Sunday, August 10, 2008

Internet Marketing - Are You Burned Out by Mike Mograbi

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This Blog article covers TWO things:


I'm going to start telling you about internet marketers that I
consider to be experts, professional and ethical; Internet marketers
you can trust.

Here's one: Ken McCarthy. He's been online since day 1 of the internet.

Watch this 1994 video clip (make sure you remember this is from 1994!):

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Ken is professional and ethical. In my opinion, you can benefit
from him and listen with confidence/trust to what he teaches.


My best friend, Alan Kairouz, emailed me awesome pictures of
Bora Bora Island. 

I wanted to share them with you. Check them out Now

Aren't they beautiful?

Looking at these wonderful pictures got me thinking...

Shouldn't everyone, including you, have enough money to be able to
travel to such beautiful places?

This is also implicitly stating that you and your family should
have more than enough money to live a decent/comfortable life.

I have good news for you... (I know you know it)

The web can make (all) your dreams come true. The web can get you
to this dream island.

With that said, let me say that it is not easy. It won't happen
without hard-n-smart work, dedication, perseverance and patience. I
mean every word. And it takes time.

I suggest you forget about getting rich working 1.9 hours a day.
That can only happen AFTER you had worked your head off to
establish your online business.

I know many of you are employed and have a 9-5 job (maybe 9-9), and
that your aim is to become self-employed. Maybe you just want to
make some good extra bucks online.

Let me ask you an important question:

Are you feeling burned out? Have you been trying and trying to make
it online but without any significant/satisfactory results?

Do you feel frustrated every time you see others making $24,000 in
Clickbank affiliate commissions, and getting $31,950 AdSense checks?

Let me guess. You're probably one of the many who tried
auto-creating a zillion cheap AdSense sites and then decided to
quit because your AdSense account wasn't showing those juicy five
figures a month that you were expecting; not even two figures.

Let me tell you something. You might/might not have been making a
few thousand bucks this way, but this is not the way to build an
online business; a business you can count on to bring you four/five
figures a month, months and years from today.

Let me give you the good news again, in another way: 

Succeeding online is simply a scientific process. Do things the
right way, and there is no way you won't make $ online.

You have to play the game the right way, and build your online
skyscraper starting with the foundations... not floor 201.

What should you do? Here's my advice to you:

(To Be Continued)

Mike Mograbi
Internet Marketing Newswatch

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