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So the mantra for affiliate
master success can be summed in my own words as:            

Every website must have Rich Contents          

With information most sought after       

That like a pot of honey pulls the targeted traffic

Warm up your visitors that Pre Sells with hot and nourishing delicacies

That holds the key to unlock
their problems      

And fills a hunger with love and joy      

Cash in their confidence in you by your recommendations         

Of products and services with an open-to-buy attitude. 

Monetize your visitors  

By adopting to a low risk Affiliate model.         

Content --> Traffic --> PRE-selling --> Monetize   

May this Mantra make your Business Grow.

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process, using SBI!'s
easy-to-use, integrated set of tools.

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Ken Evoy’s-strategy-to-succeed-on-the-Internet-as-an-Affiliate-Master

Internet is the place from where most millionaires have been made than from any other industry. The good thing about it is that most began without having a dollar in their pocket and yet they slowly built their vast internet empire. I will give you a list of these successful netpreneurs later on, but for now I will mention the name of Ken Evoy of SiteSell.com. Ken Evoy has an MD degree and was a professional physician before he hung up his stethoscope to help laymen and businessmen start a merchant website or an affiliate website to promote anything and everything including themselves and their sites, products and services.

He has written a wonderful Ebook ‘The Affiliate Masters Course’, which you can download from here for free. It is a highly resourceful book which you may treat it as your Affiliate bible. It carries all the details of the do’s and don’ts of Affiliate Marketing.

According to Ken Evoy, even though the amount of investment in setting up an affiliate website is minimal in comparison to the amount one can earn from them, nevertheless he has emphasized on the amount of time that one should devote for the promotion of their website. He repeatedly points out that Time should be counted in terms of dollar spent, so even if you have not spent much of your hard cash , yet used up much of your time before the monitor for hours, it should be quantified as amount of money spent per hour. No wonder Time is so precious.

Accordingly this makes it easier for us to calculate the Profit earned from our affiliate programs.

Profit = Income minus Expenses.

Ken Evoy mentions two ways by way of which an affiliate can earn substantial income and watch the income graph slowly climb high.

These are as follows:
The affiliates must refer as many visitors as they can to the website of those merchants with who they have a revenue sharing arrangement.

Increase the Conversion Rate (i.e. the percent of visitors referred to your merchant who makes the desired response that gives you a credit and for which the merchant pays to you whether that’s a sale or a lead.)

For example: If I refer 100 visitors per day to a merchant and 1% buy, I am paid for that one purchase. But if I send 1000 visitors per day and 3% buy, I get paid for 30 purchases.

As already mentioned,

Time = Dollar.

For every time or hour that you spend on the net to promote your business, assign a dollar to yourself, irrespective of whether or not the affiliate business has cost you or not in real cash.

That is why it is important to build as much traffic for every dollar spent and improve your strategy to convert most of that, difficult to obtain, traffic, into real sales that generates revenue.

Now you might wonder what is the strategy, which Ken Evoy uses to build up traffic in the first place. According to him content of a website is what attracts customers like a gall of honey. After all people search the internet to gather information that holds the key to solve each of their particular problem. The website that contains rich information that pertains to the customer’s range of interest will be visited the most. This will eventually give the website a higher ranking in the search engine.

That’s why Ken Evoy prescribes that a website must be dedicated to a particular theme that focuses on those particular information and solution that most of the customers are searching for in relation to that theme. For this one must practice brainstorming on various topics that are both profitable as well as related to that theme. Eventually subscribe to those affiliate programs that are popular and has a high conversion to sales rate for each unit volume of traffic that drives into the merchant website. Just by having an assortment of affiliate websites or links in your theme based website will not convert traffic to sales. The website must have content that are customer-focused.

Without proper content it’s difficult to pre-sale to the customers by gaining their trust and confidence in your website. Once it’s established as a trustworthy website, it becomes easy to recommend various product and services,that you are confident will help to satisfy each of the potential customers, meeting their demands and fulfilling their desires. Next, according to Ken Evoy, we must build search engine optimized pages that rank highly on a search results page.
This is to gain higher ranking in the search engine pages that in due course would drive traffic to your website.

The ideal kind of website that generates revenue from affiliate related products are those which look for multiple streams of income. This should be in a manner that gives value to each of the visitors that click their way into your website, thereby generating revenue, without losing on any of the visitors. An ideal diversification can be feasible only when there is monetization by blending Google Adsense Program with a few top notch affiliate programs, which blends a finder’s fee with lead generation.

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The advantages of joining an affiliate program and how it’s beneficial to the affiliates.


Its become common knowledge amongst the internet surfers who scout for various avenues available to them, to make big money from the internet, that affiliate marketing is a wonderful concept that’s available for free, which are offered by the various merchant sites that want to expand their business globally, by recruiting online agents or affiliates, also called associates, who are willing to promote their products and services, in lieu of a hefty commission on the internet globally and offline locally. Most affiliate programs, without exception, are free to join, without any upfront fees that are to be paid by the willing affiliates, who volunteers to promote, not on salary terms or being in the payroll of the company, but as a commission agent. Affiliates do not have any legal tie up as in a partnership or a shareholders company. Its just a revenue sharing arrangement where neither party is a loser and  both are declared joint winners.       

Their relationship with the merchant site is limited to promoting the various tangible and intangible products or services on the net within the ambit of the terms and conditions that every affiliate has to subscribe to before they are accepted as affiliates by the merchant sites.   

Let us take into account the advantages of joining an affiliate program before we discuss the technical nitty-gritty that goes into identifying each of the affiliates with their unique code and a link that’s used as a gateway, by the customers visiting the merchant website and which identifies the customers, preferably for lifetime, as the affiliates own customers because of a unique java script code, called cookies, that’s automatically embedded in the customers computer, each time they visit the parent merchant website and because of which  the affiliate is paid a commission, every time its customer makes a purchase from the parent merchant website, even if the customers visit the merchant site directly or by bypassing the affiliates gateway link, perhaps using some other affiliates website/link.


First of all the affiliates and their parent merchant website offering the affiliate programs enjoy a symbiotic relationship without any monetary obligation, except for paying the commissions on time to the affiliates by the merchant site, whenever a sale is made, provided the affiliates has adhered to the terms and conditions of the merchant site, without having scammed or spammed to promote sales that puts the reputation of the merchant site at stake and which automatically nullifies the cordial affiliate or associate relationship that the affiliates enjoy with their merchant sites. Apart from the symbiotic, win-win relationship that they enjoy, we will further discuss the other advantages that are available to the


Affiliate programs are great ways to make money online, without having to own any products or services that you offer for sale. In fact it’s the best option available on the net to make millions of dollars, without having to spend a dime. All you are expected to do is promote the products and services, every single day. It also relieves you of the hassles of developing a product that’s tailor made to suit the clients that you wish them to buy from you for satisfaction, reliability and at a bargain price, that makes them return to you many times to look out for more products, which you need to keep developing if you do not wish to lose your business that has built a large and loyal customers nurtured over the years. As an affiliate you do not have to develop products, rather look for ones that are available on the internet and start promoting them as an affiliate to satisfy your hungry customers whom you have made your fans, like the film stars, and keep them happy with products that you promote to them, since they have begun to trust your choice and acumen of the products and services that you offer from your website.


Affiliate marketing is perhaps the best option available for anyone to do business on the internet. It’s especially good for those who are novice and do not have much of an idea how ecommerce actually works. No other program other than the affiliate marketing gives you a vast opportunity to sell any products or services not belonging to you, yet help you to make lots of money without having to invest anything other than your time and effort. It is not necessary to maintain an inventory or host an expensive website. The whole operation is online and automatic without you having to know about the nitty-gritty of Internet technology. All you need to do is promote on behalf of the merchant whose affiliate you have become. For every sale you make the merchant pays a commission to the affiliates. It’s not even necessary to have your own website initially, but preferable if you wish to make the mullah that you desperately seek to buy yourself your dream car or house, to promote your affiliate products. In fact all that you need to be saddled  in these online affiliate marketing business is to have access to a computer, irrespective of  which corner of the globe you are in, even while cruising on a ship mid ocean, as long as you are connected by internet to the rest of the world.   


There is no capital outlay. It costs nothing and your obligation is virtually nil, when you join an affiliate program offered by a merchant. In fact you can start promoting and selling immediately after being approved for the program. The internet marketing tools are already provided for you by the merchant sites that are available readymade or if you are already an established super affiliate maybe you can have the promotion tools customized to your specifications. 


One of the greatest responsibility and the problems associated with collection of money, from customers making a purchase using their credit card or through an intermediary that makes the payment on their behalf, is to maintain a proper record of the payments along with the names of the customers who makes the purchase, and the consequences of a chargeback from a disgruntled client who wishes to get back the refund. These problems and responsibility faced by a merchant site is missing in case of an affiliate. In fact the affiliate does not have to bother with the complex process that goes into acceptance of payments. Neither they have to cope with the problems of chargeback, scam or of losing a merchant account.    


Whether you are a newbie to Internet or a proud owner of a website, affiliate programs are great opportunities for you to make money online. It is an interesting concept that allows affiliates to develop a source of income and the program owners to sell their products more effectively.

As an affiliate your job is to drive traffic to the program owner’s site. Once a potential customer visits the parent/owners website having used your specially coded unique affiliate code as a gateway, it becomes the responsibility of the merchant site and not yours to convert that visit to a potential sale that results in a transaction for which you are paid a commission in appreciation to your marketing promotion.

You get a commission from each sale made to a customer that originated from your marketing efforts.

Once you become interested in making money through affiliate programs and do some research you will come to know that there are many affiliates, who consistently make thousands of dollars month after month.

James Martell, who also wrote a handbook on affiliate marketing, claims that he makes over US$ 40K each month from his 30 over niche affiliate sites.

Phil Wiley lives in a remote area near Australia’s Great Barrier Reefs but it does not create any barrier for him to make a comfortable living from his online incomes.

Rosalind Gardner, author of the Super Affiliate Handbook, made over US $400,000 last year alone by promoting different affiliate programs.

In fact you don’t even require having an MBA to do business on the internet. Rosalind Gardner is a perfect example. She is a citizen of Canada, and before entering into online business, she worked for the government as an air traffic controller for twenty years. She doesn’t even hold an MBA degree, and had zero experience in online business. According to Rosalind, from 1997 to 2001 she was only promoting affiliate programs. She earned 100% income from the Internet alone, since 2000, when she quit her regular job. She has been making $30,000 to $50,000 (in US dollars) each and every month. Last year she made
($657,801 Canadian),by affiliating with Internet merchants and selling their products.

Rosalind Gardner’s affiliate sites have been so lucrative that they've been profiled in many venues. Interviews appear in the late Corey Rudl's, now Derek Gehl’s '
Secrets To Their Success
', and Jason Anderson's 'Achieve Net Profits' as well as in glossy magazines such as 'Six Figure Income Magazine'.

 Kevin Bidwell of
All-in-One Business has written about her affiliate marketing business success, as has Allan Gardyne of 'AssociatePrograms.com'.

For further study on the subject matter, its recommended that you refer the following sources:

1. Super Affiliate Handbook: How I Made $436,797 in One Year Selling Other People's Stuff Online

2.NetProfitsToday  -

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Rosalind Gardner Makes Money at Home Selling Other Peoples Stuff. Learn Now. Subscribe to her Free Newsletter to learn the nuances of her success.


Read the amazing true story of how one woman, with no previous business experience, earns 400,000+ per year ... selling other people's stuff online!
In her down-to-earth, sincere and often humorous style, Rosalind Gardner guides you through the entire process of building an affiliate marketing business on the 'Net. In over 300 pages, and more than 68,000 words, you'll learn how to pick the best programs, negotiate a commission raise and save time, money and effort on everything from affiliate software to web hosting. To learn exactly how she does it, Click Here.

Is it possible for a newbie to earn millions by promoting affiliate products and services on the internet, without having sufficient knowledge in computer programming and other internet related technical knowledge?

    Those who explore the internet to find opportunities to make money online by staying at home using the computer along with an internet connection often wonder, the stories that makes the round on the net as well as in the press, of teenagers and grand moms earning dollars in astronomical figures from the internet, if they are really true or simply gimmick to lure the needy and the greedy minds to hook up on the net and spend their hard earned savings to start their own website with its unique domain name, to start a shop selling anything from pins to elephants. They also find it hard to believe that one need not have any technical knowledge about internet and computers to maintain a website as well as sell products and services belonging to a merchant as an affiliate to their programs in lieu of a commission for every lead they send from their unique affiliate link to the merchant website that culminate in a sale. 

Let me introduce you to  Rosalind Gardner, who left her job as an air traffic controller in Canada, after she was taken seriously ill, started her own website where she began to promote dating / matchmaking websites of repute from her own website as an affiliate where all she did was give her expert comments on the different dating websites which helped her to establish trust and long lasting personal relationships with thousands of lonely hearts round the world who sought solace and comfort from her advice in seeking their life companion or soul mates. Soon she began to promote all kinds of products and services as an affiliate on the internet which resulted in establishing herself as a super affiliate in no time with 90 percent of the kind of programs she chose to promote as an affiliate. She was nominated by Refer-It.com as the Affiliate of the month with a gross revenue of $51,000 in a month.

What is most surprising is that she runs the show all by herself without having anyone to assist her. Initially when she began her internet venture way back in 1997 she worked on an average of fifty to sixty hours a week. At present the working hours range between zero to sixty. She has automated her websites and without having to bother with the nitty-gritty of running hernumerous websites, she has put them on auto pilot that does not demand much of her attention as everything is handled automatically. This leaves her with plenty of leisure time to globe trot,socialize with friends, playing with her cats and of course to read her favorite books and magazines as she lazes besides the river. She is a disciplinarian who is strict with herself and punishes herself  to keep her body fit and in shape. She has a personal trainer with whom she works three times in a week and goes out on cross-country skiing, hiking, walking and snowshoeing.

Rosalind Gardner is the queen of affiliate marketing and has been an inspiration to many affiliates round the world who has read her superb best seller  "Super Affiliate Handbook: How I Made $436,797 in One Year Selling Other People's StuffOnline". This book is a must if anyone who wishes to establish oneself as a super affiliate where Rosalind Gardner has given detailed lessons borrowed from her own experiences how one can follow in her footsteps to become rich and famous on the internet as a super affiliate.

Ever since the launch of the Super Affiliate Handbook sometime in 2003, it has been revised several times with updates that discusses in great details the latest tactics, tools and strategies which successful super affiliates like Rosalind herself applies to multiply their incomes. No wonder today its become a sort of an important bible for thousands of affiliates who have brought a copy of Super Affiliate Handbook: How I Made $436,797 in One Year Selling Other People's Stuff Online" , which has been useful to both the beginners as well as the seasoned ones, to consult it over and over to help them to understand the nitty gritty of the world of affiliate and internet marketing, to unravel the tips and tricks that are not available for free to the common netizens, that helps them to penetrate deep into the mesh of information and opportunities that are available over the net at the click of the mouse. This helps them to percolate deep to reach out to the many hungry for information, products and services that would enhance their life as well as their earnings.

In one of her numerous free articles that she writes and compiles them in an archive for others to read free of charge, which you too will find it useful,NetProfitsToday, she has said that as a consultant she is surprised with the the skeptism of some people regarding ones success as an affiliate.

According to her she knows more than hundred people personally who has made internet marketing as their full time occupation and doing very well for themselves selling affiliate products and services.

Rosalind Gardner said, I quote

"Thousands of merchants have put resources into developing
affiliate programs so that others can promote their products
in exchange for a commission, which is usually a percentage
of the product's price. If there wasn't money to be made,
Sony, Dell and those thousands of other merchants wouldn't
waste their time and money building affiliate programs."

To read more of her success then read herSuper Affiliate Handbook

She has repeatedly asked people who wants to find success to dream and dream of being successful with a volition that one day they too would stand on the same pedestal as Rosalind herself. All one needs to have is a positive approach to money and instead of considering anything evil about it think of the joy that money gives when it flows down in ones coffer in cascades.

Its people with grit and determination who ultimately reaches the summit of success, in whatever one pursues including internet marketing, even if one has only scant knowledge of the internet. After all there is no rocket science involved to learn how one can launch oneself on the internet and become a millionaire one day. Who knows one one of you might be after reading my review on Rosalind Gardner.  I tell you she is simply marvelous.

Sign up for Rosalind's FREE 'Net Profits Today' newsletter now. It's a down-to-earth, straight-goods, NO HYPE ezine that will help you make sense of doing business as an affiliate marketer. Your privacy is always respected.

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Making Money on the Internet. Enjoy the Free Stuffs

Internet is simply fascinating. It is revolutionary and the greatest invention of mankind after the discovery/invention of cooking on fire, the invention of the wheel, Edisons range of products, the aeroplane and finally the internet, which has connected people on a one to one basis globally, where we can share our thoughts,our hopes, our fear and help each other at times of crisis.

Internet has also brought opportunities where people can buy, sale and barter anything and anywhere as long as one has access to the computer with an internet connection. Not long ago, people thought it best to shop online instead of driving to the mall in the bitter cold to make their X'mas and New Years purchases. Such is the efficiency of the internet and the delivery system, that the very next morning whatever was purchased online the previous evening was delivered the next morning. Since then internet has become a popular mode for selling and buying from pins to elephants literally. This has opened the gates to a multitude of opportunities to make money from the comforts of ones home or perhaps while cruising mid sea on a vacation trip. Infact more millionaires have been created and that too in a short time using the computer and the internet, than perhaps offline prior to the internet and world wide web revolution. It has become quite common to hear of school guys and grandmoms making it big on the net. Nobody is surprised by such stories making their rounds. But then there are no dearth of skeptics who doubt their achievements but that's only a reflection of their own shortcomings, who has been conditioned and groomed to bear in mind that nothing is ahieved without hard work. True, who is disputing that age old theory. But hard work does not mean labouring day and night, slogging to make ends meet. Hard work means to work intelligently, delligently and not procrastinating, till one has reached the days goal, that finally leads to the summit of success.

In my subsequent blogs I will be discussing the various opportunities that are available on the internet. In the meantime let me offer you some free stuffs to keep you happy for today. Hope you will find them useful.

1. Do you love books? I am sure you love the printed matter for information, inspiration and ofcourse entertainment. The best place from where you can download books that no longer infringe the copyrights, for they are now classics that enhanced the human knowledge and culture down the ages, that has enriched mankind than perhaps the coffers of the publishers. It is a great meeting ground of great minds. I am sure you too will enjoy. You will find selected works of the Bard, Mark Twain, the creator of Sherlock Holmes who used finger prints as clues to solve crimes - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and ofcourse the original Kamasutra written by the great sage who has scientifically documented the ancient art of love making to preserve marriage and the society, without anything indecent except as a form of art.
Even if you are not a book worm you will do well to take a look at the site that averages two million downloads of various books on different subjects in a month.


2. Do you enjoy music. If you do then congratulations for here is a website that is the most popular music and video sharing website. It has won a long and bitter legal battle with the music industry and at the end of the day all misgivings were settled and they won. Here you will find millions of songs to fill your head with songs and music from your favorite artists. Its possible to make your choice using multiple search by artist, title, genre or anything else concerned with music that you wish to find. They have their own media player too, even though I cannot say its on the whole satisfying, neverthless you will find the site as a great treasure ground for music lovers. Its a great music sharing platform.