Thursday, September 18, 2008

Apple iPhone to be Integrated with AT&T's U-verse for Remote TV and Video Watching

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AT&T to Integrate Apple iPhone with Video cum Internet Broadband Service, the U-verse


Here is some good news for U-verse subscriber as well as i-Phone users in USA. 

U-verse is a High Speed Broadband Internet cum Video service offered by the US based phone company AT&T Inc. The U-Verse service is available in no other countries except in US. 

The U-verse has a built in wireless networking system too and offers high definition TV service with as many as 300 different television channels. 

Currently U-verse subscribers have to have a set-top-box that could cost somewhere around $60 to $124 on a monthly basis depending on the number and type of channel that customers wish to watch. 

No company in US other than AT&T have the exclusive rights to provide carrier service to iPhones. Such iPhone exclusivity over other providers of mobile services such as that of Vodaphone and Verizon Wireless belonging to Verizon Communications. 

AT&T wishes to improvise the wireless and communication services by integrating them such that it would provide an edge over all other mobile, internet and cable TV providers in the whole of USA. 

By bundling all these services the AT&T hopes that in future subscriber to the U-verse and users of the Apple's iPhones will have a seamless facility to enjoy a wide variety of opportunity to enjoy both facilities of the phone as well as that of the internet and Television Channels into one another including using the iPhone as a kind of Remote Control. 

This means it will be possible for an iPhone user to listen to their voice mails on TV screens as well as download TV shows on their Digital Video Recorders which they can in turn watch over their iPhones while they are on the move far away from home. 

This would enable the iPhone as well as U-verse user to watch their favorite soap, talk show or catch up with the latest news on TV on their favorite channel without having to compromise while they are on transit.  

Moreover while being at home they can use their iPhones to use it as a typical TV remote control and surf through the channels over the TV. 

For this AT&T is working on an application much on the lines of iPhone Remote application developed by Apple to download iTunes for free from their stores.  

With iPhone Remote currently in use it is possible to use Wi-Fi services to have complete control over podcast, video and music on your laptop/computer or an Apple TV. 

The iPhone Remote gives you full control all the music, video, podcasts, and movies stored on your computer or Apple TV

Also there would be quite a lot of applications added on the iPhone which you can use it for entertainment purpose such as games that you can play on TV or maybe perhaps throw virtual Tomatoes if you wish to release their stress after finding someone's program disgusting, using the iPhone and the TV linked by U-verse

As U-verse subscriber and iPhone user you will find a great many opportunity with a wider scope to use the phone, TV and computer all integrated seamlessly. 

However one limitation that AT&T needs to overcome is that the U-verse does not cover a wide area. AT&T has assured that it would look into this shortcoming and provide a wider coverage with large number of subscribers. 

Also such high end technology would also find takers in countries like India and China too. 

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