Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Internet Broadband Users in India compared to China - a Survey Report

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According to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India or simply TRAI, the total number of registered broadband users in India has reached 4.38 million by the end of June this year(2008). 

These are the users who are subscribing to broadband facilities that allows them to download at speeds in excess of 256 kilo bytes per second (kbps).
On an average as many as twenty three thousand more subscribers are joining this growing tribe of broadband users in India each month. 

This according to TRAI the number of broadband users in India have actually doubled in June 2008 than it was during April last year (2007). 

Its only because of the prohibitive costs that's deterring most households in India to avail broadband internet facilities at home. 

As of now a typical family in India has to shell out not less than Rs.500 to enjoy such facilities as broadband connection at home.Moreover the costs rises with amount of usage.This is quite high by Indian standards. 

If there is further reduction in the cost perhaps there would be more number of broadband users in Indian households.

Urban Indians are Comparatively Net Savvy

Moreover its the urban Indian households who make up the majority of internet users. In a survey carried out recently its been reported that on an average there is little more than one in ten Indians in urban households who have access to the internet or 12% of the urban population.This is an increase of 3 per cent from the 9 per cent that was in the previous year. 

Whats good news is that two third or 70% of all internet users reside outside the metro. 

The net users amongst rural India is spread evenly across the various socio-economic classes. Rural penetration stands at 4.5%. 

70% of the net users in India surf in various Indian languages and rest 28% in English. 

Total Number of Internet Users in India

The total number of internet users inclusive of the broadband users and slow connections such as dial-up connection, stands at 49 million of which 40 million constitutes a majority of the bulk. 

The number of regular users meaning those who use the net at least once in a month stands at 35 million of which 30 million are from urban India the rest is in rural India. 

More than three-fourths of the users,who constitutes 77 percent of all users are between 19-35 years of age, which is an increase of 10 percent from 2007. 

According to the survey over half of all Net users (51 per cent) in India are well to do employees in the corporate world.

Unfortunately women account only less than a fifth, just 17.6 percent, of the 49-million odd Indian netizens.

Amongst the different zones,  the maximum number of internet users and subscribers are from South India.  They  form the majority of the bulk at 33% of the internet users in India. 

The  eastern zone in India is perhaps the least number of  internet users estimated at around 15% amongst Indian  users of the net. 

This survey was carried out by JuxtConsult an online research & advisory firm and which made its findings public in their report 'India Online 2008'. 

The report is based on extensive offline survey covering as many as 12,500 households across 40 cities and 169 villages in India to analyse internet usage pattern amongst Indians. 

Popular Activities amongst Internet Users in India

As many as 15 different variety of activities have been identified that internet users in India prefer to use the net for. Some of the most popular ones are mentioned as follows:

emailing, chatting, matrimonial search, job search, checking the latest cricket score, downloading of movies and music, sharing of pictures and videos.  

India in Comparison to China and the Rest of the World  Needs To Increase the Number of Broadband Users

This figure is by international standards quite dismal. In fact India is way behind and is still a pygmy in comparison amongst users in the global internet cyber space. 

In fact leading the pack in the world of cyber space is China, which according to reports furnished by the China Internet Network Information Centre or simply CINIC there are as many as 253 million internet users by end of June 2008. This is supposed to be the highest anywhere in the world so far.

Amongst the internet users in China, as many as 80% are broadband users while the rest have to depend on slow internet services. 

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