Saturday, August 2, 2008

Social Media Marketing Formula for Success

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Social Media Marketing and Its Importance for Online Business

Where else would you get a better and powerful marketing strategy than to promote your online business on the internet using Social Media Marketing as an effective platform to get ample exposure on the net.  

Its perhaps now one of the best ways to get high volumes of traffic because of their growing popularity each day amongst net users and surfers.  

What is perhaps most important is because of the high cost effectiveness of such Social Marketing medias that makes them one of the cheapest ways to promote any website or internet business. 

Be it selling of products or services including offering of informative content for free on niche subjects that generates revenue through advertisements such as adsense, nothing anymore beats the efficacy of the social media marketing.  

As the popularity of your original writings increases particularly amongst some of the most popular social news websites such as Digg,Newsvine, Propeller (formerly Netscape) and Reddit. 

Each of them are unique and cater to their own tribes of fans and followers who regularly subscribes to them and participates wholeheartedly. 

which one of these many imortant social news websites would be most suitable for your temparement, your outlook, your varied intersts are dependant upon your choice. Whats more you need to be comfortable with the one you choose to remain with. 

However going by current trends Digg is still reining the popularity charts as of now. The reason being, Digg deals on a large number of topics that are of great interest. Whats more the users find the Digg interface easy to operate. New users find that they can be up and running in no time using Digg to promote their info wares.  

Although social networking websites had been around since the advent of the internet, however its popularity gained momentum quite recently.

All this has been made possible because of the initiative from Web 2.0 that has made them highly popular and easy for the users.

Here is a list of Top social Networking sites that are poular and is of general interest. 

The two most popular being are:

1. MySpace that began operationlized in 2003, It single handedly spearheaded the popularity of these social networking and boasts of a large userbase.

2. Facebook was meant to cater to the Harvard students for their social networking. It was the brainchild of Mark Zuckerberg. After its popularity widened amongst university students,professors and staff, it was finally thrown open to the public way back in 2006. 

3. The others are Hi5 that has a strong base in Central America with as much as 51 million users all across the globe.

The Most Popular Social Networking Sites meant on Niche Topics are

1. Linkedin is a business-oriented social network where people connect to each other for business deals and negotiations, instead of making friends. Its perhaps has the most viable contact mamgement system.

2. Xanga is a social blogging site which has combined blogging with social networking

No wonder, the big internet companies have realized the importance of social marketing and hence wants to make their presence felt all the more. 

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Its been reported that they are spending between $5000 to $15,000 to have a blueprint or process maps drawn for them for Social marketing online. 

However its not all that easy to get the right kind of optimal mix of the many social marketing medias that would give them the kind of laser targeted exposure that they desire for, which would increase the demand for their niche products or services created for the purpose. 

Most often they erntrust these tasks to the their media managers who would do the needful. Neverthless it continues to reman very confusing as many media managers may not know how exactly to tackle the problem.

To help you and the media managers I have found an excellent ebook on Social Marketing Blueprint Formula, which I am offering you for free to download on this blog. 

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This book will be of immense help to you to comeout of the tangled mess and make sense out of them. It will guide you to take the step by step actions that would help you to arrange and manage all your pertinent social marketing media needs.

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