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How to Avoid the Most Common Affiliate Mistakes

How to become a Successful Affiliate by overcoming Common Affiliate Mistakes?

• I have discussed several times in the past in my blog of the significance of affiliate program which are by and large free to join without having to spend a dime to start earning from the internet.

• As I had mentioned elsewhere in this blog, repeatedly, how any person, no matter what his or her financial and educational background is, can start earning from the internet and reap the benefits of ecommerce, immediately even without the knowledge of computers and internet.

• It’s not mandatory to own any of the products or services, to join an affiliate program. All that is expected of you is to drive traffic, through your specially coded affiliate link, that’s offered to you by the affiliate program that you have agreed to join on their terms and conditions. The traffic is to be sent to the webmaster’s website whose affiliate program you have joined and whose products and services you have agreed to promote, be it from your website or through classified ads, Google ad words or may be from opt in emails or writing reviews in ezines and blogs or forums, without resorting to any scam or spam which are considered criminal offences. For every sale made, the affiliate earns a commission that was decided prior to joining the program.

• In spite of affiliate programs being free to join, most affiliates are failing to reap the benefits of the internet to make sufficient money. This is not only disappointing to the affiliate but also to the webmaster offering the affiliate program, after all when a sale is made, it benefits the affiliate as well as the webmaster who owns and offers the products and services to the internet clientele for sale. The more number of affiliates fail to drive traffic that culminates in a sale greater is the shortfall in the sales target set by the webmaster. It isn’t worth the effort then.

• What is it then ailing the affiliates to be gung-ho to make the most of affiliate programs and earn as much that might make some of you millionaires, who knows? After all there are many a self made internet millionaire who earn only through affiliate programs and does not own any of the products and services they promote. If these super affiliates can do it year after year, then what is stopping you from doing the same?

• Even though you as an affiliate may not be leaving any of the stones unturned to promote your affiliate programs, perhaps you are not doing it the right way. You may be committing certain mistakes that are coming in the way to your road to success in affiliate marketing.

• Although the mistakes may be varied and differs from person to person, however there are three to five common mistakes that needs to be addressed immediately, in case you too are committing the same without being aware of it. Some of these mistakes have been highlighted below and find out for yourself if the advise benefits you or not.

The 1st Mistake: Failing to choose the appropriate affiliate program

Although affiliate programs are free to join that doesn’t make it easy to sale. Like any other business, affiliate programs too have to follow certain marketing principles. The most important being, is to look through the list of demands that customers have, and their expectation from those products that promises to fill those demands and the price that they are willing to pay for the quality. Not all customers have the same kind of demands and the capacity to pay for the product they fancy buying them. For this you have to do a bit of market research. First of all you have to focus on a particular segment of the market, as you cannot please everyone and anyone with the same kind of product or services. You need to have an assortment of various models of the same product, each of them having their own unique way to fulfill a demand that targets a particular group of customers who might be interested in and suits their pocket.

• To start with try to figure out what kind of products and services that you feel enthusiastic to discuss about, say cars, computers or casino, or may be trekking, mountaineering or yachting. It could be perhaps jewelry, clothes, books, music or cell phones and digital cameras. The list is huge. All that’s needed is to understand what are you interested in and if you have sufficient knowledge regarding the subject. Are you comfortable on your saddle, ready to advise to those who seek from you your expert opinion on the subject, say the kind of digital camera or a car to purchase etc. Once you have been able to win the mind and hearts of the person to whom you are selling then it will not be difficult to convince them of the product that you promote in your affiliate programs. However before promoting a product you need to do plenty of research regarding its quality and value, the demand for such products and if people are willing to pay the price offered and how well it compares to other similar products that exist in the market.

• So choose the appropriate affiliate program that suits your temperament and if you have sufficient knowledge on the type of products that you promote. Refrain from joining those affiliate programs just because they sell without having any knowledge on the product, say for example ‘Elephants’. What’s the use of promoting elephants when you do not know anything about elephants and to whom it will benefit the most and how can they be managed?

The 2nd Mistake: Joining too many Affiliate Products and Services
The other most common pitfall in affiliate marketing is to join too many affiliate programs, none of which you can give sufficient effort, time and concentration. Its better to begin with not more than three affiliate programs that are related to the subject you are most interested in and on which you can offer expert comments, advise and review on products related to the subject, say on ‘Yoga’.
The 3rd Mistake: Not to have purchased and used the products and services that you offer.

This is a severe mistake, not to have used or purchased the product that you offer. If you do not know what it feels to use the particular product and service, how will you know whether or not the product is really beneficial or not and if the clientele to whom you offer will be pleased or not. How far the product fulfills its commitment as promised by the webmaster. How will you sell Rolls Royce, if you have not driven the car yourself and how wonderful it seems and does it feels the same as is promised etc. If you can guide your customers well they will visit your site not once but many times to accept your opinion before buying the product from you. That’s how successful affiliates make money and win the loyalty of its large following.

The 4th Mistake: Not to have your own website to promote affiliate programs
Although not necessary, nevertheless it’s prudent to have a separate paid website with its own domain name and host, whose services you hire. This will give your esteemed clientele to visit you whenever they feel like to learn more of your opinion on the current market trends and contemporary products and services that are on the offer in the market. That’s how you can highlight the qualities of the affiliate products and services that you promote. Moreover, having a separate website, will not only give you your independence and not depend on the master websites whose affiliate products you sell, but also give a good impression to the clients visiting your site and give them sufficient confidence in you and your products. They will not be under any negative impression of being conned. Otherwise you might lose your clients to other affiliates offering the same products for sale.

The 5th Mistake: Not to capture the leads
It’s certainly a grave mistake and perhaps foolery not to get the names and addresses who visit your website and have shown interest in your products, but would return back later on. Each time visitors enter your website for the first time then get his or her name and address, by offering them with few products that they can try for free. Thereafter you can send a series of emails explaining about the qualities of the affiliate products and services that you offer for sale. Once done, you can gain their confidence about your expert knowledge on the product, which will spur them to make a purchase. Then you may send an ezine once or twice in a month explaining of the latest market trends and the latest products and services that you have to offer.

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