Tuesday, September 8, 2009

OLED HDTV - Asia takes the lead

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More and more technological marvels would be seen to rise from the east from Asia, before the West gets them to experience commercially.

Korea will be the first to receive the most talked about 15 inches OLED HDTV which LG plans to, launch sometime in November. This will no wonder make the 15 inch LCD a thing of the past with the gradual emergence of the OLED monitors before it makes its official debut at the IFA 2009 Berlin.

Currently we have only the 11.1-inch Sony XEL -1 OLED television.

Although available commercially it is still in its early phase of maturity and needs further refiness for more acceptability in the market. Its rather more of a prototype because of its technological marvel that Sony produces in very small quantities. What is most amazing is that the whole TV set is no more than 3 mm thick.

However the price is still forbidding, quite out of reach for the common gizmophiles. As of now its selling for a mere $2500 a piece if not more.

As for those who are not very familiar with OLED tvs, I would like to explain what they are actually.

OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diodes. They are supposed to be class apart, than either the Plasma TVs or the LCD in all aspects be it in clarity, contrast, brightness or energy efficient.

Moreover it does not requires a backlight to function. It will be as thin as paper and would weigh not more than few ounces. It will be virtually indestructible and highly flexible. This will be the future of televisio technology, that could be worn around a wrist.

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