Friday, August 22, 2008

PLR Articles - How to Make Good Use of them and not be Penalized

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The Pros and Cons of PLR Articles for Content and Submission

 by Spaulding Joshua


We will start with some advantages. The main advantage of using PLR articles is that they can be purchased in bulk at a very cheap price. There are many writers offering these articles either through a membership site or through outsourcing. I would say the average price for an article with exclusive rights would be around fifteen to twenty dollars if it were quality. The average price for five to ten PLR articles is somewhere around ten dollars. What this means to the niche marketer is that they can get enough articles to promote their many sites at a fair price.

It is virtually impossible for one niche marketer to write enough articles to effectively promote tens or even hundreds of niche sites; this is where PLR articles come into play. Many PLR membership sites offer hundreds even thousands of articles per month for their members to download at their will. The members are allowed to submit any of these articles to article directories and claim authorship as well as place links to their sites.

Now for the disadvantages of PLR articles. If you are a Webmaster yourself, you know about the duplicate content penalty that most SE’s put in place. If they see the same content all over the place these pages will receive less traffic and they can even be de-indexed. This means this page in particular will no longer show up in SE results at all. The way to get around this is to modify the articles. So now you have a lot of articles that you paid a small fee for but they must all be modified in order to avoid the duplicate content penalty. For some this is a small feat, for others it is not worth the money to by PLR articles. 

This duplicate content issue will not only hurt you as the publisher it will hurt the article directories in which you submit to. Article Directories can be a very valuable resource but it is extremely hard to figure out what article is un- modified PLR and what article is not. If an article directory is filled with mostly PLR articles it will most likely receive little SE traffic and be looked at as unimportant to the SE’s.

So if you decide to go ahead and start a PLR campaign for your sites be sure to modify them as much as possible. The more you can modify the article, the more unique it will be, giving it a higher ranking in the SE’s and we all know that means money in our pockets.

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