Friday, August 29, 2008

Google Map Maker - The Indian Factor

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Google Map Maker

Google has once again come up with a new product the "Google Map Maker". This is the outcome of a concerted effort of a team of brilliant and talented Indian software engineers working with the Googles.

According to Lalitesh Katragadda, Software Engineer and Creator of Google Map Maker, this product is one of those that allows people from all walks of life to participate in adding and editing minute details in a map. It solves an inherent need especially for countries such as India where map data is sparse.

Cartographers are only concerned with the topography and the communication channels such as the towns, cities and villages that are spread out over a wide area. It however misses the variety of trees for the forest, so to speak literally. 

Thats exactly where the Google Map Maker gives the people an opportunity to identify the many small roads, land marks such as your favorite joint or store. 

This product embodies Googles passion to empower people everywhere, to share knowledge of the places they know best by creating maps. That's how Lalitesh sums up the purpose of the Google Map Maker.

With Google Map Maker you will be able to add or edit any features, be it any apartment buildings, business locations, shopping malls or departmental stores, neighborhood, parks, multiplex, theatres, restaurants, schools, colleges or any other educational institutions among others. 

Once you add the details about any particular location, this user-created geographical content is updated and which is immediately made available for others to see. 

"This is a great achievement for our engineering team” said Dr Prasad Ram, Head of Google R&D in India. 

The Google Map Maker would indeed be of great value and use for countries like India, where the landscape of the cities and towns are experiencing hyper growth and urbaniztion. Each day some new bulding, landmark, flyover or underpass is being constructed, and immediately people can pin point them on the map for others to follow. 

Other than India, Google Map Maker is available in 57 countries in Asia, the Island Nations, and the Caribbean.

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