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Traffic Revenue Booster - New Free Affiliate Software Tool Helps Boosting Website Conversions

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New free exit traffic software boosts website conversions by up to 371% has just been released on 27th June 2008.

The software is premium quality, free, no spam, and boosts website conversions by offering a powerful second offer when people intend to leave your page. Traffic Revenue Booster will increase your opt in rate and is a proven way to combine the two goals of creating a sale, and harvesting the opt in.

The pro version of the software also contains exclusive power features such as countback timer and a redirect feature. A free version of Traffic Revenue can be downloaded from here: 

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This free exit traffic software was created by Sanjib Ahmad and Pieter van der Gulik who combined have over 15 years of internet marketing, consulting and programming experience.

Of course this type of software is regularly hawked for over-inflated prices by other software vendors, however this is the first time internet marketers have been able to take advantage of this advanced sale conversion software for free.

Traffic Revenue Booster is a hosted application, so you can ensure that you are always using the most recent version of the software on your web page. Output from the program is obfuscated code that you can easily insert on your webpage. Not only is the software free, but you are able to use it on as many websites as you want.

Initially beta testing has yielded sales conversion increases of up to 371%. So for those considering installing the script on their web sales page, the choice seems obvious. Peter Yoon, a beta tester for the software said "Just tried it, and it looks like one hell of a tool!

Personally, I find this exit-traffic method least annoying, but it can be just as profitable as having ’save a sale’ script on a site without having to pay outrageous fees" Another tester, Jim Burney said "The Traffic Revenue Booster is a very professional product.

The help videos are clear and concise and got me up and running very quickly. I have installed my first attempt on my main domain, and am very happy with the result. Using creativity would I imagine produce exceedingly great results" 

So if you're looking to boost your website conversions without outlaying any of your own money, then you should take a look at this exit traffic software. You can quickly and easily install the script on your sales page, and start enjoying sales increases of up to 371%. To grab your free copy now, 
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Article by Pieter van der Gulik

3 Tips for High Website Conversions

The use of the internet to generate leads and sales is the most direct form of direct response marketing around. Every element of your offer, your presentation and your traffic source can be tested and optimized with lightning speed compared to traditional DM (direct marketing).

As long as DM exists, and as long as the internet exists there is a lot of fuzz about how to increase conversions. Why is that? Part of it is because the so called “gurus” want create some smoke curtains to make things actually sound more complex than they are. Selling their courses is the reason for their existence so it’s in their best interest.

On the other hand, if it were easy to achieve record breaking conversion with every campaigns you create, there would be absolutely no need to read advice, tips, tricks, case studies and instructions provided by well know direct marketers. Therefore, there is a science and an art to achieving high website conversion ratios.

This is no rocket science. And the art will develop with learning, experimenting, and evaluating your results. The science part is by far the most important part. It will be the basis for your results. If you don’t have the science in place, you will never master the art.

But as has been said, the science of getting high website conversion ratios is no rocket science, so let’s grab the bull by the horns and see what three of the most important elements are to achieving high ratio website conversions.

Tip 1: One page, one goal

When your website is e-commerce related it has been proven over and over that pages that have only one goal outperform all others. In other words, it’s hard to combine the goal of making a sale with the goal of getting people interested to leave their name and email address on one page.

Having two goals on one page requires communicating two messages at the same time. What do you think will happen? The messages will be distorted and both will have their effectiveness diluted.

Does this mean that it’s not wise to have an opt-in box on a sales page? Generally, NO! Of course there are some advanced techniques that can make an exception to this rule, but this would be subject to heavy testing and fall far outside of the scope of this article.

Tip 2: Use of technology

OK, but you still want to sell and to generate a list of prospective clients. Well you’re a marketer, right? In the category of ‘basics’ this is an important one. Across the years multiple solutions have been found to solve this problem. The use of technology is very important to win the conversion game! Here are some popular solutions.

Have you ever heard of a “squeeze page”? This is a web page that is positioned before your sales presentation where your visitors are “teased” in to filling out their name and email address to qualify for the sales presentation page. This technique has been extremely effective, currently it seems like results are declining.

Another technique that’s currently winning popularity is presenting a second offer box upon people leaving the sales presentation page. This is basically a software tool that ‘senses’ your page visitor is leaving. At that point it opens and shows the visitor a relevant second offer.

This could be a light version, a discounted version, re-emphasizing as strong benefit or product feature etc. This type of software comes in various forms and price categories. Do you want to know a secret? One of the highest performing scripts out there is free. You can grab it right now for free .

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Tip 3: Test

You must have heard it over and over. Test, test, and re-rest. Actually it is surprising how few people still do not do this. If there is one thing that you want to do after reading this article, it’s testing, testing and testing. Contrary to popular belief it’s not the test of your headline that’s most important, the test of your offer is. What do you offer, how do you present it, at what price, how do you prove the quality, how do you deliver, and what system and business model do you use? Test, test, and test and you WILL succeed!

Yes it takes time, but it’s not rocket science. Ramp up the pace of testing and you will succeed on-line, big time!

About the author:
Pieter van der Gulik is a professional ‘undercover’ on-line marketer operating in various businesses such as consulting, affiliate marketing, outsourcing and software production. He is co-founder of the mega effective free exit traffic converting tool ‘Traffic Revenue BoosterTM’ that can be downloaded below:

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