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31 Ways To Promote Your Website

31 Ways To Promote Your Website By: Scott White

Just creating a website is of very little use. It is extremely important to promote the website, to generate the maximum amount of traffic and the maximum benefit from it. In this article we'll discuss 31 ways to promote your website.

1.Search engines are important in promoting websites. This is why you need to have high rankings in search engines to get more visitors to your website.

2.Try to make the contents of your website keyword rich. This helps your website to get a high ranking in the search engines.

3.You can also promote your website with the help of inbound or back links. These links connect the visitor to sites that also prove to be useful to the visitor.

4. Add the most important keywords of your website in meta tags. Give a different color for your link text or make it bold or in italics to differentiate it from others.

5. People usually search for their information using keywords; so it is better to get as much keyword targeted traffic with the help of pay per click search engines.

6. Press releases provide a great form of promotion
for your website.

7. The most important rule to adopt for website promotion is to make your website appear on stationary, like letter heads, pens and invoices.

8. Get your website listed in as many directories as possible so that people looking for information sites through this directory are sure to come across your website.

9. If you have a business website, it proves to be beneficial to list it with relevant trade associations.

10. Offline advertising is as effective as online advertising. You could perhaps hold an event, where you have your web address displayed everywhere for people to see.

11. When meeting clients and prospective clients, try to implant your website into their thoughts whenever you hold conversations with them.

12. Promote your website by writing about the articles or services offered on the site so that the general public will be interested in your website.

13. Try offering something free to the first 100 people buying or using your product or services.

14. Offer a prize to the one who is slow and steady; the one making the 1,000th enquiry.

15. There are many queries placed in newsgroups that may relate to your product or service. You could answer these queries, and tell visitors that more information is available on your website.

16. Provide an opt-in mailing list on your website to generate repeat business amongst existing customers. Encourage your customers to sign up for newsletters, or any other promotional information about your website.

17. There are many reputed mailing lists on the internet. Compile an introductory message on your website, and send this mail to as many email addresses as possible with the help of this mailing list. You are bound to see some results!

18. Use referral marketing to promote your website. Here you refer your customers to a related website, who in turn do the same for you.

19. You will find many companies selling traffic; they charge a fee to get people to visit your website.

20. You could advertise your services in a trade show, and give information of your product or service at the trade show.

21. Place as many banner ads on the internet, informing surfers of your website.

22. Balloons are a great offline marketing technique to get more traffic to your website.

23. Avoid using large graphics on your website. Large graphics take a long time to download, which may discourage visitors from visiting your website.

24. Flash is rather attractive, but it is not advisable for all websites as they take a long time to download. Surfers are not that patient to wait for a website to download.

25. Create business cards with all of your contact information on them. People will visit your website upon seeing it on the card.

26. If you run a delivery van, you could consider adding your website address to the side of the van so that people can see your address, and learn more about your business.

27. If you are a company, consider printing your website on the company's uniform.

28. Creating a pamphlet about you and your service or product produces for interesting reading and information!

29. Distribute as many pamphlets and business cards to people in your neighborhood and in places where people frequent like the mall or church.

30. You could mention your website in some articles having content related to your product or service. This way your website will be promoted.

31. Make your website format and presentation good so that a visitor is sure to make a repeat visit, and provide referrals for others to use the website!

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