Saturday, September 27, 2008

ADOBE - Security Hole Allows Free Movie Downloads from Amazon

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Here is a piece of news for movie lovers that is already causing faces of the Adobe and Amazon bosses to turn red.

Ever since the flaw has been made public it has caused considerable commotion in the movie industries around the world but hackers are surely taking enough advantage to make movie piracy more lucrative as ever. 

After all as much as 40,000 movies can be downloaded for a fee from amazon, but can be viewed for free for two minutes as trial. That's where the defect has been noticed and movie buffs are taking quite a lot of advantage by illegally breaking into the Amazon movie library cum store to download them.  

According to the Reuters they have discovered a serious lacuna in the Adobe Software that allows anyone to hack into and download unlimited number of movies for free, without having to shell out money for watching them. 

The security hole has been detected in the Adobe-Powered Video on Demand Software that uses that provides viewers with free access to any movie for the first two minutes of any TV show or a Movie. 

Similar discrepancy in the security has been noticed in other similar video streaming delivery software too. 

The software from Adobe does not encrypt the video content but simply sends a coded command to the video players to start and stop playing a particular video for a limited duration depending on what it has been paid for i.e. free trial for two minutes, rent a movie for a day or permanent download all which comes with varying price tag. 

What Adobe has done to speed up download time, is that they have totally done away with a very high security portion that protected the connection to the video players. 

The flaw is possibly with the Adobe Flash Video Servers which connects the Adobe's players that are installed in almost all the computers around the globe connected by the Internet

However Amazon has repeatedly insisted that downloading of streaming movies by any  video catcher software is illegal and is subjected to piracy. 

Such flaws is reminiscent of the Napster era when video piracy was widely spread out and gave the movie industries sleepless nights be it Hollywood or Bollywood movies. 

The hole must be plugged immediately and I certainly do not endorse hacking or cracking, although I would keep you informed as usual about the going on in the gadgets and gizmo world as usual. 

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