Friday, July 25, 2008

India Today Has One of the Fastest Growing Internet Users & Surfers

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The Internet Market in India is Growing Rapidly.

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This is certainly going to be great news for all net junkies, internet marketers around the world including those in India. Three percent of India's population have now access to the internet.

According to the findings made available by the MarketingCharts, surfers in India mostly belong to the age group of fifteen years and above.

This May, as many as 28 million Indians in India, surfed the net,either from their office or home.This is 27% more than what it was the previous year.  

This report made public now declares India as one of the fastest growing internet market in the world.

Computer literacy continues to grow and spread upwards from grass root levels. More Indians especially youngsters, who are technically savvy are eager to have access to the internet.

Already villagers in India have access to data such as about crop production, irrigation, soil reports,fertiliser and also commodity trading.

eGovernance has been introduced in states such as Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Rajasthan. This is helping people to make enquiries and complain about lack of service at their villages.

No longer they have to travel long distances through jungles and inhospitable terrain such as the hot deserts on camels, to reach the nearest government office for official purposes such as loans from the banks. 

The prices of computers and that of the broadband internet connections are tumbling down in India. As more people in India finds computers affordable and useful, very soon these will become common in ordinary Indian households as the televisions are today. 

No wonder India has become one of the fastest-growing internet populations, according to comScore's first study of internet usage in India, reports MarketingCharts.

Even ten to fifteen years ago most Indians and politicians were sceptical about the computer and eyed it suspiciously. They wondered if it might take away their jobs in the offices and factories.

However it was because of the  initiative taken by the Late Rajiv Gandhi, when he was the Prime Minister of India. He was then young and savvy with dreams for India's future.He understood and realized how important it was for India to learn more about computers and be self reliant. He initiated the computer literacy programs then and introduced computer as a subject at schools, colleges and the university.

India today is reaping the  benefits of that foresight. Next to the USA, India is today the largest developer of software programs in the world. Its because of this that they have stole a march over some most developed nations of the world such as Japan, Germany, France etc. Even China will have to do lot of catching up with India as far as computer software development is concerned.

Another advantage that India enjoys is that it also has the second largest english speaking and writing population in the world after USA. It has also a large number of middle class families that is same as the total population of the whole of Europe.

This has made India one of the largest growing economy in the world only next to China. The internet market economy in India would soon catch up with the rapid growth in economy.  

"While global internet brands like Google and Yahoo currently reign as the most visited web properties in India, several local players also have strong positions in the market," said Jack Flanagan, comScore EVP.

Here is a summary of those findings from the study made by comScore:

  1. On average, Indian internet users visited the internet 25 times during the month and were online for 28 minutes per visit.

  2. Those age 15-24 were the heaviest internet users among all age segments, spending nearly 12 hours online per month on average.

  3. The fastest-growing website categories in the past year included Maps (up 64 percent), Sports (up 60 percent), Entertainment - Movies (up 55 percent), and Finance - News/Research (up 52 percent).

India Website Rankings:

  1. Google Sites ranked as the top property in India with nearly 20 million visitors in May, a 35 percent increase versus a year ago.

    Google grew on the strength of several Google-owned entities, including Google Search (up 38 percent to 17.1 million visitors), social-networking site Orkut (up 39 percent to 9.3 million visitors), blog platform (up 102 percent to 7.3 million visitors), and video site YouTube (up 131 percent to 6.3 million visitors).

  2. Yahoo Sites ranked second with 18.7 million visitors (up 28 percent), followed by Microsoft Sites with 12 million (up 11 percent).

  3. Indian portal ranked as the top local property with 9.2 million visitors (up 19 percent), followed by government site with nearly 6 million visitors (up 5 percent).

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