Saturday, September 20, 2008

SpotM - Yahoo India Launches New Social Network for Indian Teenagers

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If you are a teenager from India here is some good news for you but certainly not for your Indian parents especially those who are conservative and care for family and social values. 

Anyways, Yahoo India has launched another social network meant to target guys and gals between 16 to 24 years of age wanting to strike friendship with a whole lot of like minded people to share ones emotions, problems as well as discussion on matters such as love, jobs, studies, marriage, finance etc. or may be it could be on cricket, bollywood, tinsel town gossips, politics or simply poetry. 

This teenagers social network has been appropriately named SpotM that would provide a platform for college going students and would allow them to spot one another to form a closely knitted group amongst themselves so as to share a bond and help one another emotionally and socially if need be. 

Although not much details are available as of now regarding the facility, however it is evident that SpotM is providing a growing market of youngsters who form the backbone of today's economy in India, so that they are easy fodders to the Corporate houses wanting to push their products or services to them. 

Advertisers and Marketers will find a good many opportunity to enter into the thinking mode of these growing tribe of Indian teenagers and likewise offer tailor made products and services to fulfill their inborn aspirations. 

Although Yahoo wishes to make the service available strictly in terms of age group, however it is not yet clear how are they going to ensure that those who willingly join SpotM actually belong to this particular teen age group as defined by Yahoo India. As they say "Breaking Horns to Join the Calves".

SpotM will initially offer two highly potential features, they being Secret Friends and Annonymous SMS. 

In other words what SpotM will provide is a platform that will facilitate different users registered with this teenager's social network by Yahoo India to establish contact and make friends with who ever they choose.

Moreover if two users wishes to make their relationship on the net private without letting the other users to get to know about it, they may do so. This will be possible by integrating SMS facility with annonymous chat. This can be done so without having to disclose one's mobile number at all.

Although a brilliant idea by the marketing think tanks of Yahoo India, to herd  the Indian educated teenagers together, but lack of transparency where people with wrong intention can take advantage of the young minds is definitely raises lot of question marks. Its quite possible for wolves joining the herd in sheep's skin and then cause mayhem. 

If Indian parents feel that their own social setup is going to be upset by such hi-tech social networking system might not go down very well and Yahoo might have to give up SpotM at the first signs of trouble from social or parent groups. 

However there is no harm if someone wishes to use this to overcome their shyness or loneliness, but teenager need to be warned that they should not trust anyone whom he or she has never met before or does not belong to the same social plain yet makes a brash of it, that might land them into trouble as is usually  the case most often. 

But you may still go ahead notwithstanding the precautions that your parents and elders keep reminding now and again. So have a nice time by social networking with friends on the net. 

SpotM is currently being offered in beta.

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