Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Wi-Fi Security - Prevent Hackers and Piggy Backers from Misusing Online Household Wireless Network Users

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Caveat to All Wi-Fi Users

Beware of Hackers who Misuse Others Wi-Fi Wireless Network

Wi-Fi Household Users the World Over including those in the USA, Europe and Asia-Pacific are Falling Victim to Hackers who Piggyback on their Network by Misusing their Internet Account for Crime and other Illegal/Unethical Activities  without the actual Wi-Fi Owners Knowledge or Consent. 

Are you using Wi-Fi for internet access from home or office? If so then surely you must be adequately secured by having proper password protection for your wireless network.

If you as a Wi-Fi user fail to use the password for accessing the internet then you are causing yourself to be vulnerable to all kinds of criminal activities by some unscrupulous person amongst those who are in your immediate vicinity by piggybacking on your wireless network without your knowledge.

It has been found from a survey that there are many amongst us who either do not wish to use a password each time they access the internet using their Wi-Fi system or do not have one that adequately secure them from attacks by hackers who love to piggy back on others. 

A good number of Wi-Fi users are there who  use others wireless network by piggybacking on them to download large files or adult content without the actual owners being aware of them. 

By not using a proper password for your wireless network at home or while travelling could allow criminals with malafide intention to use your wireless network for some nefracious activities such as terrorism which could land you in serious trouble. 

So to avoid swimming in the hot soup its better you remain well protected and do not take things for granted with the illusion of being in the confines of a closed room with not a soul to accompany you.

You might not know that your neighbor some 200 meters from where you are is actually snooping on you and could even steal your credit card password or that of your bank account during transaction.

How To Protect your Wi-Fi Wireless Network System from Piggybackers and Hackers?

An unsecured internet connection is just the same as leaving your front door open.

So take adequate precaution to stop neighbors from piggybacking at your expense and innocence by connecting to your wireless network and misusing your internet connection for free.

So are some important suggestions that you may take by taking the following steps for securing your Wi-Fi Network. 

As already mentioned have your Wi-Fi network well protected by using a password that works and cannot be broken into easily. Frequently change the passwords. 

Use WPA Encryption instead of a WEP to prevent hackers to access information in files. 

Use  proper firewall configured properly. 

Change the defauld SSID - or, better yet disable the SSID broadcast.

Buy a PCMCIA card that has management software that can connect if the SSID is not broadcasted. 

Set your filters to allow only specific MAC addresses.

Make sure to strategically place the wireless router where it has the hardest time broadcasting outside of the home, like say in the basement.

As a final security precaution, consider limiting access to 
network adapters with specific MAC addresses.

Close your networks (in AirPort lingo or disable SSID broadcasting for you PC folks) and use the built-in encryption/security features of your router/access point. At the very least connect to your router's web-administration page and change the default password for the admin account. 

If you're still unsure, switch back to hardwired Ethernet connections... that's a REALLY secure connection. 

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