Saturday, January 20, 2007


Why Having A Great Website Might Be Utterly Worthless!

by Michael Green

You've seen this for yourself. You arrive at a website and
you're greeted with a fanfare of flashy graphics and audio.

The creator intended for you to be impressed, perhaps even
blown- away. But in reality, you're a little annoyed not to
be able to access the information you sought quickly and

Worse is to come, as your computer suddenly insists that
you download the latest flash accessory, and that's just
to get past the intro page...

... oh boy - you've had enough and with a click of your
mouse, you're outta there!


Let's be honest, there's really no point in spending a
fortune building an all singing - all dancing website, if
your real objective is to sell a product or service online.

What you need to do is work out a way of developing a
site which is so compelling that your visitor simply can't
leave, without grabbing their credit card and giving you
their order - there and then.


You bet. Actually a well written, yet very basically
presented website can easily outsell all those flashy
expensive sites that you click-away from faster than you
can say Jack Robinson.

There are many secrets to successfully selling right of
your web page, but these 4 pointers are, I believe, the
most crucial lessons to take onboard.

1. Use one long web page, rather than multiple pages.

2. Don't provide external hyperlinks. They just allow folks
to click away from your site.

3. Remember to ask for the order. Too many websites fall at
the last hurdle. The prospect is warmed up and then the
website writer fails to close the deal.

4. Great copy sells and it'll be worth your time and effort
to learn how to create it!

Of course there are dozens of other great techniques to use

when building your own sales letter and you can learn all

about them in my

The key point to keep in mind is that what looks great,

doesn't necessarily earn you money. But flashy websites

don't get built for nothing - so the problem is that this

simple lesson can be an expensive one to learn!


Michael Green is the creator of 16 online products including

the popular "How To Promote A Product" toolkit. Michael will

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