Sunday, August 3, 2008

Subscribe to Free Trade Magazines & Download Technical Documents for Qualified Professionals

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Are you a qualified and practising professional in a particular field of interest in trade and industry? 

If so then here is a great opportunity to subscribe to some of the best magazines on trade, commerce, industry, engineering, education, computer and information technology, agriculture, management and technology as well as a large spectrum of academic interest that are being offered for free to try them out for your kind perusal. 

You have at your disposal as many as 600 plus complimentary industry magazines, white papers, podcasts, webinars and many more technical downloads of large variety and interest. 

I must however mention that these magazines are offered for free subscription, provided you qualify to receive them based on your education, interest and experience in the field.

Also not all magazines are offered to anyone outside of certain geographical locations. So do not feel dissapointed if you don't fulfill the criteria of the publishers of these magazines.

There are plenty of choice for all categories of professional and academician from countries outside US and Canada. 

So go ahead and make your pick at

I look forward to any of your expert comments to improve the service in the future. 

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