Saturday, December 16, 2006

Do you want to learn how men and women like any of us, having mediocre educational and financial background, are Earning More Than $100,000 a Year

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To get an insight to their secrets which they are now willing to share with others, I am going to discuss with you the case studies on three different established internet entrepreneurs who have adopted different strategies and tactics to make their internet enterprise successful. Although each of their marketing methods are unique and different from one another, each has proved themselves successful. However I have made one observation which is common to all of them. Its important that you too take note of this for we too are known to get into the pitfalls because of our mistakes and not paying attention to what is repeated over and over for our own good. The highest common factor being, each of this successful internet marketers have adopted only one technique and struck their guns to it in spite of the odds and has put all their faith in only one kind of marketing technique they thought would fetch them the much needed success. For success, even in our real life, in our eager to be successful as early as possible we try to adopt all the successful marketing technique, strategies, tactics, ideas and opportunities that we get hold of and think has proved successful with others. This is the folly that we make which quickly pulls us down to our own doom, because by applying or implementing all our ideas we spread our selves too much and too thin, none of which then works out as well as we had hoped for and we very soon slip down the greasy pole too quickly never to try again, brooding over our failures.

In the internet too if we have to taste success we must adopt only one marketing technique and pin all our hopes in it and not be deterred by the odds, and learn each time from our folly, to rebound back with more vigor and gusto, but never to switch our marketing technique, but to stick with what we started of with. Choosing a single route, a plan and a prayer on our lips will see us on the summit of Mount Everest. If we keep changing our route, our plans and even our prayers we are never going to reach anywhere but ......

Let me now discuss each of these case studies briefly at a time and in my own pace. If you think you want to get the details then my best advise is to Click Here Now to get hold of their successful internet marketing secrets What I am going to present you is only the tip of the iceberg, the details of their success run to several pages lot less than 15 to 20 pages. So here we go.

Case Study 1 by Eric Week

From the very onset of his online business Eric was clear in his mind, he needed as much traffic as possible for his website. The more number of targeted people visit his niche website the easier would be for him to rope in some of these visitors and turn them into ready buyers. Lets suppose for every 100 people who visits his site he can hope to find a willing customer in at least one of them. Once the client makes the purchase from his range of products he can hope to return back for more products provided he is satisfied with what he had paid for. He can recommend few more to others and that's how his business becomes popular and expands.

But how was he to do this on the internet? Eric had a plan. He wanted his website to be ranked amongst the Top 10 websites that would be shown in the very first page of the top search engines such as Google and Yahoo. He found out that 800 people searched for the term "truck bed covers" every day. So to get amongst the top 10 of the search engines he began to educate himself. He tried to learn and research on what made a website popular and rank well in the search engine. He then narrowed down his attention and efforts on Search Engine Optimisation and decided to stick to the technique. This SEO technique alone is responsible for Eric's success. Using this single strategy, he sold $800,000 worth of product in his first year online -- over $200,000 of which was pure profit! accordingly Eric began to optimise his web site for high search engine positions.

No wonder Eric began to taste profit for his web site from day one itself.
For those who are just starting to take on the challenge of search engine optimization, Eric offers the following advice:
Use your main keyword in your URL.

Separate each keyword in your URL with a hyphen to make it easier for the search engine to locate that keyword when spidering your site.

Try to get as many reputable, relevant sites linking to you as possible.

Include good, relevant content.

Place main keywords in hyperlinks.

Wherever possible, use text logos instead of "jpegs" or "gifs" -- search engines won't spider image files.

So we find that Eric was successful not because of the technique he adopted but sticking to only one technique and not everything that he knows of. Now that he has really conquered with his one marketing strategy that is to bring in more traffic to his website by perfecting the Serach Engine Optimisation for his website. Since he has reached the threshold of his success using SEO, he can now think of adopting some other marketing method that he has in mind for sometime to give more boost to his sales from the website.

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