Friday, August 8, 2008

Exit Traffic Negotiator Lets You Cash in Your Visitors Leaving Your Website in a Hurry without taking any Desirable Action

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Nothing could be more frustrating to an Internet Marketer be it as a Webmaster or an affiliate to a website, when vistors, guests, potential buyers leave their website as hurriedly, almost immediately after they had entered without taking any concrete action much to your chagrin. 

I am sure that you as an ardent internet marketer running an online business must have wondered what must you do to keep these potential visitors glued to your website for sometime more and not let them exit as fast they came in. 

You have spent ample effort, time and money in spreading out the word of those wonderful products and services that you recommend from your website or those of others as an affiliate. 

Obviously after having spent such a lot don't you think  that every visitor counts. You need to cash them by converting them into buyers or subscribers to your wonderful products or services. The services could also be in the form of free newsletter or informative articles that you send out periodically through emails and RSS. 

It has been found from a recent market survey that was carried out that nearly as much as 99% of the visitors leave a website after they give a cursory glance through the contents and thereafter exit the website without a trace.

Whats still bad is that 80% of them never again bother to visit the website of their own unless ofcourse they are led into it through another campaign that lured them into it again. 

Hence all kinds of marketing startegies or tactics are being adopted to make every possible effort to capture some of that "exit traffic" with numerous services  to woo them .

These services, of course don't come cheap. They cost you considerable money by way of either monthly fees, pay per use, high one-time charges or, a combination thereof.

Now here is help for there is a solution in sight that lets you capture your exit traffic with your own exit traffic negotiation system for nearly nothing!

Many webmasters have reportedly claimed that they are actually benefitting from the system. according to some they are seeing as much as 400% if not more in increased
conversions by using such a system without having to adopt any other traffic boosting measures to consolidate any defficiency in the system at all. 

Perhaps its best that you take a look yourself for your perusal. 

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