Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Twitter India - India Climbs to Third Position as The Most Twittering Nation after Germany and USA

- By Somik Ranjan Roy

Indians traditionally are exceedingly noisy and communicative which at times turns to a roar and that's exactly happened in the virtual world too.

Having been placed in the ninth position way back in July by Sysomos in terms of volume shared by Indians for keying their thoughts to share with others on the Twitter.

In just two months India has climbed the third position as more Indians are joining the chorus to twitter more and more.

As per the internet users and traffic report by Alexa , India is now the third major contributor to the fastest growing Micro blogging site amongst Twitter Users according to Alexa.

8% of the total Twitter Users are from India, this despite only 7% of the population having access to the internet.



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