Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Spy Gadget - Desktop Calculator cum Color Digital Spycam

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Here is a wonderful opportunity to keep an eye on your desk while you are away. Now you can have a normal looking calculator that does not look an iota different from any other typical calculator that we usually use or find at others desk.

However this decoy calculator that can fool anyone by its looks not only function like any other calculator but also carries a miniature camera on its side that is not easily identifiable.

The subtle spy camera also functions as a audio-video recorder that not only records the going ons at your desk in your absence but if need be record all the discussions while you are in meeting on an important subject.

Later on you may go through the details of all that has been covered during the crucial meeting or negotiation for your recap, before planning out your next plan of action. 

The CVSD-627 wireless calculator cum color video camera with an inbuilt microphone records the audio-visuals of both sound and movement that takes place close to its vicinity. The whole proceedings are captured by the miniature camera that has a color resolution of 320×240.

The digital recordings are then further transmitted across to a receiver that comes along with the calculator placed little away at a distance.  

The video can be transmitted and  saved on the portable recorder that carries an onboard 128Mb memory. This is capable of being further expanded up to 2GB using an optional SD card. 

The wireless recorder is very small enough that can easily slip inside a pocket which you can carry along while you are on transit.

The product is being marketed by Chinavision and comes along with a year long warranty. It can be ordered online and which could be shipped directly to the address you mention.  

The cost of this calculator cum audio-video spy camera has been fixed at US$194.

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