Sunday, August 31, 2008

Google Suggest to Guess the Right Keywords to Help Surfers and PPC Ad Campaigners

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Google is adding a new feature in its Google Search engine which would ease much of the problems faced by Googlers in using the right keywords to search something very special on the net. 

Its very important to use the right keywords that not only is spelt correctly but is also associated with the particular subject that one wants to look up for from those websites that actually discusses the specific niche at length. 

Sometimes it so happens that a keyword might mean several things and Google failed to guess the one which the surfer wanted. At best it came up with results, so long, of those websites that were ranked high in terms of popularity for a particular keyword.

Even though the keyword used for the search has been spelt correctly yet it fails to match the particular subject that the searcher is actually googling for. This heightens the frustation and the surfer has to use several combination of keywords or maybe in a conversation mode to make the right combination. 

After several hits and misses, the surfer finally homes in on the particular website that it had been looking for. 

Google understood the problem and to make it easier and convenient, it had been working on this problem for the past four years to help Google guess the right combination of keywords that's pertinent to the particular subject, idea, place, product, service or article. 

Google Suggest provides a list of query suggestions when users start typing in the search box, helping to formulate queries and reduce spelling errors. The feature is similar to Google's "did you mean?" feature but works in real time.

As soon as anyone begins to type the keyword in the Google search box, the Google Suggest would come up with a list of keyword combinations to choose from. 

This saves time, avoids making spelling mistakes and also helps Google Search to guess which of the combination of keywords is the one that you are possibly looking for. This feature is user friendly. 

Say I typed the word "Cool" in the Google Search Box. It came up with the following suggestions along with the total number of results for each combination. 

Cool Games,  CoolToad, Coolchaser, Cool text, Cool names, Cool Running, Cool wallpaper, Cool quotes, Cool kids, Coolermaster.

However SEO and Webmasters are slightly apprehensive about this feature since they are of the opinion that it would cut into the longtail keywords and typo traffic volume.  

However anyone who is enterprising would always find some glimpse of opportunity to cash on. One could find the number of results that each of the combination of keywords that are mentioned in the query list from Google Suggest.

The one which gives the least number of results would most likely to have less competition for that particular combination of keywords. So those involved in PPC campaign could easily bid for such a combination of keywords at very modest price. 


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