Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wikia Search from Wikipedia to Pose Major Challenge to Google Search Engine Services

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Jimmy Wales the founder of Wikipedia is heading a project called Wikia Search, which he hopes would very soon be able to make major inroads in the world of the internet search engine. He expects to corner a major portion of Google's large clientele base thereby hope to succeed in shrinking Google's dominination as the worlds most preferred internet search engine. 

According to Wales, who was attending the Global Brand Forum in Singapore, Wikia Search wants to offer something better and unique, than what Google offers. The web surfers the world over are not totally satisfied with what the three major titans of the internet search engine market, Google along with Yahoo and Microsoft are offering to its surfers by and large.

The expectations of the webs surfers have gone up considerably and they are simply not happy with what they continue to receive in the form of information and search results of those websites that cater to their pertinent demand for a specific kind of information that they are scouting for from the net. 

Unfortunately the sufers are left with very little choice to manoveur since according to the latest statistics available 90% of the sufers in the US have to depend on the outcome of these three major stalwarts in the field of search engine services, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft.

This monopoly is certainly not healthy for the growth and development of the internet market. Its exactly what worries the internet webmasters and sufers.  

Its exactly because of this that Wkia Search is being developed on an open platform,  in which anyone can  participate similar to  the same principle of open soucre that had succefully worked for Wikipedia. This will help the surfers with better options. 

Wales said Wikia Search will run on an open platform, similar to the principles behind Wikipedia, the popular online encyclopedia in which entries can be made and edited by anyone with an Internet connection. 

"All of the existing search engines are proprietary black boxes," said Wales. "You have no idea how things are ranked and what's going on." 

With Wikia Search, users "can participate in meaningful ways" when they browse the Internet, he said.

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