Friday, September 25, 2009

Environment Protection - The Nine Eco Commandments To Save the Earth

Earth's Fragile Fecundity - The Nine Environmental Rules That We Must Never Violate To Save The Earth from getting Barren and Lifeless

by Somik Ranjan Roy

If we humans want that our future generation enjoy the bounties on earth and turn it into heaven instead of hell, then we must follow certain principles in life that would not in any way destroy the fragile ecosystem that sustains life on land, water and air on Earth.

We humans must never forget that this Earth that we have made our home, is just a speck in the vast cold universe. It is the only one till date which is known to be teeming with life, while none of the planets within the solar system, let alone those in far flung universe of other stars that we see each night, has provided any concrete evidence of an congenial environment that can sustain life as on Earth.

Yet we mortals to whom Nature has provided the brains to build industries and very tall skyscrapers that has in hundred years have replaced vast stretches of natural green forests with those of concrete ones all across the earth. Instead of horses and elephants we have cars and trucks that run on precious fossil fuels (such as oil and coal).

In our pursuit to seek comfort and luxury, we humans have forgotten that to imbalance the fragile environment by our careless attitude and scarce regards to protecting the ecosystem we are inching closer to make Earth a barren and cold planet that would no longer be able to sustain life of any form, as it did for millions of years.

We humans are the guardian of this little place within the universe and its our duty to see that the Earth does not bald all of a sudden, that it turns barren like the Moon without life.

It is for this very reason to stop the mistakes that we have already committed motivated by greed, 28 leading scientists, experts on environment gathered to draw out Nine Important Ecology Rules that we must never knowingly or unknowingly violate, if all of us are eager to save the Earth.

Here is a list of the Nine Eco Rules that we must not upset if are to avoid the changing the global environment drastically and put life at stake on earth.

According to these scientists they have found nine such processes for which they believe it is necessary to define planetary boundaries, these are namely:

1. climate change
2. rate of biodiversity loss (terrestrial and marine)
3. interference with the nitrogen and phosphorus cycles
4. stratospheric ozone depletion
5. ocean acidification
6. global freshwater use
7. change in land use
8. chemical pollution and
9. atmospheric aerosol loading

Unfortunately we have already violated three of these rules and whose effect we are reeling from, such as global warming that's causing the ice at the poles and higher regions of the Himalayas to melt, rise in sea water level that's threatening to flood the coastal regions, causing acute shortage of fresh water.

The primary cause of this is the increased concentration of carbon-di-oxide that's causing a green house effect, meaning that the sun radiation reaching the earth, which is radiated back from the earth surface remains trapped in the air, causing heat build up, much like we observe in a glasshouse receiving sunlight.

Already many species of organisms have either gone extinct or are on the verge of getting wiped out for once and for all.

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