Thursday, July 24, 2008

Google Introduces - Google Ad Planner, a Research and Media Planning Tool for Media Planners Only

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The Google Ad Planner - The Latest Tool from Google 

The Google Ad Planner is yet another milestone for online advertising campaign. It is once more as usual is a brilliant mastermind by Google meant for planning out advertising campaigns. This tool has been exclusively developed for Media Planners keeping them in focus to address their requirements. This is certainly bring about better efficiency and online advertisement management. 

This tool will certainly be of great help to all those Media Planners who find it extremely daunting in exactly determining the extent to which each of their campaign have the potential to reach out.

At the same time optimizing the Ad campaign that's relevant and focuses on potential customers and clients for whom the products or services that are being offered is certainly not as easy as it might look on paper. 

Moreover its not quite practical for the Media Planner to keep track of all those millions of sites available on the internet. There is no way to know the exact potential of each of these sites and which amongst them would be best suited for a particular campaign that one has in mind.

Also what would be the benefits that's likely to be reaped within a preset time frame after the amount  of time, money and labor that is spent in executing it as per the strategy adopted. 

Its to help the media planners to achieve the most from the Google Ad Campaign that Google looked into the problem in depth.

Fortunately they have succeeded to finally come up with this tool for the benefit of the media planner. 

The Google Ad Planner is one tool that would help the media planner to find the right match and connect the Advertiser with the Publisher. 

All that the media planner needs to do while using the tool is enter the demographics that constitutes its potential target market, and all those sites that's relevant to the kind of niche products or services being offered in the advertisements. 

Once the information or data are fed into the tool, as mentioned above, the Google Ad Planner would come up with those sites that are most likely to be visited by surfers from the target population, which the media planner has already identified or selected as their niche target market. 

If you as a media planner want to get into the bottom to learn more of the surfing habits of your target demography, the Google Ad Planner would help you with the relevant statistics or data. It will also give details of the popularity of each of the sites and what kind of surfers & how many are reaching out to them using the search engines such as the Google.

The results take into account all the sites that partner with Google as part of the Google Content Network, as well as those that are outside the network. This will help you to plan your campaign properly and to reach out to the most amongst the target audience. 

Whereas the Google Trends for Website  is meant for all kinds of users regardless of their intention, but Google Ad Planner is meant only for professional Media Planner alone. 

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