Friday, September 12, 2008

VISTO Mobile™ 6 - First Push Mobile Social Networking Solution

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VISTO®, which has established itself as the leading provider of secure and easy-to-use push mobile email, has announced the launch of VISTO Mobile™ 6 based on Push and Synchronization Technology, that makes Social Marketing a breeze while you are in transit or mobile. 

Social Networking has in recent times enabled greater interaction and communication between  consumers belonging to different socio-economic demography or segment within the market as well as all those who are in the business of offering products and services that caters to particular requirements or pertinent needs based on demand within the market.

All those who are always on the move and yet wish to remain in touch with family, colleagues and ofcourse friends in real time not just by speaking to them frequently but by other means too such as the SMS, MMS, email, IM, social networking and ofcourse by sharing photographs.

It is exactly to meet such a requirement that the VISTO Mobile 6 has been so designed.

It is an excellent device that has succeded to offer  expanded push mobile email and mobile social networking services to end users.

VISTO Mobile 6 utilizes VISTO’s patented push and synchronization technology to keep users constantly up to date in real time on their messaging and social networking activities.

In addition, VISTO Mobile 6 provides end users the ability to filter updates from their list of contacts; meaning each user has the control to see only the updates they truly care about.

This eliminates the clutter of unnecessary updates and requests.

According to information available at   the following are the technical details that you may perhaps be interested in.

 Technical Details of VISTO Mobile™ 6

VISTO Mobile 6 email includes VISTO Mobile Exchange Direct Access (EDA) which provides full synchronization of email, contacts and calendar entries with Microsoft Exchange.

Further, VISTO Mobile EDA uses Outlook Web Access (OWA) interface which requires no software behind the corporate firewall and is easy to set up.

With VISTO EDA, enterprise users, small business users and prosumers who buy their own mobile services can quickly set up secure Exchange access for a seamless user experience.

It offers integrated solution that enables real-time information and notifications across email, social networks and contacts including Facebook, MySpace, Flickr and Photobucket

It also provides an innovative “one view” that enables users with one click access to email, contacts, important social networking events, the web and other on-device applications

“As the capabilities and volumes of smartphones and mid-range mobile phones continue to increase and bundled data plans become the norm, individuals are looking to their mobile device and their mobile operator to provide more functionality and value, including timely and secure delivery of mission critical messaging, applications and content. In parallel, service providers and operators are looking to bring more value to their customers further up the value chain, independent of RIM, Microsoft, Nokia, Apple and others, while providing a consistent user experience across those and other device platform and operating systems, ” said Brian Bogosian, CEO of VISTO. “VISTO Mobile 6 is uniquely positioned to meet these needs.”

For end users, VISTO Mobile 6 provides a seamless, easy–to-use solution that enables them to stay connected with the people they care about in the way they choose.

For mobile operators, VISTO Mobile 6 provides significant opportunities for customer and revenue (ARPU) growth, not only because of its low total cost of ownership and fast time-to-market delivery, but because it enables the operator to harness the power of mobile communications including social networking and email, to provide their customers with exciting new services.

VISTO Mobile 6 is available now to mobile operators worldwide. The flexibility of VISTO Mobile 6 enables mobile operators to deliver targeted solutions that address the unique requirements of their customers. Today VISTO offers mobile email services through many of the world’s largest mobile operators in more than 30 countries.

VISTO is the world’s leading mobile push synchronization platform and service provider, enabling mobile operators to provide easy-to-use communications services from email to social networking to photo sharing across the broadest set of devices.

The Company’s patented VISTO Mobile™ platform with ConstantSync™ technology works in real time with popular email and social networking services for personal and business use, providing maximum control and flexibility for the operator and choice for the customer. VISTO’s customized, brandable solutions are available through mobile operators worldwide including AT&T, Elisa, Rogers Wireless, Qtel, SmarTone, SFR, Softbank Mobile, Sprint, TELUS, T-Mobile, Turkcell and the Vodafone Group. 

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