Saturday, September 27, 2008

Search Marketing and Its Importance for Successful Online Sales

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I have earlier explained elsewhere many times in my blog about how important Internet marketing has become in recent times.

However many people seems to grope in the dark not knowing how to reach out to a large audience that would make their products sale on its own without much persuasion. 

People often mix up the two most popular jargon in management but loosely used by the layman wanting to carryout some kind of business, be it tangible or intangible, offline or online, products or services. 

These words are 'Marketing' and 'Sales'. Although both are related but each have two different objectives or at best approach to generate revenue from sales of offers that are brought or purchased by willing buyers. 

Whereas Sales means to persuade buyers anyhow, at times possibly by either temptation or fear, that leaves very little choice for the customer to either use or lose. 

On the other hand Marketing actually tries to unravel the pertinent needs of many different customers and clients belonging to all walks of life or demographic segment from varied habitat ed regions of the world population. 

A large number of companies actually spend millions and millions of dollars only to find out what do customers really expect from a new product sometime in the future if at all it is launched. 

Based on their market survey the Research and Development wing of the large corporate multinationals actually try to create a product that fulfills many of the requirements, needs and taste of those for whom it is being created and is to be sold at a price that fits their purse. 

Well, something similar too is applicable in case of online marketing too. However the medium of the Internet provides lot of advantage that is not possible in the offline world. 

It is now possible to get the statistics of the kind of products or services that are in great demand from the search habits of the surfers as well as of what all are being sold like hot cakes across the Internet. This one could find out from the Google Trends as well as from the eBay who keeps updating the information for sellers and buyers alike. 

Moreover Search Marketing has become very important for online marketing, since one can find out which Key phrases are in great demand that forms the basis of any search engine ranking of websites that cover as many key phrases that are being repeatedly looked up on Google, Yahoo, Ask Me, Cull and many other search engines available on the net.

The economic theory such as of demand and supply is applicable for Internet marketing too.  If a key phrase is suddenly being looked up too frequently and if not many websites are available to provide the information about the niche product or services, then here is a good chance to make inroads and make your presence noticeable on the net. 

Search Marketing has no wonder caught the attention even that of marketing professionals and consultants who work for big corporate giants. Search marketing has made it easier for corporate houses to reach out to as many people across the globe and create greater brand awareness, as more people are visiting the net on a regular basis round the globe than ever before. 

Moreover Search Marketing is highly economically viable since compared to other marketing and advertising methods that has been traditionally applied it is low cost as well as the amount of risk involved is too insignificant. 

What is required for success in Search Marketing strategies is Search Engine Optimization or SEO where websites and products are packaged around important keywords or key phrases that are popularly in demand over the search engines. 

If you wish to make your website interesting and popular then it is vital that the contents of the website must not only contain the popular keywords but must be written in a manner that targets a specific group of people and not in general for the mass. 

Try to get the contents written not by any IT professional or a website designer but by a professional SEO Copywriter who understands search engine marketing and is in a better position to make web pages crawl better by various search engines popularly by Yahoo and Google. 

This would help the search engines to rank your website and its web pages  better depending on keywords and key phrases that are frequently looked up by most surfers and potential buyers related to such products and services. 

As the popular of your website continues to surge better would be the possibility to receive more buyers. 
No wonder all those websites that a search engine lists out in order of its rank on the first two pages of any search by using a particular keyword, can be safely concluded that they are raking in a good mullah for the webmasters. 

It is always better to have the right mix of organic search, the one which I am currently discussing as well as a good dose of Pay Per Click Ads or PPC such as the Google AdWords.

This would hopefully give a good lot of exposure to as many web surfers when they are wanting to look for information, products or services related to the keyword or phrases that they put in the search box on any search engine during any overt search. 

So if you wish to sell and earn good revenue then concentrate on Search Engine Marketing or Search Engine Optimization. 

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