Friday, July 25, 2008

Obama's Online Marketing Strategy for His Presidential Campaign

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How Did Barack Obama Raise Donation for His Campaign from His Website using Online Marketing Strategy?

It is surely very commendable for Barack Obama to have ignored the big Corporate Houses and the Lobbyists for donation and instead approached the common people of the United States of America directly to make their own little contribution to join his movement. 

What is most amazing is that he actually received more than $200 Million in donation that people volunteered to contribute at his website 

No wonder his is one of the most profitable Presidential campaigns to be ever made in the history of USA. All this was possible because of a wonderful online marketing strategy that he adopted for people to flock at his website in hordes and make their own little contributions. 

Barack Obama is savvy and he has left no stone unturned to adopt every available online marketing strategy that he found feasible for his ongoing online campaign. 

He and his internet marketing team are collecting mailing addresses of those who wish to make a donation or simply visiting his website. Thereby he is able to build a mailing list of all interested and prospective voters.

He is then keeping them updated about himself and his ideas, his campaigns, the venue where he is going to next address his well wishers and voters. Thereby he is able to stay in touch with most of his voters in the country, keeping them well informed and clarifying his stand on any issues that may appear controversial.  This is what we may call email marketing actually is meant for. To keep the people informed timely and remind them to vote for him. 

He is also making good use of the Search Engine Optimisation marketing. This is to help people who use certain keywords by and large as per trend, to search for his ideas or about him, using the search engines such as the Google or Yahoo would able to do so satisfactorily and conveniently. 

He is also using the pay-per-click advertisements that appear on Google pages or on websites having relevant contents and which are part of the Google Adsense network campaign. 

He has his own blog too where he pens his thoughts carefully that has a psychological impact on people just not in the USA alone but as far as India and Africa where the common people know very little about the US elections or are keen about. Yet he appears in newspapers and magazines that helps him to build his stature internationally. This has also not deterred him to say things that are sentimental to these local people in foreign lands and which is making him all the more popular with the people around the world. No wonder Obama has been able to improve his image and bearing both in the US as well as the world outside. 

He has even gone as far as mobile marketing too, so that he is always with the people close at hearts using modern technology to his full advantage. 

Further more, he is making optimal use of Social Marketing such as Facebook, MySpace so that anybody wanting to know about him intimately may do so without hassles. 

Even look at his website, the way it has been designed is something that many would desire. Obviously his website which is more interactive with the visitors is able to have a high conversion rate. 

Other than the six strategies that I have mentioned, he is using many more strategies which is beyond the scope of my blog to discuss. 

The purpose of this blog is to create awareness amongst online and internet marketers how one should go about to frame a successful internet marketing strategy. 

Although its not possible to have that kind of colossal budget that it requires to implement such a website design as well as the various marketing strategies, what I wish to highlight how one could like Obama use the internet to reach out to as many people. How one should be able to get into the hearts and minds of the people, such that there is a positive response from them be it in the form of donations or votes or both. 

If you visit his website what you will notice that every page in his website carries a red button at the corner asking for a donation. In fact this donation part is the one which has been able to successfully fetch him all that collossal amount in revenue for his Presidential Campaign. Every page in his website are eye catching with wonderful banners each of which leads the visitor to a different landing page, as per the choice made.

So that's how a good online marketing campaign should be planned by excellent Media Planners, as the one they did for Obama. They are the ones responsible for the success.


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