Sunday, August 31, 2008

Google Suggest to Guess the Right Keywords to Help Surfers and PPC Ad Campaigners

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Google is adding a new feature in its Google Search engine which would ease much of the problems faced by Googlers in using the right keywords to search something very special on the net. 

Its very important to use the right keywords that not only is spelt correctly but is also associated with the particular subject that one wants to look up for from those websites that actually discusses the specific niche at length. 

Sometimes it so happens that a keyword might mean several things and Google failed to guess the one which the surfer wanted. At best it came up with results, so long, of those websites that were ranked high in terms of popularity for a particular keyword.

Even though the keyword used for the search has been spelt correctly yet it fails to match the particular subject that the searcher is actually googling for. This heightens the frustation and the surfer has to use several combination of keywords or maybe in a conversation mode to make the right combination. 

After several hits and misses, the surfer finally homes in on the particular website that it had been looking for. 

Google understood the problem and to make it easier and convenient, it had been working on this problem for the past four years to help Google guess the right combination of keywords that's pertinent to the particular subject, idea, place, product, service or article. 

Google Suggest provides a list of query suggestions when users start typing in the search box, helping to formulate queries and reduce spelling errors. The feature is similar to Google's "did you mean?" feature but works in real time.

As soon as anyone begins to type the keyword in the Google search box, the Google Suggest would come up with a list of keyword combinations to choose from. 

This saves time, avoids making spelling mistakes and also helps Google Search to guess which of the combination of keywords is the one that you are possibly looking for. This feature is user friendly. 

Say I typed the word "Cool" in the Google Search Box. It came up with the following suggestions along with the total number of results for each combination. 

Cool Games,  CoolToad, Coolchaser, Cool text, Cool names, Cool Running, Cool wallpaper, Cool quotes, Cool kids, Coolermaster.

However SEO and Webmasters are slightly apprehensive about this feature since they are of the opinion that it would cut into the longtail keywords and typo traffic volume.  

However anyone who is enterprising would always find some glimpse of opportunity to cash on. One could find the number of results that each of the combination of keywords that are mentioned in the query list from Google Suggest.

The one which gives the least number of results would most likely to have less competition for that particular combination of keywords. So those involved in PPC campaign could easily bid for such a combination of keywords at very modest price. 


Saturday, August 30, 2008

Business Home Opportunity: don't be a "Prisoner" of Work for someone else

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Are you tired of going to work for someone else every morning? Is getting up at 5am, 6am (or earlier), getting dressed, getting yourself ready for the day, dealing with commuting getting to be a bit much? Wouldn't you rather be working for YOURSELF for a change? How about being able to make your income working for yourself, instead of making money for someone else?

My name is Paul. I'm a Prisoner of Work.

Let me be clear on that - I work a Monday through Friday schedule and I am home in the evenings and on weekends. However, my time spent working is spent at a job where I work for someone else. That income is dependant on my employer's willingness to continue to hire me.

Until now...

I have for the past two years begun working for myself, doing Internet Marketing. I won't lie to you, I am not able to quit my regular job yet but I fully intend on doing so when I am able to support myself through this Internet Marketing work.

The same can happen for you - but you need to take action. Yes, it is up to you. No one will do this for you. I can tell you that help is available to you. If you're ready to tell your boss BUH-BYE, take a look at these resources for making the move to being financially self-sufficient:

My Blog:
I am regularly examining and trying programs, methods, etc for making money on the internet. Some give varying levels of success some I find to be duds. Take a look and see for yourself what I've found, then decide which programs to try for yourself.

Rosalind Gardner's Super Affiliate Handbook:
Rosalind is one of the true heavy hitters of online marketing. In the Super Affiliate Handbook, she explains how she consistently makes a very impressive income online. One of the interesting things about her is she primarily promotes other people's products and manages to make a very nice income. I've read two editions of this handbook and highly recommend them.

Jeff Mulligan is another brilliant and successful marketer I've come across. His CBMall provides an easy to use mall type of website that focuses on selling the various ebooks offered through Clickbank ( The setup for CBMall is very simple and quick. I've been able to use CBMall and make sales after running ads, which I learned how to do from Jeff's help materials associated with CBMall.

Commission Junction:
This is a great program for you to sign up. Commission Junction is one of the largest sites of its kind out there. They handle scores of merchants with affiliate programs. The idea is simple: sign up for a free account with Commission Junction, which gives you access to many programs you can promote for a profit.

There is a Japanese proverb that says "Thought without action is daydream, Action without thought is nightmare". If you are really serious about making a living working for yourself, you owe it to yourself to do your research.

I'm working on breaking out of my work "prison". How about you?

I encourage you to try one or more of the programs I mentioned above, and to let me know how you're doing! Sign up for my blog at http://http// to keep up to date with the latest! I could use some cellmates in my work "prison" - lets share ideas and help each other break out into financial freedom!

I'll be in touch!

About the Author

Paul lives in Metairie, LA. He has been a student and practitioner of internet marketing and a home business opportunity seeker since 2005.
Check out his blog at 
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Friday, August 29, 2008

Google Map Maker - The Indian Factor

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Google Map Maker

Google has once again come up with a new product the "Google Map Maker". This is the outcome of a concerted effort of a team of brilliant and talented Indian software engineers working with the Googles.

According to Lalitesh Katragadda, Software Engineer and Creator of Google Map Maker, this product is one of those that allows people from all walks of life to participate in adding and editing minute details in a map. It solves an inherent need especially for countries such as India where map data is sparse.

Cartographers are only concerned with the topography and the communication channels such as the towns, cities and villages that are spread out over a wide area. It however misses the variety of trees for the forest, so to speak literally. 

Thats exactly where the Google Map Maker gives the people an opportunity to identify the many small roads, land marks such as your favorite joint or store. 

This product embodies Googles passion to empower people everywhere, to share knowledge of the places they know best by creating maps. That's how Lalitesh sums up the purpose of the Google Map Maker.

With Google Map Maker you will be able to add or edit any features, be it any apartment buildings, business locations, shopping malls or departmental stores, neighborhood, parks, multiplex, theatres, restaurants, schools, colleges or any other educational institutions among others. 

Once you add the details about any particular location, this user-created geographical content is updated and which is immediately made available for others to see. 

"This is a great achievement for our engineering team” said Dr Prasad Ram, Head of Google R&D in India. 

The Google Map Maker would indeed be of great value and use for countries like India, where the landscape of the cities and towns are experiencing hyper growth and urbaniztion. Each day some new bulding, landmark, flyover or underpass is being constructed, and immediately people can pin point them on the map for others to follow. 

Other than India, Google Map Maker is available in 57 countries in Asia, the Island Nations, and the Caribbean.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Know Your Best Customers by Bob Sullivan

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How Well Do You Know Your Best Customers? 

By Bob Sullivan 
Expert Author 
Article Date: 2008-08-05 

As a marketer, how much do you really know about your best customers? How much more should you know in order to retain them and find more like them? 

I've posted several times about the importance of complete current top customer knowledge, Too Many Marketers Have Too Little Customer Knowledge and What You Don't Know About Your Best Customers Equals What You Don't Know About Your Best Prospects. 

I can't stress this enough because without knowing your best customers, you and your sales reps are just floundering when it comes to effective lead generation and customer retention. It's like trying to catch a fish without the right lures or equipment. You probably won't catch what you want. 

Most sales & marketing experts will agree that defining your best prospects and retaining your best customers hinges on what you actually know about those current best customers. They are the key to a successful business future. If you don't know them, you don't know enough. 

So, how much do you know about your best customers and how much more should you know? 

Here is a list of vital key customer knowledge that every marketer should be gathering and leveraging to keep their best customers and find more like them. 
Correct Name (seems simple, but think of how many different ways the same company is spelled and entered into your systems)
HQ address and other location addresses - plants, service points, etc.
Phone, Fax, Website, Email
Primary SIC code, and secondary if applicable
Industry Segment (your classification for analysis)
Annual revenue
Employee size
Number of years in business
Parent company (if any) and applicable information about them
Company divisions or units, if any, how many and what products do each sell 
Merger and acquisition history
Partners and affiliations
Major customers
Primary products and other related products
Product (s) they buy from you
What other products might they use from you? Which department/division/units might use your products, contact names, and will your current contact refer
How often they buy from you
Why they buy from you - price, quality, service, locations, effective communication, or other
How much of their total last year revenue was influenced by your product
How often you communicate with them and the method they prefer
Their current market share
Their major competitors and their competitors' current market share
What competitors do you sell to, what products, how much
Your share of customer wallet, share of competitor wallet and potential for each
Their current industry challenges
Their latest press releases and newsletters, plus external news on them
Trade publications the decision makers read/subscribe to
Lead Source - what lead source did they originate from
Outstanding proposals you have with them
Decision maker/Contact for each key account/division/unit, the product sold to those, along with titles, email, phone extensions for each and personal interests
Influencers to the decision makers, along with their contact information 
I encourage everybody to comment and / or add to this list. Perhaps, together, we can build a very effective type of "Vital Best Customer Knowledge List" for the benefit of all marketers.

About the Author:
Bob Sullivan is President of InfoGrow Corporation, a national sales & marketing consultant and applications provider that enables clients to leverage information and technology for increased sales & marketing effectiveness.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Article Marketing - Factors that Make Them Stand Out

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Article Marketing Tricks That Make Your Articles Pop

 by London Rick

When you are marketing an article, there are several tricks that you might find to be helpful. Remember that these article tricks are going to be what ends up making you successful in your business. Therefore, you have to make sure that you are doing all that you can to get the most out of your articles, and that you are able to make sure you are doing all you can with the articles you submit to article directories.

First of all a good article marketing trick is to make sure that you are writing articles that are pertinent to what is going on in your field. This is something that is quite easy to do, because you can easily make sure that the articles you are writing are going to be popular and relevant to your topic. The best way to do this is to go around to the various sites that market and sell articles, and see what is selling the best. There should be lots of ways for you to find out what is needed today, and once you have found this out, you can write your articles to these specifications.

Another way to market articles is to make sure that you are writing them along the lines of something that is very popular or relevant to current events. A good way to do this is to take a look at what kind of things are making the news, and then see if you would be interested in writing articles about what you find and the nexus to your business. It is a great way to make sure that you are able to get the most out of your article writing, and it is going to be a great way to make sure you are able to actually get out there and write the articles that are going to be the most popular.

When it comes to actually marketing the article after you have written it, there are several tips to keep in mind. First of all, a great way to make sure that you have a good marketing plan is to double check the article and be sure that it fits into your niche. You want to be sure that the area where you are marketing the article is the right area. You should be sure that the article fits into this area, and that you are going to be able to sell it the best within this area. A good way to do this is to take a look at the other articles that are sold in the same niche. Does your article seem to fit there? Do you think that you are going to be able to really make the most out of it? These are all important points to consider.

Lastly, you always want to be sure that you are keeping yourself available for the marketing of your article. If your article is really going to be successful, there might be people who want to talk to you about it, or who have other questions about the article itself. Therefore you have to be sure that you are always there and that you are ready to answer any questions that might come up about your article. This is very important because if you want your article to be there for you, you want to make sure that you are there for your article in the best ways possible.

Rick London is the owner of several websites including and and has written numerous articles about  Article Marketing and Affiliate Marketing Programs.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fun Tools - Word Cloud from Wordle and TagCrowd

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Create Word Clouds With TagCloud or Wordle

Fun tools called Wordle and TagCrowd allow you to create a word cloud for any text document you provide. You can also provide an URL to an article or webpage and these two tools will make a word cloud for it. On the right is a word cloud for the IWJ that TagCrowd created.Wordle is a toy for generating "word clouds" from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text. You can tweak your clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes. The images you create with Wordle are yours to use however you like. You can print them out, or save them to the Wordle gallery to share with your friends.
One interesting use of the Wordle tool was a comparison of John McCain and Barack Obama speeches that was posted here. You can see a gallery of other Wordles here.

Maybe Wordle or TagCrowd could be helpful for checking your short story or essay to see if you are using the same word too often.

Friday, August 22, 2008

PLR Articles - How to Make Good Use of them and not be Penalized

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The Pros and Cons of PLR Articles for Content and Submission

 by Spaulding Joshua


We will start with some advantages. The main advantage of using PLR articles is that they can be purchased in bulk at a very cheap price. There are many writers offering these articles either through a membership site or through outsourcing. I would say the average price for an article with exclusive rights would be around fifteen to twenty dollars if it were quality. The average price for five to ten PLR articles is somewhere around ten dollars. What this means to the niche marketer is that they can get enough articles to promote their many sites at a fair price.

It is virtually impossible for one niche marketer to write enough articles to effectively promote tens or even hundreds of niche sites; this is where PLR articles come into play. Many PLR membership sites offer hundreds even thousands of articles per month for their members to download at their will. The members are allowed to submit any of these articles to article directories and claim authorship as well as place links to their sites.

Now for the disadvantages of PLR articles. If you are a Webmaster yourself, you know about the duplicate content penalty that most SE’s put in place. If they see the same content all over the place these pages will receive less traffic and they can even be de-indexed. This means this page in particular will no longer show up in SE results at all. The way to get around this is to modify the articles. So now you have a lot of articles that you paid a small fee for but they must all be modified in order to avoid the duplicate content penalty. For some this is a small feat, for others it is not worth the money to by PLR articles. 

This duplicate content issue will not only hurt you as the publisher it will hurt the article directories in which you submit to. Article Directories can be a very valuable resource but it is extremely hard to figure out what article is un- modified PLR and what article is not. If an article directory is filled with mostly PLR articles it will most likely receive little SE traffic and be looked at as unimportant to the SE’s.

So if you decide to go ahead and start a PLR campaign for your sites be sure to modify them as much as possible. The more you can modify the article, the more unique it will be, giving it a higher ranking in the SE’s and we all know that means money in our pockets.

Joshua Spaulding is an Author providing Free Training on how to Make Money Online Joshua also provides Free Website Content through his Quality Article Directory.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Free Download - Kindle Owners Can Download New Grove Atlantic Novel from Amazon for Free

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New Grove Atlantic Novel Available Free for Kindle Owners from Friday and Grove will give away for free the ebook version of Spirit House by Christopher G. Moore. 

Amazon and the publisher Grove/Atlantic will give away the electronic download of a new novel, Spirit House, by Christopher G. Moore, to Amazon Kindle customers beginning Friday, in advance of the book's release in print on Aug. 28.

Morgan Entrekin, the president and publisher of Grove/Atlantic, said in a statement that the deal with Amazon "is a great way to expand Moore's audience even further."

The Kindle, a portable electronic reader that downloads books, newspapers, blogs and magazines, sells on for $359. 

It's an interesting experiment. Kindle owners can get their free download of the book here.

Free Download

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wikia Search from Wikipedia to Pose Major Challenge to Google Search Engine Services

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Jimmy Wales the founder of Wikipedia is heading a project called Wikia Search, which he hopes would very soon be able to make major inroads in the world of the internet search engine. He expects to corner a major portion of Google's large clientele base thereby hope to succeed in shrinking Google's dominination as the worlds most preferred internet search engine. 

According to Wales, who was attending the Global Brand Forum in Singapore, Wikia Search wants to offer something better and unique, than what Google offers. The web surfers the world over are not totally satisfied with what the three major titans of the internet search engine market, Google along with Yahoo and Microsoft are offering to its surfers by and large.

The expectations of the webs surfers have gone up considerably and they are simply not happy with what they continue to receive in the form of information and search results of those websites that cater to their pertinent demand for a specific kind of information that they are scouting for from the net. 

Unfortunately the sufers are left with very little choice to manoveur since according to the latest statistics available 90% of the sufers in the US have to depend on the outcome of these three major stalwarts in the field of search engine services, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft.

This monopoly is certainly not healthy for the growth and development of the internet market. Its exactly what worries the internet webmasters and sufers.  

Its exactly because of this that Wkia Search is being developed on an open platform,  in which anyone can  participate similar to  the same principle of open soucre that had succefully worked for Wikipedia. This will help the surfers with better options. 

Wales said Wikia Search will run on an open platform, similar to the principles behind Wikipedia, the popular online encyclopedia in which entries can be made and edited by anyone with an Internet connection. 

"All of the existing search engines are proprietary black boxes," said Wales. "You have no idea how things are ranked and what's going on." 

With Wikia Search, users "can participate in meaningful ways" when they browse the Internet, he said.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


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There is a new giveaway event happening soon and because it is more focused, only a few select marketers will be chosen to participate. That's why I'm sending you this private invitation as a valued subscriber.

If you're new to IM (Internet Marketing) then being part of The Video Profits Giveaway Event will certainly help you build a stock of video related products that you can:

- use to create your own successful website
- resell for profits limited only by your imagination.
- rebrand as your own to build your own presence in an ever competing world.
- learn all the advanced strategies, tips, trick, techniques, and everything else to keep you at the top of your game.

Watch a video and learn how to get more traffic to your website or how to get more out of Clickbank, or how to work with cPanel, or...

Hey, there's a ton of material for you to learn, absorb and profit by. Some examples of video related products to think about include:
- video tutorial
-Video Private Label Rights (PLR) products
- Master Resell Rights (MRR) products
- Video related Graphics and images
- Website Tools & Scripts
- Free/Paid Memberships
- Just about EVERYTHING you need to succeed online using video in some way!

The guy putting on this event goes by the name Joe Nykoluk. Although he has only been involved in the Internet Marketing field for 6 months, he is the webmaster for numerous websites on all kinds of topics from fishing and cooking to spyware and student loans.  

He got hooked on Internet Marketing when he helped a few marketers with some technical issues they had with their own sites.

He has strong ethics with an honest eagerness to help others wishing to start their own online success.  

This is one of the reasons he wanted to start The Video Profits Giveaway. Most people learn better and faster by watching video more than any other method.

You may notice the header at the top of the page. It has two captions on it. The first one says "Learning The Internet Through Videos" and "Learn To Build Your List With Videos".

This is a pretty focused event and if you believe that video is the wave of the future then you need to join The Video Profits Giveaway event.

Discover How Video Can Build Your List And Increase Your Profits.


Monday, August 18, 2008

Article Marketing and its Purpose

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How To Successfully Market An Article

by Rick London

When you are writing an article, you know that the most important thing is your marketing. Most of the time, you are looking at marketing through articles. However, when you have written a good article that you would like to sell, it is important that you have found a good market for that article. An article can be your ticket to new jobs, better pay, and more support. Therefore, you have to make sure that you are marketing your article correctly, and that you have the resources to do it.

Marketing an article becomes very important because each article you write as a writer ends up being an extension of who you are. This means that you will be able to make the most out of your writing by doing articles that are always your best work and that are full of good and concrete information. You will find that this is the best way for you to get your audience to agree with your article, and to get your article into the hands of someone who is going to want it.

First of all, you need to write each article with an idea of your audience in mind. This is the most important thing that you can do to provide yourself with a good marketing tool for your article. Each of the articles that you write should always be written to a specific audience. This is what is going to lead to them being more marketable. Remember that there are lots of audiences that you can choose from. This will mean that there are going to be many different sets of people that you might be writing your article for. All of these different people are going to give you many different ways to market your article, because they are all going to be looking for different things. Therefore, the better you can market your article, the more chances you will have to make it sell.

After you have written your article to a specific market, the time has come to actually try to market it. This is something that you are going to struggle with, because part of this process involves seeking out the markets where your audience can be found. There are many places to do this, but by submitting your article here, you will have the better chance. The best way to submit your article is to let it be a part of a site that has lots of different articles about lots of different subjects. This will give you the stance that you need as an article writer, and it will give you the clout as well.

This is because submitting your article here is going to bring you lots of different people who will be your audience. There are many types of audiences, and the best way for you to find the one you are looking for is to submit your article in a place where a lot of people are going to see it. Here, you will be able to get your article into the hands of many different readers at once, and they can decide whether or not they would like to use your article.

Rick London is the owner of several websites including and and has written numerous articles about Article Marketing and Affiliate Marketing Programs.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Articles Need to be Informative to Gain Credibility and Importance

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What Type of Articles To Submit

by London Rick

When you are looking to submit articles, there is probably a lot going through your mind. You want to be sure that you are submitting the right type of articles that will fit your audience. There are always going to be different places that ask for article submissions, so how can you be sure that your article is going to fit?

Well, in general, you can submit an article over just about any topic. This is important to remember because you might have some articles that are sitting around which you have not submitted for anything before. No matter what subject they are written over, chances are good that you will be able to submit them. So, the subject matter is not what is most important when you are looking at submitting articles.

Just because the subject matter isn’t that important doesn’t mean that you can submit any old collection of words and think that it is a good article. Remember there are certain standards that you have to follow, and you should be sure that you are following these in order to give you the best chance to get the payments that you need for your articles.

First, the articles that you submit should have some good information in them. People aren’t going to want to look at or buy articles that don’t make any sense to them, or that aren’t full of information. This means that you have to be sure that when you submit an article, you are doing so with an article that will actually have some meat to it, or something that people are going to want to read.

That said, an article has to tell the reader something. It cannot be just pretty words typed on a document, and it absolutely has to make sense. You are trying to submit articles for an audience here, so you want to be sure that as you submit them, you are double checking them for knowledge.

Remember, the articles that you write absolutely have to make sense. This is one of the most important factors of submitting articles. Don’t submit something that isn’t true, or that rambles on, or that isn’t coherent. You want to be sure that your article has a point.

Also, you article must be useful. If it is just a rambling account of a political party or an opinion about something else, this might not be the most useful article out there. The point to buying articles is that they are going to be used. Therefore, when you are submitting articles, you want to make sure that the ones that you do submit actually are useful. This is also a very important thing to double check.

Last, you want to make sure that you submit articles that are timely. If your articles are out dated, there is going to be new information, and there will be articles that have this information in them. You won’t find someone who is interested in your articles if they don’t’ talk about the present day, unless they are based in history.

Rick London is the owner of several websites including and and has written numerous articles about 
Article Marketing and Affiliate Marketing Programs.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Web Traffic - How To Increase traffic by Submitting Articles in Article directory

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Posting Articles on Affiliate Success Builder Article Directory Leads to Web Traffic

by Rick London

If you have a website it matters little why you run it; the bottom line, however, is simple: you want visitors. In some cases, visitors may become leads, which in turn may become paying customers or highly productive candidate for your multi level marketing business down line. In other cases the visitors to your site may become members in a professional organization, a club, or any other venture open for others to join. By and large it is the commercial aspect of attracting more traffic to your site which is desirable to webmasters and online business owners or operators anywhere in the world.

In addition to the foregoing, the ability of driving traffic which is considered targeted to your site is an art that many a business owner is desperate to harness, but only a few ever truly master. No matter which category you fall into, targeted traffic will have the ability to keep you in business and profitable while even scores of website visitors which simply leave your site within seconds of visiting will contribute to the demise of your business; a fact which is not lost on many a web entrepreneur, yet will it spur them on to action?

When you visit Affiliate Success Builder Article Directory you will come face to face with online marketers and business owners who are harnessing the power of the most persuasive advertising tool currently being utilized online: article marketing. In the past it was the high search engine ranking that was considered to be the answer to all problems, yet while a high rank is obviously a much desirable position to hold as a business, a website devoid of information that is considered valuable to a consumer will do precious little to hold their attention. Similarly, reaching a consumer niche which thus far might not have considered visiting your site or search for your product is a feat that can only be accomplished by those entrepreneurs who are willing to pay a lot of money to have ads and affiliate links included in niche specific newsletters, an expense not every start up company can weather.

Affiliate Success Builder Article Directory provides this very kind of advertising power house at no charge! Consider the benefits! Network marketers write compelling articles about their company and product (in many cases these articles may be ghostwritten by professionals for very little money); these articles will then be posted for free on the site! Publisher of e-zines and also online newsletters have permission to reprint these articles as often and wherever they like. Soon, the product information and also the network marketer’s name have the potential of becoming a household name!

It may be odd to contemplate the amazing power of an article directory, but when you realize how content starved many websites and even newsletter really are, the attraction of using readily available high quality content without charge and without strings attached is quickly understood. For the network marketers, posting articles on Affiliate Success Builder Article Directory leads to web traffic which many a website owner can only dream of.

Rick London is the owner of several websites including and and has written numerous articles about 
Article Marketing and Affiliate Marketing Programs.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

eBay India Popularising Online Shopping amongst Net Users in India

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The Growing Popularity of eBay in India as the most preferred Online Store amongst Indian Internet Users

This piece of information is certainly be good news to all those Indian online sellers who wish to make money from the internet by offering products and services on the net. 

Although India still needs to go a long way to catch up with the West to make good use of the internet as a medium to market their wares be it tangible or digital.

Neverthless eBay India has been certainly blostering confidence amongst both buyers and sellers as a reliable platform for B2B or B2C online transactions.

This has been largely possible because of eBay's strict policy.  eBay India is no exception and has been making sure that there is total transperancy in the goods being offered as well as that of the genuity of the buyers for timely payment and delivery of the goods ordered for by the eBay sellers to the bidders or buyers. 

What is perhaps most surprising is that it isn't software or other digital products that are the most popular commodities that buyers actually look for when they visit the eBay India website.

According to Ambareesh Murty, the country manager in India of the US-based Internet auction and marketplace giant, it is jewellery which most people in India buy from the eBay India website . On an average one piece of jewellery is sold every seven minutes. 

However men prefer to buy electronic gadgets and gizmos that they think are trendy and are being offered at a price thats within their budget. Moreover there are items that people in small towns or cities may not find at the local shops and marketplace.

No wonder eBay India is providing a gtreat opportunity by facilitating the buyers and sellers for a good bargain. 

Its men mostly between the age group of 25 to 30 who constitutes the bulk of the eBay buyers and net savvy who account for 70-75 per cent of the shoppers on eBay India. 

Besides jewellery women prefer to buy apparels from this most popular auction cum online shopping website store. 

According to Murty of eBay India the other list of items that enjoys popularity amongst Indian online buyers from are: 

Coins or currency notes, mobile handsets, stamps, books, music players and watches are other popular products being sold and purchased on the website.

According to data compiled by eBay India, on an average day a piece of jewellery is sold every seven minutes, a coin or note sells every 16 minutes, a stamp sells every 19 minutes, an apparel sells every 22 minutes and a book is sold every 27 minutes.

With the passage of time the online market in India would soon expand and other online shopping stores and websites too would benefit from the trend. 

If the broadband prices plunges down and some kind of credit cards or prepaid digital payment system such as the ITZ Cash card in India would certainly help the Indian youth to make use of the online facilities to make their purchases.

However an independent ombudsman needs to be appointed to look into the quality of the products being delivered so that they are admissable in the consumer courts in India if any dispute arises. This would deter any tendency of scam or cyber crimes amongst greedy sellers. They need to be made accountable, so that the copnfidence amongst online buyers in India rises. This will go a long way to improve the economy growth rate in India. 


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Global Online Shopping and its Growing Popularity in Australia, USA, UK, Europe, Japan and China

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The Sceptics Have Been Once Again Proved Wrong Regarding the Future of Online Shopping and Internet Marketing

The Online Shopping is proving the sceptics wrong. For past couple of years there has been a growing fear psychosis amongst internet marketers. Its probably because of the vulnerability of the internet to unpredicatble attacks from hackers and phisers that had for years terrorised many potential buyers from using their credit cards on the net and giving out the details.

On that basis many marketing pundits had predicted that the days of online marketing could be perhaps numbered. 

However, thanks to the growing confidence amongst consumers on the reliability of secured online transaction in encrypted form as well as the efficiency of the internet marketing and shopping, more and more people are actually using the net to make their purcahses from online stores and websites.  

Australians Spent $11 Billion on Online Shopping

Perhaps it might interest you to make note of that according to a consumer report prepared by AC Nielson the Australians on an average spend around $1900.

In the 12 months running upto June 2006, it has been found that the total amount that the Aussies had actually spent on online shopping was something like a whopping $11 Billion through online transactions alone. 

Online Shopping Has Been Least Affected by the recent Economic Crisis

The recent housing crisis in the US, the spiralling oil price hike, the fall in value of the dollar in the international market, all these factors together have hastened the sudden downturn of the US and world economy.

All this boiled down to people spending very less  of their hard earned money. So like many others the online shopping would take a severe beating too. 

In fact according to the University of Michigan Consumer Index as well as that by Reuters, that the economy is in such a bad shape that the consumer morale is very low.

In fact never before in the last 28 years the confidence of the consumers have hit the bottom. In fact its perhaps the lowest in all these years. 

No wonder its quite expected that online shopping and marketing too would slip down the greasy and messy economic pole. 

But this hypothesis has been proved wrong, which explains how much the internet could be relied upon by potential buyers and consumers to gather information and make their choices for better bargains on thingst that they wish to buy or avail of at highly reduced prices than in the offline market. 

In fact visits to the various websites have shown that there has been a remarkbale surge in the number of visits. 

Hitwise Index Shows Online Websites Have Registered More Hits than ever before.

According to Bill Tancer, General Manager at Hitwise,  that there has been a significant rise in the number of visits to this particular collection of 100 top of the line online websites that together constitutes the Hitwise index.

The Hitwise index have actually shown an increase of 10.1% from the same period in 2007 to date and over 16.4% since 2006.

Amongst those categories of niche websites be it electronics, apparel or music, a close scrutiny of consumer and surfing habits have revealed that only those category of websites that gave reliable information on various products with comparative prices across multiple shopping sites are the ones that registered the most hits and great volumes of internet traffic. 

The online classifieds website is up 93.4% comparing the week ending May 31, 2008 to the same time period in 2007.

In fact the searching habits have drastically changed in the last few months as more people searched for used items instead of brand new ones. Hence the keyword "used" has been more in use than any other term. Its because people are curtailing on expenditure and are preferring to have an used item instead of a new one to save on prices. 

According to the consultants in Forrester Research there are no signs of Easing of Online Sales. 

Europe Online Sales

In Europe alone, total online sales is expected to  rocket 63% from an estimated $246 billion this year, to $401 billion in 2011.

US Online Sales

In the U.S. too , total sales are expected to soar 93% from last year to $335 billion in 2012. 

Canada Online Sales

According to Statistics online sales in Canada is nearing $8 billion annually.

UK Online Sales

These days its been estimated that on an average the UK shoppers are spending as much as£145m a day online. 

As a matter of fact that during the beginning of this year in the first six months the  online sales soared to £26.5 billion, as shoppers increasingly turned away from the high street and instead began to hunt for bragains on the internet for better opportunity to get things that did not pinched their pockets much. 

Since January, internet shopping has increased by 38 per cent compared with the
same period in 2007, according to a new report.

Brick and Mortar Sales Increased with Online Presence

Online selling through websites would also have its impact on offline sales. In fact it would be a major boost to all sorts of corporate " brick-and-mortar" sales too. 

 "It's our most powerful marketing tool and a significant driver of store traffic," says David Duplantis, the senior vice president who oversees web sales for Coach, the American leather goods manufacturer. receives as many as 60 million visits a year, and 40% of Coach customers say they view products online before making in-store purchases.

Its only the luxury brands that have scrupulously avoided the net like plague. Its largely beacuse of their bad experience that they suffered during the Dot Com crisis when they suffered tremendous loss while going online that went bust. It was because they little understood how online marketing really works and had tried to ride the hoopla by investing heavily. Ever since that loss they suffer from the syndrome "Once beaten twice Shy". 

In fact Chi-chi brands also worry the web is more hoi polloi than haute couture. They are afraid of turing into some kind of an online store such as Amazon or eBay, thereby losing their edge and an identity in the market. 

Its not just the bargain hunters and price conscious folks who are using the internet. 

Rich Folks Too are Shopping Online

The rich too are no different. They too are proving much more internet savvy and are spending lots. 

Like everyone else these days, they have been won over by the convenience of online shopping. Around 80% of high-net-worth consumers — in Western societies defined as those with annual gross income and assets of at least $500,000 — use the Internet daily, and they regularly buy products online. This means the potential of luxury brands are great online. Unfortunately only a third of the premium brands actually sell online. 

Japanese Companies are starting Online Shopping Malls in China

On the contrary Japan Post Service Co., a mail delivery unit of Japan Post Holdings Co.,  will open an online shopping mall site on Aug. 18 for Chinese consumers and Japanese residents in China. This is because of the craze amongst the Chinese tourists visiting Japan to buy things that are of Japanese make. 

The site will be operated in both Chinese and Japanese. Customers will be able to pay for purchases with credit cards and have their orders sent to China by express mail service.

According to the Jiji Press at present, seven companies plan to have products on the mall, including Sanrio Co. <8136>, Mizuno Corp. <8022> and Tasaki Shinju Co. <7968>.

Japan Post Service, which aims to raise the number of companies using the site, is targeting 300,000 shipments in fiscal 2014 that ends in March 2015.

China has More number of Internet Users than even the USA

This is significant since China said the number of Internet users in the country reached about 253 million last month, helping China overtake the United States as the world's biggest Internet market. That means Japanese companies wishes to cash in on this great opportunity to make hay when the sun shines. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Internet Broadband Users in India compared to China - a Survey Report

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According to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India or simply TRAI, the total number of registered broadband users in India has reached 4.38 million by the end of June this year(2008). 

These are the users who are subscribing to broadband facilities that allows them to download at speeds in excess of 256 kilo bytes per second (kbps).
On an average as many as twenty three thousand more subscribers are joining this growing tribe of broadband users in India each month. 

This according to TRAI the number of broadband users in India have actually doubled in June 2008 than it was during April last year (2007). 

Its only because of the prohibitive costs that's deterring most households in India to avail broadband internet facilities at home. 

As of now a typical family in India has to shell out not less than Rs.500 to enjoy such facilities as broadband connection at home.Moreover the costs rises with amount of usage.This is quite high by Indian standards. 

If there is further reduction in the cost perhaps there would be more number of broadband users in Indian households.

Urban Indians are Comparatively Net Savvy

Moreover its the urban Indian households who make up the majority of internet users. In a survey carried out recently its been reported that on an average there is little more than one in ten Indians in urban households who have access to the internet or 12% of the urban population.This is an increase of 3 per cent from the 9 per cent that was in the previous year. 

Whats good news is that two third or 70% of all internet users reside outside the metro. 

The net users amongst rural India is spread evenly across the various socio-economic classes. Rural penetration stands at 4.5%. 

70% of the net users in India surf in various Indian languages and rest 28% in English. 

Total Number of Internet Users in India

The total number of internet users inclusive of the broadband users and slow connections such as dial-up connection, stands at 49 million of which 40 million constitutes a majority of the bulk. 

The number of regular users meaning those who use the net at least once in a month stands at 35 million of which 30 million are from urban India the rest is in rural India. 

More than three-fourths of the users,who constitutes 77 percent of all users are between 19-35 years of age, which is an increase of 10 percent from 2007. 

According to the survey over half of all Net users (51 per cent) in India are well to do employees in the corporate world.

Unfortunately women account only less than a fifth, just 17.6 percent, of the 49-million odd Indian netizens.

Amongst the different zones,  the maximum number of internet users and subscribers are from South India.  They  form the majority of the bulk at 33% of the internet users in India. 

The  eastern zone in India is perhaps the least number of  internet users estimated at around 15% amongst Indian  users of the net. 

This survey was carried out by JuxtConsult an online research & advisory firm and which made its findings public in their report 'India Online 2008'. 

The report is based on extensive offline survey covering as many as 12,500 households across 40 cities and 169 villages in India to analyse internet usage pattern amongst Indians. 

Popular Activities amongst Internet Users in India

As many as 15 different variety of activities have been identified that internet users in India prefer to use the net for. Some of the most popular ones are mentioned as follows:

emailing, chatting, matrimonial search, job search, checking the latest cricket score, downloading of movies and music, sharing of pictures and videos.  

India in Comparison to China and the Rest of the World  Needs To Increase the Number of Broadband Users

This figure is by international standards quite dismal. In fact India is way behind and is still a pygmy in comparison amongst users in the global internet cyber space. 

In fact leading the pack in the world of cyber space is China, which according to reports furnished by the China Internet Network Information Centre or simply CINIC there are as many as 253 million internet users by end of June 2008. This is supposed to be the highest anywhere in the world so far.

Amongst the internet users in China, as many as 80% are broadband users while the rest have to depend on slow internet services. 

Monday, August 11, 2008

Rise in Oil Prices Boosts Online Education and Shopping

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  1. Gas Prices Boost Online Courses

    The high cost of gas has convinced many students to take online classes to save money. 
    First, Ryan Gibbons bought a Hyundai so he would not have to drive his gas-guzzling Chevy Blazer to college classes here. When fuel prices kept rising, he cut expenses again, eliminating two campus visits a week by enrolling in an online version of one of his courses. 

    Like Mr. Gibbons, thousands of students nationwide, including many who were previously reluctant to study online, have suddenly decided to take one or more college classes over the Internet. "Gas prices have pushed people over the edge," said Georglyn Davidson, director of online learning at Bucks County Community College, where Mr. Gibbons studies, and where online enrollments are up 35 percent this summer over last year. 

    The vast majority of the nation's 15 million college students -- at least 79 percent -- live off campus, and with gas prices above $4 a gallon, many are seeking to cut commuting costs by studying online. Colleges from Massachusetts and Florida to Texas to Oregon have reported significant online enrollment increases for summer sessions, with student numbers in some cases 50 percent or 100 percent higher than last year.

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  2. Amazon Sales Surge, Economy No Obstacle Inc.'s (AMZN) second-quarter earnings more than doubled, thanks to a small gain on the sale of assets as well as the continuing popularity of its pre-paid shipping service. 

    "In a recession, this fundamental performance for a consumer discretionary company is impressive," Citigroup analyst Mark S. Mahaney said. 

    Despite the strong quarter, Amazon shares - which closed at $70.54 - were volatile in the after-hours session, trading between $68.01 and $77.43. The stock recently moved closer to the highs, trading at $76.34, up 8.2% from its 4 p.m. ET close. The stock, though, is still down nearly 18% year to date. 

    The company's rather cautious full-year guidance, following a blowout second quarter, may have caused some of the after-hours volatility. Many tech companies this quarter have reported strong results for the quarter ended in June, only to see their stocks slide because of cautious second-half outlooks. 

    For the quarter ended June 30, Amazon reported net income of $158 million, or 37 cents a share, above the average analyst estimate of 26 cents a share and the year-ago earnings of $78 million, or 19 cents a share. The latest quarter included a $53 million pretax gain on the sale of the European DVD rental assets. 

    Amazon sales, meanwhile, rose 41% to $4.06 billion, surpassing the average analyst estimate of $3.96 billion.

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Internet News - Cool Search Engine Rival of Google and many more

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Today's  post sums up the various developments on the internet or information technology front that caught my eye. This is what I wish to share with you all.

  1. Cool Search Engine from ex-exployees of Google to Revolutionize Seach Engine and Pose Challenge to Google in Size 

    Here is another great opportunity and great news for internet surfers and lovers. 

    A new web search service is on the anvil that would revolutionze the way websites are indexed and would be a delight to consumers who have complaints against Google.

    This soon to be Google rival is hoping to take over the might of Google in size sometime in the near future. 

    Cuil Inc (pronounced "cool") is offering a new search service at that would perhaps oneday prove to be more efficient and reliable than Google perhaps. 

    According to sources this particular searchengine would surpass the capabilty of Google by its enhanced ability to index a large number of websites  and their contents available across the internet. Currently Google is still reining supreme by boasting of having the largest online index than the rest. 

    The would-be Google rival says its service goes beyond prevailing search techniques that focus on Web links and audience traffic patterns and instead analyzes the context of each page and the concepts behind each user search request.

    Cuil clusters the results of each Web search performed on the service into groups of related Web pages. It sorts these by categories and offers various organising features to help identify topics and allow the user to quickly refine searches. 

    User privacy is another appeal of its approach. According to this system the content of the pages is most important and does not have to rely on any click history or the number of people who have been visiting the website.  

    In this way the system gives more weightage on the  rich information that the contents  so that surfers are able to get what they actually search for. No wonder Cuil unlike other search engine services does away with the need to store users' personal information or their search histories. 

    The search engine makes pattern analysis and to refine their system they go through the contents of  each web pages  no less than 12 times before its finally indexed accurately based on its own algorithm to determine its position vis a vis other similar webpages. 

    Does size matter, once again? 

    Cuil has indexed a whopping 120 billion Web pages, three times more than what they say Google now indexes.

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  2. Google, Yahoo partially disclose terms of ad pact

    Google Inc and Yahoo Inc released on Friday excerpts of a pact covering their search advertising partnership that keeps secret financial terms and the extent of other ties between the two.

    In a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the companies take the unusual step of disclosing the contract governing the partnership, but leave out any financial terms, such as the revenue split on their deal.

    Companies in the Internet industry typically jealously guard the terms of such contracts to protect their ability to negotiate pricing at variable terms with other customers.

    Critics say the deal threatens competition for advertising that runs alongside Web searches. Congressional leaders have conducted hearings to investigate what impact the partnership could have on the Internet market. The agreement covers the United States and Canada, but not other international markets.

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  3. Second Life ready to take on Google

    Linden Research Inc, the developer of the Second Life virtual world, will make the service easier to use and court more business customers as it gears up to compete against Google Inc.

    The company has cut the number of steps it takes to register for Second Life from seven to one and will make it easier for users to discover new features.

    Linden makes money by selling virtual property and Second Life currency, called Linden dollars.

    Linden, a closely held company based in San Francisco, lets users create virtual characters, or avatars, and choose skin, hair and clothes. They can walk, fly or teleport to different places. The average user spends 40 hours a month on the service.

    While membership is free, customers can pay $6 to $10 a month for accounts that let them own virtual land. 

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  4. New Internet gets $12 mn bandwidth

    A massive project to redesign and rebuild the Internet from scratch is inching along with $12 million in government funding and donations of network capacity by two major research organisations. 

    Many researchers want to rethink the Internet's underlying architecture, saying a "clean-slate" approach is the only way to truly address security and other challenges that have cropped up since the Internet's birth in 1969. 

    On behalf of the government, BBN Technologies Inc. is overseeing the planning and design of the Global Environment for Network Innovations, or GENI, a network on which researchers will be able to test new ideas without damaging the current Internet.

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Internet Marketing - Are You Burned Out by Mike Mograbi

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This Blog article covers TWO things:


I'm going to start telling you about internet marketers that I
consider to be experts, professional and ethical; Internet marketers
you can trust.

Here's one: Ken McCarthy. He's been online since day 1 of the internet.

Watch this 1994 video clip (make sure you remember this is from 1994!):

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Ken is professional and ethical. In my opinion, you can benefit
from him and listen with confidence/trust to what he teaches.


My best friend, Alan Kairouz, emailed me awesome pictures of
Bora Bora Island. 

I wanted to share them with you. Check them out Now

Aren't they beautiful?

Looking at these wonderful pictures got me thinking...

Shouldn't everyone, including you, have enough money to be able to
travel to such beautiful places?

This is also implicitly stating that you and your family should
have more than enough money to live a decent/comfortable life.

I have good news for you... (I know you know it)

The web can make (all) your dreams come true. The web can get you
to this dream island.

With that said, let me say that it is not easy. It won't happen
without hard-n-smart work, dedication, perseverance and patience. I
mean every word. And it takes time.

I suggest you forget about getting rich working 1.9 hours a day.
That can only happen AFTER you had worked your head off to
establish your online business.

I know many of you are employed and have a 9-5 job (maybe 9-9), and
that your aim is to become self-employed. Maybe you just want to
make some good extra bucks online.

Let me ask you an important question:

Are you feeling burned out? Have you been trying and trying to make
it online but without any significant/satisfactory results?

Do you feel frustrated every time you see others making $24,000 in
Clickbank affiliate commissions, and getting $31,950 AdSense checks?

Let me guess. You're probably one of the many who tried
auto-creating a zillion cheap AdSense sites and then decided to
quit because your AdSense account wasn't showing those juicy five
figures a month that you were expecting; not even two figures.

Let me tell you something. You might/might not have been making a
few thousand bucks this way, but this is not the way to build an
online business; a business you can count on to bring you four/five
figures a month, months and years from today.

Let me give you the good news again, in another way: 

Succeeding online is simply a scientific process. Do things the
right way, and there is no way you won't make $ online.

You have to play the game the right way, and build your online
skyscraper starting with the foundations... not floor 201.

What should you do? Here's my advice to you:

(To Be Continued)

Mike Mograbi
Internet Marketing Newswatch

Friday, August 8, 2008

Exit Traffic Negotiator Lets You Cash in Your Visitors Leaving Your Website in a Hurry without taking any Desirable Action

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Nothing could be more frustrating to an Internet Marketer be it as a Webmaster or an affiliate to a website, when vistors, guests, potential buyers leave their website as hurriedly, almost immediately after they had entered without taking any concrete action much to your chagrin. 

I am sure that you as an ardent internet marketer running an online business must have wondered what must you do to keep these potential visitors glued to your website for sometime more and not let them exit as fast they came in. 

You have spent ample effort, time and money in spreading out the word of those wonderful products and services that you recommend from your website or those of others as an affiliate. 

Obviously after having spent such a lot don't you think  that every visitor counts. You need to cash them by converting them into buyers or subscribers to your wonderful products or services. The services could also be in the form of free newsletter or informative articles that you send out periodically through emails and RSS. 

It has been found from a recent market survey that was carried out that nearly as much as 99% of the visitors leave a website after they give a cursory glance through the contents and thereafter exit the website without a trace.

Whats still bad is that 80% of them never again bother to visit the website of their own unless ofcourse they are led into it through another campaign that lured them into it again. 

Hence all kinds of marketing startegies or tactics are being adopted to make every possible effort to capture some of that "exit traffic" with numerous services  to woo them .

These services, of course don't come cheap. They cost you considerable money by way of either monthly fees, pay per use, high one-time charges or, a combination thereof.

Now here is help for there is a solution in sight that lets you capture your exit traffic with your own exit traffic negotiation system for nearly nothing!

Many webmasters have reportedly claimed that they are actually benefitting from the system. according to some they are seeing as much as 400% if not more in increased
conversions by using such a system without having to adopt any other traffic boosting measures to consolidate any defficiency in the system at all. 

Perhaps its best that you take a look yourself for your perusal. 

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Free 18 Internet Success System Videos 2008 from Mark Hendricks

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Mark Hendricks Releases 'Internet Success System' Videos - 2008-08-06 10:55:11-04 

Mark Hendricks has released 18 YouTube videos from 'Internet Success System' program. The videos feature Marie Kane, Christopher Avery, Jim Loesch and more. ['Internet Success System' Videos]

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The videos are an excellent source of information about the internet marketing system that each of the successful online internet entrepreneurs have implemented. These videos would definitely help all those who wish to make a mark in the world of eCommerce. 

Mark Hendricks have compiled an excellent source of information in his home study course that teaches you step by step  how you  would follow some of the excellent time tested strategies and tactics for satisfactory and successful results.

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Free Security Threat Report from Sophos for Professionals

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IT - Security - The Latest Report  

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Sophos Security Threat Report: Mid-Year Update

I earnestly request you that instead of remaining complacent with your top notch security measures that you have undertaken so far, its always best to keep your self abreast of the latest development taking place in this particular field of interest.

Don't get the hackers get the best of you and catch you napping. Do not do anything that would make it conducive for the hackers to ply their trade at your expense. There always be some chink in the armour in your so called full proof security system. A plucky hacker can find some means to enter your highly secured system by taking advantage of those loopholes or loose ends that you are unaware of. 

Make sure never to remain overconfident about the security of your computer network system. You may never know when would you find one fine morning that you have been burgled.

It would be very horrible if you ever discover that all  your precious datas have been either destroyed or stolen by some notorious and cheeky hacker who stealthily sneaked its way into the system under your very nose and decamped with the precious booty. 

The following report  would do you tons of good.  It would perhaps throw sufficient light on some security methods that you are not exctly aware of.

Read this report and learn how leading-edge technology can provide the proactive protection and rapid response businesses need to safeguard their security and productivity.

Hackers attack businesses, blogs and Web 2.0 sites... The latest Security Threat Report from Sophos gives you a comprehensive insight into the very latest methods being used by cyber criminals to try to out-fox traditional security systems.

Download a copy and benefit from the expert analysis and opinion that will help you stay ahead of today's increasingly covert threats.

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Free Subscription of Oracle Magazine for IT Professionals

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Free Subscription of Oracle Magazines to Qualified Professionals in select international locations. 

Title: Oracle Magazine 
Primary Category: IT - Data Management

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Published bimonthly and distributed to more than 550,000 of the top IT managers, database administrators, and developers.

Oracle Magazine contains technology strategy articles, sample code, tips, Oracle and partner news, how to articles for developers and DBAs, and more. Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL) is the world's largest enterprise software company.

Each issue of Oracle Magazine comprises: 

A news and resources section that includes Oracle, Oracle community, and partner news; Oracle events and resources; Oracle expert interviews; Oracle Commitment updates; and more 

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So for Free Subscription of Oracle Magazine published by the Oracle Corporation.

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Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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Subscribe to Free Trade Magazines & Download Technical Documents for Qualified Professionals

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Are you a qualified and practising professional in a particular field of interest in trade and industry? 

If so then here is a great opportunity to subscribe to some of the best magazines on trade, commerce, industry, engineering, education, computer and information technology, agriculture, management and technology as well as a large spectrum of academic interest that are being offered for free to try them out for your kind perusal. 

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I must however mention that these magazines are offered for free subscription, provided you qualify to receive them based on your education, interest and experience in the field.

Also not all magazines are offered to anyone outside of certain geographical locations. So do not feel dissapointed if you don't fulfill the criteria of the publishers of these magazines.

There are plenty of choice for all categories of professional and academician from countries outside US and Canada. 

So go ahead and make your pick at

I look forward to any of your expert comments to improve the service in the future. 

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Social Media Marketing Formula for Success

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Social Media Marketing and Its Importance for Online Business

Where else would you get a better and powerful marketing strategy than to promote your online business on the internet using Social Media Marketing as an effective platform to get ample exposure on the net.  

Its perhaps now one of the best ways to get high volumes of traffic because of their growing popularity each day amongst net users and surfers.  

What is perhaps most important is because of the high cost effectiveness of such Social Marketing medias that makes them one of the cheapest ways to promote any website or internet business. 

Be it selling of products or services including offering of informative content for free on niche subjects that generates revenue through advertisements such as adsense, nothing anymore beats the efficacy of the social media marketing.  

As the popularity of your original writings increases particularly amongst some of the most popular social news websites such as Digg,Newsvine, Propeller (formerly Netscape) and Reddit. 

Each of them are unique and cater to their own tribes of fans and followers who regularly subscribes to them and participates wholeheartedly. 

which one of these many imortant social news websites would be most suitable for your temparement, your outlook, your varied intersts are dependant upon your choice. Whats more you need to be comfortable with the one you choose to remain with. 

However going by current trends Digg is still reining the popularity charts as of now. The reason being, Digg deals on a large number of topics that are of great interest. Whats more the users find the Digg interface easy to operate. New users find that they can be up and running in no time using Digg to promote their info wares.  

Although social networking websites had been around since the advent of the internet, however its popularity gained momentum quite recently.

All this has been made possible because of the initiative from Web 2.0 that has made them highly popular and easy for the users.

Here is a list of Top social Networking sites that are poular and is of general interest. 

The two most popular being are:

1. MySpace that began operationlized in 2003, It single handedly spearheaded the popularity of these social networking and boasts of a large userbase.

2. Facebook was meant to cater to the Harvard students for their social networking. It was the brainchild of Mark Zuckerberg. After its popularity widened amongst university students,professors and staff, it was finally thrown open to the public way back in 2006. 

3. The others are Hi5 that has a strong base in Central America with as much as 51 million users all across the globe.

The Most Popular Social Networking Sites meant on Niche Topics are

1. Linkedin is a business-oriented social network where people connect to each other for business deals and negotiations, instead of making friends. Its perhaps has the most viable contact mamgement system.

2. Xanga is a social blogging site which has combined blogging with social networking

No wonder, the big internet companies have realized the importance of social marketing and hence wants to make their presence felt all the more. 

Social Marketing Blueprint Formula  Click Here 

Its been reported that they are spending between $5000 to $15,000 to have a blueprint or process maps drawn for them for Social marketing online. 

However its not all that easy to get the right kind of optimal mix of the many social marketing medias that would give them the kind of laser targeted exposure that they desire for, which would increase the demand for their niche products or services created for the purpose. 

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Friday, August 1, 2008

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