Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Video Screen Recording and Market Presentation the Easy Way

Video Screen Recording of Presentation without Complex Editing

Video is proving to be a remarkable marketing tool on the net, which allows the webmaster to present his or her products and services to potential clients in an audio-visual mode.

In fact video on a website is the best way to enhance ones credibility. It instantly creates a rapport with the viewer and the person is better able to judge for oneself to the extent they could put their trust and money on the person and the website in whatever they have to offer.

Its trust and not fancy tempting products which is important to win the hearts and mind of the customers. No relationship can exist for lack of trust.

No wonder Video presentation is playing a big role in Internet Marketing.

Screen Video or Screencast

For video recording of presentation no fancy lights or video equipment is required. All you need is a simple Video screencast.

Here is how its all done.

Step 1: Video Recording

Allow five to seven seconds for each slide or animation to wait before moving to the following one. This is important since the brain cannot absorb quickly what appears on the screen as well as follow the audio running in the background at the same time. Hence the five to seven seconds of wait before proceeding to the next slide.

Also avoid piling up messages which would make it too jumbled up for the person to coordinate his eyes to read through the messages as well as listen to the audio commentary describing what the message is all about.

It is best to have one message at a time for each slide. This makes it easier for the brain to breathe easy as the person watching the video can assimilate the picture along with the single message as well as listen to the short commentary at a leisure pace.

Step 2: Audio Recording

After the video recording is all over you can start the audio recording.

Audio recording can be done with the help of a USB microphone.

By separately recording the audio, you can concentrate one at a time not both video and audio at the same time during recording.

Also there is no need to stop the video to rectify any mistake made while recording the audio, when you record the audio separately and not when you do the same along with video recording.

So start by playing the video. As each slide appears on screen, you make a comment on the picture and message being shown immediately. This is very similar to commenting on photos of your recent vacation which you show to your near and dear ones as and when it appears on screen.

So by making your comments in a relaxed and nice voice, you are better able to explain to your viewers what you have to show and drive the message to them. This helps to avoid speaking hurriedly when showing the video.

By maintaining a gap, of five to seven seconds before shifting to the next slide in the video, you have enough time to speak your thoughts aloud so that the viewer is better able to understand what he or she watches.

In case you need to speak more, then the gap between the slides could be increased to ten seconds at most.

Step 3: Synchronizing the video and audio using software

Software such as Camtasia helps to record the video and audio in separate layers, and accordingly set them to synchronize well with one another. You can move forward and backwards as per your will.

Since the video and audio are in two separate layers so in case any mistake crops up during video recording, you avoid re-shooting the screen video all over again. The same is true for audio too.

So go ahead and start shooting your screen video for your marketing presentation for your Internet surfers and viewers to win over their hearts and mind by your superb communication using screen video as your medium.

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