Wednesday, September 24, 2008

G1 T- Mobile Phones Launched by Google based on Android Technology

Dimension is 4.60” x 2.16” x 0.62”; Weight: 5.6 ounces.
It is  available in black, brown and white colors.


If you are a T-Mobile subscriber, in USA or UK you will be able to order online G1, the latest mobile  that Google along with T-Mobile unveiled  in New York today. 

The cost of the T-Mobile G1 phone has been fixed at $179.99 plus Taxes and Fees. You will also have to sign a two year Data and Voice agreement. 

You can order online at and if you place your order now then  it will be delivered by 22nd October 2008 in USA. 

The design of the G1 phone is by the Taiwanese based HTC Corp. that has established itself for designing and  manufacturing smart phones which uses the Windows Mobile Software. 

The commercial launch of G1 T-mobile phones has been announced on 22nd October for USA. As for UK it will be in early November this year. Regarding the rest of Europe, the prospective buyers and subscribers of G1 along with the T-Mobile package will have to wait until next year i.e. on 2009. 

The following is the package plan offered for G1, by Google together with T-Mobile the official carrier for G1 phones. 
  • $25 data plan with unlimited web but with limited messaging or  £40 a month. 
  • $35 data plan with unlimited web along with 400 messages that you can send. 
  • There will be no free email and email will be SIM Locked. 
  • You can read Web Documents and Excel but will not be able to use any Exchange facility. 
  • You will be able to download songs from a mind boggling choice of 6 Million songs from Amazon's MP3 store. The cost of downloading is @ 89 cents for each MP3 song. 
In addition the following features are available on the T-Mobile G1 phones by Google and T-Mobile.

  • It has got a Touch Screen with a 480x320 65K color screen with HVGA resolution.

  • With the superb touch screen on G1 T-Mobile phones it is easy to drag and drop a photo on the homescreen as well as swipe and frame them. 

  • The Keyboard is the most important looking feature in T-Moble G1 phones that sets it apart from those in Apple i-Phones. It has a complete QWERTY keyboard that slides out from under the screen. 

  • It also features a trackball for single-handed navigation.

  • It also has got a 3.1 MP camera with 4x6 Print Quality, however you won't be able to take any video using the same. 

  • It supports Wi-Fi but lacks stereo Bluetooth streaming facility. 
  • Any G1 user will be able to use A-GPS and Google Maps. This will be useful for the T-Mobile G1 user cum subscriber to find his way through the labrynths in any urban locality or in the middle of no where. 
  • It has also got an inbuilt digital compass too which along with the above navigation facilities will be a breeze for the G1 user. It also has got a tilt-sensor in it too. 

    You won't ever feel lost, as you can enjoy all these facilities at the touch of the finger using the touch screen much like the i-phones, on G1 T- Mobile cell phones. The Google Maps allow you to view the traffic in all directions. The street view offers you to notice the landmarks to help you find your way, and the scene shifts as you keep moving. 
  • The Music player is excellent and at the touch of a button you can delve deep to retrieve something very special that you wish to listen. It is capable of playing WMA, AAC in addition to MP3 files Moreover the sound quality is really cool. 

  • For search there is a dedicated button to do that which makes it easy for anything that you wish to look for. It is as if having the Microsoft Office as well as the Internet Explorer bundled together on the Desktop. 

  • You can at the touch of your finger have access to many of the Google Aplications such as the YouTube, Google Talk, Search Maps and Calendar.

  • The Battery life in G1 phones also offer Five Hours of talk time or on 130 hours of standby mode.  

  • It also comes preinstalled with a 1 GB of MicroSD Card storage capacity and can support 8 GB of MicroSD as well. 

  • The G1 supports the following range of frequencies  


  • If you enjoy shopping well it has also got an inbuilt barcode scanner that will help you to get the comparative pricing to choose your pick at the store. 

  • The G1 phones by Google and T-Mobile is based on the Android technology, which is the open source operating system. So a lot of games and applications will be available for you to download to suit your lifestyle and requirements. The PacMan is the killer application amongst the whole lot. 

  • Moreover the Android technology has made the T-Moble G1 phones an Open Handset Alliance, the first of its kind so far. This will allow folks to write their own applications as well as embrace those of others and thereby make the mobile internet useful and popular. 

  • Other applications available with G1 phones is the Ecorio for those who are concerned about the envronment. It helps to maintain track record that notifies about their carbon footprints during the course of their daily travels. 

  • With the BreadCrumbz application people can create their own routes such as a step-by-step visual map using photos. This they can share with others around the world. 
T-Moble G1 is the first mobile to be launched with Android an Open Software cum Operating System for Mobile Devices.

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