Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Free Security Threat Report from Sophos for Professionals

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Sophos Security Threat Report: Mid-Year Update

I earnestly request you that instead of remaining complacent with your top notch security measures that you have undertaken so far, its always best to keep your self abreast of the latest development taking place in this particular field of interest.

Don't get the hackers get the best of you and catch you napping. Do not do anything that would make it conducive for the hackers to ply their trade at your expense. There always be some chink in the armour in your so called full proof security system. A plucky hacker can find some means to enter your highly secured system by taking advantage of those loopholes or loose ends that you are unaware of. 

Make sure never to remain overconfident about the security of your computer network system. You may never know when would you find one fine morning that you have been burgled.

It would be very horrible if you ever discover that all  your precious datas have been either destroyed or stolen by some notorious and cheeky hacker who stealthily sneaked its way into the system under your very nose and decamped with the precious booty. 

The following report  would do you tons of good.  It would perhaps throw sufficient light on some security methods that you are not exctly aware of.

Read this report and learn how leading-edge technology can provide the proactive protection and rapid response businesses need to safeguard their security and productivity.

Hackers attack businesses, blogs and Web 2.0 sites... The latest Security Threat Report from Sophos gives you a comprehensive insight into the very latest methods being used by cyber criminals to try to out-fox traditional security systems.

Download a copy and benefit from the expert analysis and opinion that will help you stay ahead of today's increasingly covert threats.

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