Friday, September 5, 2008

Free Webcast - Forrester Explores and analyzes 5 common myths regarding IT disasters

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Information is Wealth. Any company values all information and data that it thinks are vital and are considered an asset to the company. 

Information stored in digital form are highly valued and needs to be protected well.

A full proof strategy is a must to have a system that provides proper IT Disaster Management for protection.

However there are  certain myths i.e those without substantial evidence or proof to validate about some aspects of IT disaster.

This needs to be addressed before formulating an optimal strategy to deal with the security and safety of the data stored and other aspects of the Information Technology adopted in the system. 

Its with such an intention that Stephanie Balaouras of Forrester identified five common myths concerning IT disasters.

This includes one great myth that data centres are absolutely safe and are not vulnerable to any uneventful disaster that could strike unleashing considerable loss and damage. 

Its exactly why Stephanie set upon the task to make corporations aware of such myths which might lull them into complacence with a false sense of security, whereas its just the contrary.

No wonder Stephanie has been able to give detailed information about the kind of approach that corporations most often adopt to deal with any of these attacks, if any, or prepare to brace any unforeseen disaster while all the time believing into these myths that has more often than not ended up in great failures and loss. 

Stephanie has  stressed upon the importance of having a thorough analysis on the kind of impact that IT Disaster management would  have on business before any proper decision is taken on the kind of technological update that's needed as part of a strategy to deal with IT disaster that could cause any system to go haywire. 

As part of the solution Stephanie has delved deep into her long experience of dealing with a vast array of varied corporate clients, to provide the right kind of solutions or strategy in such matters of concern regarding IT disaster as preventive measures. 

So its for your knowledge and convenience that HP and Forrester research has brought out a webcast that actually deals at length the various aspects of the IT disaster particularly the one that's caused by the 5 common myths .

The web cast also explains to you about the various strategies that would provide you with vital suggestions to deal with the most common forms of IT disaster. 

Here too you get to learn how Patrick Eitenbichler of HP describes the continuum for Business Continuity and Availability which matches applications appropriately having proper recovery technologies.

Join Forrester Research and HP in this webinar which explores common myths about IT disasters and analyzes different strategies to protect a company's information assets based on risk and cost.

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