Friday, September 26, 2008

eBay - How to Source Genuine Products from Reliable Wholesale Supplier and Dropshipper at Lowest Price for Online Sales and Auction

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I am sure I need not elaborate the importance of online marketing particularly when you sell products from eBay. 

In fact you could sell on eBay to the highest bidder some of those tit-bits that you had long discarded into the confines of your garage and was so long gathering dust while it still retains much of its utility, which could be priceless to many such as hard to find old antique furniture or motorbikes. 

Maybe you could possibly  source certain products that are in great demand from suppliers who drop ships them and which you could offer on eBay at competitive prices for sale yet make decent profit while you obtain them at wholesale prices from the very source. 

No wonder eBay has established itself as a great global platform, an online mart where peoplecan move from local to global by putting up for sale anything be it handcrafted goods such as quilts or it could possibly many hard to obtain products, such as rare stamp, coins or jewelry at bargain prices. eBay has indeed opened a lot many opportunities to  many families and communities who are actually earning quite a lot of money as a primary or secondary source of income. 

However when you wish to make selling on the eBay a whole time or a serious online business opportunity you have to offer products that are in great demand that are not only genuine but are priced at the lowest so that they are tempting to the bargain hunters who make their rounds frequently on eBay. 

While pricing them low, it is equally important that you make a good income, taking into account the fees and miscellaneous expenses involved from the sale proceeds of such products that commands  good demand from online buyers on eBay. 

No wonder it is important that you obtain your products that you wish to put under the hammer on the eBay or offer it for sale at a fixed price, from  genuine and highly reliable wholesale supplier at down to earth prices. 

Although a good many websites offer you a directory of many wholesale suppliers but most often they are stale and outdated, many of whom long ceased to carry on with the bsuiness. 

It is exactly beacuse of this very reason I have in my mind to recommend the only website that actually meets many of the requirements for becoming a successful eBay power seller. 

SaleHoo has now established as a reliable website for any prospective eBay powerseller to share information and read through the feedbacks of many like minded eBay seller who are already in the eBay business and carrying on with it well. 

SaleHoo offers a platform where members can share information about their experiences with eBay selling as well as with wholesale suppliers of whom you will get a good lot of honest and straight answers, enough to provide a good lot of inkling before you actually approach these suppliers for doing business on the eBay. 

If you wish to have access to many of the free resources that SaleHoo offers then you may follow this link for ready access. 

Moreover at SaleHoo you would find a good lot of peers who are eager to help each other out and is ready to answer any of the queries in case you have any regarding successful selling on the eBay. 

SaleHoo by their own admission as of now provides an upto date directory consisting of as many as 8000 genuine wholesale supplier and dropshipper for all types of goods or items for sale on the eBay. 

According to them each of these wholesale suppliers that find mention in their directory have been thoroughly verified by their own SaleHoo Staff or Members, before they have qualified to be enlisted with the same. 

On top of that the private forum at SaleHoo consists of as many as 50000 strong members who discusses openly on the forum and is moderated by a highly rated eBay Powerseller. 

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