Thursday, August 14, 2008

eBay India Popularising Online Shopping amongst Net Users in India

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The Growing Popularity of eBay in India as the most preferred Online Store amongst Indian Internet Users

This piece of information is certainly be good news to all those Indian online sellers who wish to make money from the internet by offering products and services on the net. 

Although India still needs to go a long way to catch up with the West to make good use of the internet as a medium to market their wares be it tangible or digital.

Neverthless eBay India has been certainly blostering confidence amongst both buyers and sellers as a reliable platform for B2B or B2C online transactions.

This has been largely possible because of eBay's strict policy.  eBay India is no exception and has been making sure that there is total transperancy in the goods being offered as well as that of the genuity of the buyers for timely payment and delivery of the goods ordered for by the eBay sellers to the bidders or buyers. 

What is perhaps most surprising is that it isn't software or other digital products that are the most popular commodities that buyers actually look for when they visit the eBay India website.

According to Ambareesh Murty, the country manager in India of the US-based Internet auction and marketplace giant, it is jewellery which most people in India buy from the eBay India website . On an average one piece of jewellery is sold every seven minutes. 

However men prefer to buy electronic gadgets and gizmos that they think are trendy and are being offered at a price thats within their budget. Moreover there are items that people in small towns or cities may not find at the local shops and marketplace.

No wonder eBay India is providing a gtreat opportunity by facilitating the buyers and sellers for a good bargain. 

Its men mostly between the age group of 25 to 30 who constitutes the bulk of the eBay buyers and net savvy who account for 70-75 per cent of the shoppers on eBay India. 

Besides jewellery women prefer to buy apparels from this most popular auction cum online shopping website store. 

According to Murty of eBay India the other list of items that enjoys popularity amongst Indian online buyers from are: 

Coins or currency notes, mobile handsets, stamps, books, music players and watches are other popular products being sold and purchased on the website.

According to data compiled by eBay India, on an average day a piece of jewellery is sold every seven minutes, a coin or note sells every 16 minutes, a stamp sells every 19 minutes, an apparel sells every 22 minutes and a book is sold every 27 minutes.

With the passage of time the online market in India would soon expand and other online shopping stores and websites too would benefit from the trend. 

If the broadband prices plunges down and some kind of credit cards or prepaid digital payment system such as the ITZ Cash card in India would certainly help the Indian youth to make use of the online facilities to make their purchases.

However an independent ombudsman needs to be appointed to look into the quality of the products being delivered so that they are admissable in the consumer courts in India if any dispute arises. This would deter any tendency of scam or cyber crimes amongst greedy sellers. They need to be made accountable, so that the copnfidence amongst online buyers in India rises. This will go a long way to improve the economy growth rate in India. 


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