Sunday, July 27, 2008

Work at Home Management - Reducing The Risks and Making it the Perfect Place to Work

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How To  Balance Work and  Family at Home by Work-at-Home-Moms and Net Entrepreneurs

More and more people who are computer savvy both in the US and the world over are giving up the idea of driving long distance, pushing through traffic to work from office. Instead many employers are allowing their employees to work from the comforts and leisure of their home environment. Even many internet entrepreneur are discovering the virtues of working on their laptop or PC from home with just a single broadband internet connection. 

However although it might look tempting to work from home, since you are not required to get up on time every morning and dash for the office, instead you can have both your breakfast and surf the net from the kitchen in your pajamas or undies.

But a home needs to have  the right kind of atmosphere that allows you to work in peace and with fewer responsibility as a home maker. Its not everytime easy to balance both work and household chores the same time. You need to get into a routine as per a time table you need to follow.

Moreover family problems with nagging spouses and screaming demanding children can upset your plans for the whole day. You may begin to get behind schedule and may not be able to finish with your project or work in time. That spells disaster.

You need to have space for yourself such as your garage or basement that you convert it to your home office. 

Its nothing new to work from home. Women have been doing these for years if not centuries, be it cooking food for home delivery or tailoring or maybe writing books and articles for publication. 

However like any places of work it carries some element of environmental risk as well as a toll on your health, since physical activity in outdoors becomes few and far between. This stops you from getting enough of sun shine and fresh air required to keep your body fit and supple. Enough sunshine is required since the skin helps to prepare vitamin D with sunshine. Vitamin D is required for absorption of calcium in the body. 

If both husband and wife choose to work together, they may have differences between them as colleagues regarding work and this might as well disrupt family life too.

If wife works on something different from that of her husband at home, it might equally be different to assign responsibility, since the wife might complain she has to work both at the kitchen as well as work on her important project.Obviously this becomes near impossible at times especially when there is tight deadlines to be met. This may cause stress and the very idea to work at home might jeopardize soon. 

Working at home is wonderful idea and many are very successful in running them in the love and secured environment that home provides.Even then one cannot avoid the risks involved in it.

So instead of ignoring them its best to manage and minimize the distractions and the many little problems that are likely to crop up.So instead of kicking the basket in anger its best to plug those "leaks" as soon as they are noticed or foreseen that might cause problem.

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