was paid by the Chevron Corporation to four female
employees to settle a suit in which the women had claimed
jokes sent via Chevron’s email system amounted to sexual

Your firm’s legal liability however, is not just limited
to claims by employees. In a well known case in the United
Kingdom, a leading insurance company was ordered to pay
more than $675,000 to a rival insurer following the
disclosure of libelous emails.

LOSS OF PRODUCTIVITY Numerous surveys tell us that a
significant proportion of email transmitted via a corporate
email system is not business related.

Loss of productivity caused by staff using the corporate
email system for personal use can also lead to increased IT
network traffic and storage requirements, whilst also
increasing the organizations vulnerability to viruses.

arise from third parties sending unsolicited or other email
to staff within the organization. If employees are not
aware of how they are expected to deal with these offending
emails, the risks can still be realized, sometimes to
devastating effect.

Be aware, it is not always inexperienced or disgruntled
employees who expose an organization to these risks. There
are numerous examples of senior professionals - including
CEOs and lawyers - who have damaged their company’s
reputation by sending emails of an inappropriate nature
which have been leaked to the media or posted on the

Neal Patterson, CEO of Cerner Corporation, was upset at
his employees' level of commitment so he emailed his
managers. The tone and content of the email, instead of
having the desired effect just alienated staff and resulted
in it being leaked to the media. Cerner's stock slipped 22
percent in just 3 days and its reputation was severely

EDUCATION AND TRAINING According to a recent survey
conducted by the American Management Association, a
staggering 52% of employers fail to educate their employees
regarding the risks of electronic communication and about
their own company policies.

COMMERCIAL NEGLIGENCE Failure to draft, publish and
successfully implement a corporate email policy is, given
the risks, tantamount to commercial negligence. Although a
successfully implemented policy will never completely
eradicate the risks, it will eliminate unintentional and
ignorant misuse.

STRATEGY An effective Email Policy establishes a
comprehensive set of rules and guidelines to enable your
organization to effectively manage these risks. It allows
you to communicate the standards and behaviors expected and
provides a blueprint for effective management and use of

For More Details click here now

The author has created a toolkit for organizations who need
to implement a corporate email usage policy. The package
provides both a template policy and guidelines on how to
implement the policy in your organization.  

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Effective Email Policies: Why Enforcing Proper Use is Critical to Security

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Primary Category: IT - Security

Learn how your organization can implement a comprehensive email acceptable use policy including enterprise-grade security solutions for the gateway, the email server and all endpoint computers.

The unmonitored and unguarded use of email by employees poses a multitude of risks to organizations. The distribution of inappropriate or offensive content, malicious emails, and the risks of data leakage all threaten working environments, IT resources and an organization's reputation.

A comprehensive, transparent and enforceable email Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), combined with robust email security solutions, dramatically reduces exposure to these risks. This paper provides practical guidance on developing and enforcing an email AUP that meets the combined requirements of an organization's IT, HR and legal departments.

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